How do you prefer to consume your books? by VantaFount in books

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treeboks, but on how to "consume them"

In my experience to properly understand any dense book you should go at it twice, the first time should be a very broad general overview of it sort of like skimming with list of questions or general thoughts. Second time around go through it with a comb and find out everything you didn't understand and try to work out its meaning

I find that's the best way to truly "consume" a book

(1st Real Post?) A Critical Look at Linda Moulton Howe by swallowtail in C_S_T

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I agree with a lot of what you say and especially the occult evocation practices. What a lot of people don't know is that when Alister Crowley and his little band of miscreants started dabbling into the occult they had a lot of weird incidents. One of these was if I recall a channeling with a "demon" and this demon when described was word for word what we call a grey. Big black eyes, grey sickly skin, skinny and generally off. I'm convinced these "greys" are nothing more then some sort of spiritual entity.

Alarm over decline in flying insects-75% over 30 years by muad_dib in science

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Could the massive uptick in plastics be responsible for this? The widespread use of plastics will have massive implications for our biosphere