(1st Real Post?) A Critical Look at Linda Moulton Howe by swallowtail in C_S_T

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I agree with a lot of what you say and especially the occult evocation practices. What a lot of people don't know is that when Alister Crowley and his little band of miscreants started dabbling into the occult they had a lot of weird incidents. One of these was if I recall a channeling with a "demon" and this demon when described was word for word what we call a grey. Big black eyes, grey sickly skin, skinny and generally off. I'm convinced these "greys" are nothing more then some sort of spiritual entity.

According to the left, Trump is about to go to prison. According to the right, Hillary is about to go to prison. I feel like very few are aware of both possibilities. by magnora7 in C_S_T

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In your opinion what are the ramifications of both Donald Trump and GOP pols alongside Hillary Clinton and DEM pols going to jail?

Could you imagine the sheer chaos of the system? The so to speak "twin towers" of the american political environment collapsing would either lead us into authoritarianism or a new age of political discourse. In my opinion most likely authoritarianism will win out in the end

ANTARCTICA - The most peaceful place on Earth by nibiru_chaser in conspiracy

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If there is an underground "Fourth Reich" what would their aims be and would they have any ways of successfully achieving them? To that question I believe they have no recourse but to hide? So then whats the point?

Alarm over decline in flying insects-75% over 30 years by muad_dib in science

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Could the massive uptick in plastics be responsible for this? The widespread use of plastics will have massive implications for our biosphere