What should SaidIt users be doing to maintain their personal security when participating here? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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All good stuff.

What are your thoughts on deliberate disinfo? Of course never giving any personal info, but "letting slip" a few fake personal details once in a while. Once in a long while posting in a sub for people who live in a certain city which you have never even visited, but does match your time zone and thus posting timing. This is just for the social media activists who go through your post history hunting for clues.

What subreddits do you think are going to be banned soon? by cloudrabbit in AskSaidIt

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That theory aligns with the expectation that October, the month before US election, will be the biggest Purge of all, except it won't be the "edgy" subs, but just everything on the right, with 1 or 2 leftist subs added in for deniability.