I feel like I'm losing my marbles at work by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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It seems that more and more people are speaking about this matter with no knowledge and a point of view solely taken to affirm TRAs. I myself wasn't particularly interested in biology before jumping into this rabbit hole, but now it seems like I have to be, otherwise someone might swoop in and tell me lies they heard from delusional people, just as you described. He clearly heard a regressive opinion on this from someone and now repeats it to you.

It's really just "supporting the current thing" thinking it's harmless, whenever it's out of fear or their own volition, it's really making people stupid, when meanwhile they think they're doing something good. And I'm sorry you have to go through this. It really is mind-blowing when you can see what's actually going on.

As for a story: I only have one from school days. I had a woke friend who knew I was a lesbian and was talking about the """"lesbian"""" couple from the show Euphoria, or whatever, to our friend group and directed that talk to me specifically. The only thing I had to say about it was "That shit ain't gay." And of course it made her mad, because she's an "expert" on the matter and not actually me, a lesbian. 🙄

Miss Seahorse Regrets by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's not, it's way too dank. It's just a massive shitpost.

Not that any LGBs would want to be a part of... this... but nonetheless, still hypocrisy by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Here's the vid, in case you guys want to lose your eardrums.

Also, tell me this doesn't look like a circus let loose...

Basically this by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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That and also some people can't see those tweets if they're blocked by those TRAs, or if the viewing is limited.

Pure delusion by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Homosexuality was rising in acceptance, and now we're back to square one, thanks to those assholes.

But remember, we wouldn't have any rights without them...!! 🙃

Pure delusion by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Transing the gay away is such a privilege for us LGBs! You just don't understand how good you have it to be coerced by our saviors!! Bless the war veterans, with no proof of existence, because of... uhh... transphobia! Right, yes! The tremendous amounts of transphobia in our society and not because they didn't do jack shit and still continue to do nothing productive for the movement!!! Gobless!!!! 🙏😔

[Re-uploaded] Ovarit’s Treatment of Lesbians: Blatant Lesbophobic and Homophobic Rhetoric. Site-Wide Bans and Purges of Lesbian Members by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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By TRAs' definition, anyone that doesn't literally let out waves of euphoria from their lungs so TRAs can suck it all up from the air is a TERF lol.

But seriously, I don't recall any manhunting going on here, which is great, because I couldn't stand radfem subs because of that. (Also got downvoted a lot, for speaking against their man-hating comments, back on Reddit.)

And that's also why I'm most active on here. Because other places seem traitorous.

I can’t believe it’s not satire by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The trans-BLM combo flag looks like one of those retro Shoot-'Em-Ups, where the 'spaceship' is about to shoot oncoming rainbows lol.

Guess who's not invited to dinner by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Oh, okay, let me just call up my homophobic Chief and ask if any outcast gay tribesmen can attend this picnic!

(NSFW) A Guide for Gay Men: How to Be Respectful if You’re Hooking Up With a Trans Guy by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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"Don't be mean to me just because I took the definition of homosexuality and molded it into whatever suited me best so that way I can shame you into my bed!"

r/gaytransguys complains about gay spaces being "overrun" with gay men by NoMorePatriarchy in LGBDropTheT

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🤖 All your gay space are belong to us. 🤖

How will you fare on this Genderwoowoo LGBTIQ+ survey? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"What credit card information do you use to support your local LGBTQ2SAIOU++ businesses? :)"

How will you fare on this Genderwoowoo LGBTIQ+ survey? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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NB and trans people are destroying the internet and my marriage by Greykittymomma in LGBDropTheT

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Something like that hurts the most when you can't save the person you care about from that cult. I'm sorry about what happened to you, too. ♡

Seeing my best friend question her sexuality when she was perfectly set for years was awful. And the worst part is, I'm pretty sure she just calls herself that because she just finds men and women who call themselves enbies attractive, since she's never had any hots for trans people.

NB and trans people are destroying the internet and my marriage by Greykittymomma in LGBDropTheT

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I can kinda relate. I ended an 8 year old friendship, with a girl who was my best friend and an ex, because she started shaming me for refusing to participate in stuff involving TQ+ people, and said that "I should know better because I'm gay." So of course I got mad, yelled at her for comparing me to those people, and officially cut contact at the beginning of this year. Besides that, she started hanging out online with a lot of enbies, and because of that she started calling herself "pansexual" instead of bisexual. She was too far gone, anyway... But the thought that stuff as stupid as the trans movement can ruin or end a friendship/relationship is ridiculous, to say the least.

Edit: I meant to say 8 year old friendship, not relationship. Oops.

Heartstopper by throwaway5722 in LGBDropTheT

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I feel like the trans trend has been infecting everything lately.

There's a comic site I visit everyday with one-person webcomics and studio-production comics, and lately there's just been a bunch of gay-trans pairing comics, that clearly are taken from Twitter or something... One's really nice art fooled me, I click on it, and it's some dude with a werewolf girl (who identifies as trans) whose clit grows into a dick during full moon. Needless to say, I didn't feel like reading anything else that day.

Heartstopper by throwaway5722 in LGBDropTheT

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Wasn't that game scummy to begin with? The character you create can wear a binder, indicating it's a transman.

I remember when many youtubers thought it was a crop-top and accidentally picked it lol

Yaoi, Not Even Once by lunarstrain in LGBDropTheT

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turns out i was just trans

No, you've been fed the idea that you can live your life in a foundation-lacking fetish for gay relationships perpetrated by straight women who lack critical information about functionality of male homosexual relationships and homosexual men themselves, therefore now given the ability to do it, through highly promoted surgery and medication, you do it.

Lesbian sex just keeps getting weirder by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Fucking morons, all of them. Can't even follow their own goddamn rules.

Breaking: a result of heterosexual sex will impact queer people the most. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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I suppose it's easy when no one can fact check it.

I was thinking it was more of a solidarity thing. Since their racism came out and black people clearly didn't want to support them in any way, shape or form, they went over to disability. Just waiting til they start bashing "disabled cis people" and how they matter less than disabled transwomen. Though, I've seen some examples already.

Breaking: a result of heterosexual sex will impact queer people the most. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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That's their obsession with disability?

furthermore disabled (...) people will be amongst the most affected by bans.

Disabled people can be quite literally affected by anything because any person on this planet can be or become disabled. And no, disabledsexuals don't count.

Lesbian sex just keeps getting weirder by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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So she says "boyfriend" but then "they" every time... Have some consistency! You just literally committed violence against your theyfriend!

Also have some shame, cuz jesus christ on a bicycle, that shit is vomit inducing to imagine. And reads very female, btw.

The T on Twitter, everyone. They are not our friends. by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, I'm sure that...

  • Everyone having to change their perspective on sex;

  • everyone having to accept sexist stereotypes as a fundamental part of a definition of either sex;

  • having to accept opposite sex into sex-segregated space / or accept that there is suddenly a third space (which is just a predatory space, let's be honest);

  • having to reconsider your sexual orientation to include everyone;

  • having to force-include them in your spaces, but they don't have to include you in theirs;

  • having to accept there can be people who are either both sexes or neither because they said so;

  • having being force-fed a religious-sounding mantra;

  • them trying to get you recruited from the smallest defiance of stereotypical societal norms, with cult-like arguments, right into another stereotypical societal norm;

  • being threatened with violence, rape and death for not accepting their delusions online and on the streets, when they protest, they vandalize, doxx, and assault you, which they try to justify;

  • going as far as to getting arrested (in some places) for stating basic biological facts;

  • having to accept the sudden raise in children wanting to go through irreversible surgeries and medicine, that forever alters their bodies so that they will grow up not fully developed and with no libido, because some woke teachers told them it's right and you cannot have a say in it (or your child will be taken away, in some places);

  • and being reduced to body parts, so that YOU are equal to them and not them to you, meanwhile being DARVO'd into thinking you're the oppressor who's obsessed with body parts

...totally doesn't set us back. Not one bit.

Another brave transwoman of color we are indebted too by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Michael Myers is the true ally!

The pressure to transition as effeminate gay men by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I'm well aware, but that doesn't dismiss the struggles and bullying I've had with my family and peers, half my life.

Edit: No, actually I just remembered - I got hit a bunch of times, too, and was told to "take it like a man, since I'm trying to be one."

The pressure to transition as effeminate gay men by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I'm glad he came to terms with himself, though unfortunately ruined his body. And it's quite refreshing to hear the story not being about an AGP transitioning, but instead about a real problem within our society. Especially from a man, since you hear a lot more about that stuff from detrans women, as I suppose, men can feel ashamed and, as the author said, have to bottle up their issues; Transitioning is viewed as a fix to societal problems, and a lot of trans people are victims of sexism so strong that they refuse to see this issue anymore and just go with the false promises of transitioning.

Perhaps because I can relate to it. Because as a teen I wanted to be a boy so badly since I strongly defied gender stereotypes and got bullied for it, and if transitioning were a big thing in Poland I would've probably gone and done it. I'm glad I didn't have that option. Even if I still get mocked for wearing suits; on daily basis dressing like an NPC from a Tony Hawk game; or in general finding myself hanging around guys more than girls, and talking about "guy things". At least I'm myself, and if I were trans I probably would've hated myself, other would've hated me, and I would've never experienced lesbian love and intimacy nor feel this pride of being a tomboy who won't be broken, that I feel now. I'd rather struggle in life to be myself than try to have a normal life while being someone I'm not. Too bad not every gay person can make it, especially with the trans craze we have now.

'Gender affirming' surgeon admits children who undergo transition before puberty NEVER attain sexual satisfaction by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's so life-saving they kill themselves!

“I married my wife!!!!” Announces straight man who’s always been allowed to marry a woman by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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Congratulations. You didnt marry your wife you married your girlfriend.

I considered her my wife way before the legal work 💜

Lmao, words don't have meaning in all fields!

Trans artist with diaper fetish speaking at Canadian elementary schools by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I already knew about Sophie and his disgusting, predatory actions, but reading it again makes my stomach turn just like it did the first time.

It's unbelievable that he's just out and about...

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with my dick out on /r/ActualLesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"It's me! But fatter and more unkept! Umm... It's from recent days, y'see, haha...!"

(Also, love your flair lmao)

Where to even begin with how yikes this one is by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, and the pic really doesn't match even with their delusions attached.

Cuz the double-mastectomy woman prolly identifies as a gay man, meanwhile the other beardo is either another transman or a normal man. I don't think the genderspecials depicted would necessarily call themselves lesbians lol. Or are we admitting that two transmen in a relationship are, in fact, a lesbian relationship?

European Lesbian Conference :p by MarkJefferson in LGBDropTheT

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Holy fuck it's Mr. Garrison from South Park!

Where to even begin with how yikes this one is by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Shit like this makes me miss old school homophobia being the only rampant homophobia. I never would've thought I'd say this, but fuck me, it was a lot clearer back then.

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with my dick out on /r/ActualLesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Oh, yes, I'm sure you're a dark-skinned goth asian with fat that doesn't know where the hell to go, with pierced nipples and undoubtedly masterfully done goth make-up!

At least the skeleton is right lmao shoulders wider than the hips! (and the elephant trunk in the room) Fucking AGPs, man, I swear...

The very hottest gay men today are women with rudimentary Photoshopping skills by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's sad because this is my ideal type of a woman. Like this La Roux style. (La Roux also questions her shit, so no one is safe...)

I even met a total punk I fell for, but little did I realize she didn't want to be neither a man nor a woman. It feels like I'm the last tomboy/punk-ish woman in my environment.

Also, no, lady, the rotting banana in your pants is the last thing anyone wants to see, especially gay men...

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. What’s your thoughts on his view on ‘free speech’ and will this allow open homophobia from the TQ crowd? by wokeidrathersleep in LGBDropTheT

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To be honest, I don't have the high hopes I thought I would. While he is a massive meme, more in touch with us common people, and is not on board with TRA stuff at all... I don't think it's gonna go that well.

Because let's think - If it's "free speech" it just means there will be more to say from TRAs without any fear for them of getting taken down, because they're free to say it. Unless by "free speech" Elon means "under new management" and will ban anyone he disagrees with. Which is just what Twitter was but with recycled sides.

I do think, however, it will allow LGBs to strike back and have a platform to fight TRAs' ideology. But at the back of my mind there's a fear it all might spark another type of homophobia to thrive.

That's my take.

Somehow I only now noticed what the subreddit called r/LGB looks like on Reddit by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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Wanna bet they wouldn't like the idea of LGBs going into their T subreddits and mass screaming "YOU FORGOT THE LGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Somehow I only now noticed what the subreddit called r/LGB looks like on Reddit by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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Since they have no ears to screech into, they got bored.

*Facepalm* by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Ooooh, right, right.

Still proves TRAs steal everything.

*Facepalm* by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I know the colors from the hearts are the ones of Suffragettes that now GC/radfems use, but I don't remember what the dinosaurs are from.

And TRAs have been trying to appropriate it for some time now, like everything else they do.

*Facepalm* by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I checked the profile. btw. Doesn't seem like parody/satire. Just posts and retweets genuine trans stuff, so I dunno.

What do you guys think of Muslim immigration? by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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This is gonna sound harsh, but polish borders are closed for Muslims and I'm fine with that.

Two gay men get killed. It's a trans issue by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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When you try to rape a gay man but he turns out to be straight 😔😔😔 by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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For sure bi. I just said "straight" for a joke.

And... I honestly don't know if she's capable of putting two and two together.

The Rise of Gender Critical Homophobia by DrMantisToboggan in LGBDropTheT

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Oh my god, I have been DYING to talk about the surrogacy thing but wasn't sure if I could post about it here. That is also why I have been finding less content to post, cuz my GC goldmines were focusing on shitting on gay men for both "being disgusted by vaginas" and "buying literal human beings!!!!!" (surrogacy).

The obvious thing was, only gay men were shat on for this. As those straight women said it's because - they're depriving the child of a mother; they're reducing the woman to a word surrogate/egg donor/womb donor instead of "mother"; they're not mentioning anything about the woman / not showing a pic of her / or "using her like an object".

Which just doesn't make sense at all, because - it goes back to old school "only a man and a woman can raise a child" (some comments also had literally said what I did in quotes); They're not reducing anyone. Everyone fucking understands what do those words mean with context. And the two men calling that woman "mother" would just make it all awkward and could cause misunderstandings; The women sign a contract and agree to do everything, so perhaps they just didn't want to be mentioned?

And as much as I like Slatzism's content, she really is a homophobe at the end of the day. Hell, all the fucking women I follow were shitting on it, even the lesbian ones. I myself felt isolated on that, cuz I didn't agree with any of them.

Another thing - there was an article about a possibility for male same-sex couples to be able to produce a child through some science procedure thingy. And jesus fucking christ, the women in the comments were going wild about it. They were saying women have officially become useless. Like, my god, ladies, your husbands ain't about to call up their buddies and be like "Yo, Steve!! Study finds men can have kids together!! Let's dump our wives!!!" Fucking hell, it's for same-sex couples, for crying out loud. Besides that, I'm pretty fucking sure straight men would still want to have children naturally no matter what science comes up with.

Also notice how they cry that women won't need to get pregnant to give children to men, while at the same time cry that they're getting pregnant to give children to men... You can't have both, ladies...

That's why I could never feel close to being a radfem. Just like Kurtis said, it's two sides of the same coin, it's homophobia through and through. Which I could never stand. Plus these straight GC women tend to sound a lot like transmen with the way they treat gay men.

What are your favorite funny comments from s/LGBDropTheT? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Wow, one joke from me and I wasn't even trying for it.

You cannot do this to me! I'm funnysexual!! I DO THE FUNNY!!!

WTF? Is that conversion therapy? by Rage-Xion in LGBDropTheT

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The one on the right is female, no?

I'm not surprised where the idea came from...

Edit: Also why do all the transmen look like this?? It's not a good look at all.

Probably didn't happen but still based by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I kept an eye on the bathroom


A reminder that you can't please these people by lunarstrain in LGBDropTheT

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That's a level of delusion we're not ready for just yet.

Or do you mean two lesbian transmen in a relationship, pretending to be a gay male couple meanwhile well aware they're both women, therefore it being the sole reason they're dating in the first place? lol cuz then yeah, that's real

You forgot to put on your red nose while speaking 🤡 by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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It'd be a waste if the red nose is gonna cover it anyway!

r/askgaybros - A woman doesn't like it when gay men refuse to see her as a man so she keeps threatening to kill herself. by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Does she actually have it? I mean, many trans people are faking disorders so I dismiss those a lot. But at the very least, she seems a bit more reasonable than most adult TRAs, so I dunno.

But anyway, further proves that transitioning should've been the furthest thing away from her and whoever let it happen to her is a monster. Because now she has those expectations in her life that will never be fulfilled, which adds to her disorder and thus still mentioning suicide...

r/askgaybros - A woman doesn't like it when gay men refuse to see her as a man so she keeps threatening to kill herself. by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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You call me homophobic for saying hello, call me a woman, and wonder why we keep killing ourselves. Please, bring me a handgun

No need, you're gonna cut yourself on that edge already.


Also this:

I'm a man, because I'll kill myself if I'm not

and this:

Can you bring me a handgun, please? This isn't the only reason I need to die. It's the only way to stop my rapist from assaulting more people

Totally fit to transition and end it on that, by the way!! Isn't she 12 or something? She acts like it... If she's actually on Grindr I doubt she'd go further than chatting, with that fucked up mentality... and probably faking her age, as I don't believe an adult woman would talk like a child just entering puberty...

A reminder that you can't please these people by lunarstrain in LGBDropTheT

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Lesbians can only be attracted to me when I want it, dammit!!!!

It's probably those straight women pretending to not be women, while simultaneously pretending to be gay in a gay male way (for some god damn reason that's how their logic works), answering and being like "Eww, I don't want those icky lesbians looking at me that way! But those gay men, on the other hand......"

If gay men sucked clit, we could live in a utopia! by lunarstrain in LGBDropTheT

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The words they use sound like they're talking about some new model robot.

𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘, 𝙸 𝚊𝚖 𝚃-𝟺𝟶𝟶𝟶. 𝙸 𝚊𝚖 𝚊𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚒𝚌𝚎. . . . 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚍𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚖𝚎𝚊𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚞𝚌𝚔 𝚖𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚢 𝙳-𝙵𝙰𝙱 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚊? 𝙱.𝙸.𝙶.𝙾.𝚃.𝙴.𝙳. 𝚃.𝙰.𝚁.𝙶.𝙴.𝚃. 𝙰.𝙲.𝚀.𝚄.𝙸.𝚁.𝙴.𝙳.

When we drop the T. What's gonna happen to genuinely gender-dysphoric people? by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Homosexuality gets theorized to boot, but it's gender dysphoria that should make scientists have all the brainstorms right now. And they should be able to share their progress with it, without being labeled bigots. That way we could actually have proper treatment for it instead of going through extreme measures that are dangerous and even lethal, for the sake of cash for the big pharma guys.

Straight woman choosing to wear a dress to her wedding is suddenly a “queer” issue. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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“Maybe we should both wear suits,” I suggested. “Since, you know. Me.” I imagined us side by side, two tall, athletic blondes in matching tuxedos. Shook my head. We’d look like a pair of grooms, and I wasn’t eligible for that role, either.

Only men can wear suits/tuxedos, everyone!!!! But it's not sexist stereotyping!!!!!!!! IT'S TOO COMPLICATED, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW QUEER I AM FOR THIS HETERONORMATIVE WEDDING THAT I STILL ATTENDED IN A HETERONORMATIVE WAY!!!!!!

Gotta get me some of that bonus hole by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Why do cis gay men wanna exclude us so bad

Gee, I wonder why...

just take your extra bonus hole win and be quiet!!!!

...Ah, that's why, you fucking rapist.

16 FAQs About Being Graysexual - welcome to the age of anti-enlightenment by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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So this is just one big "(...)sexual people may or may not want sex, romance, a partner, or to masturbate!"

Great fucking FAQ...

A think a friend of mine is trying to convince me that trans people are "fine" by juo in LGBDropTheT

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I mean, it does sound like a setup.

You told her fair and square that you're uncomfortable with trans people, but she's still pushing you to meet them... and praising you for playing their shitty play pretend game. The way you feel doesn't seem like something she would forget about. So, yeah, clearly she's trying to get you to not be uncomfortable anymore, step by step. And perhaps she thinks she's doing the right thing. But she's not a saint and doesn't seem to realize that she's just making you hate the whole situation even more.

Honestly, you gotta tell her that you can see through her actions. All this is gonna be is running in circles. She sets you up, nothing changes, she's gonna keep pushing for the sake of doing a good deed. Staying quiet about it won't fix anything. Either she stops when you tell her or it will end, unfortunately.

Going along with it isn't worth losing your mind. You may snap one day because of it, cuz I sure did...