REPORT: Amy Coney Barrett Just Landed A $2 Million Book Advance | The Daily Caller by carn0ld03 in conspiracy

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The very same Americans who scream that they hate the police state then turn around and support the police.


Afghanistan — the long defeat. While no one in the White House or at the State Department will say so aloud, the fact is that the vaunted US military has suffered a resounding defeat in Afghanistan. There is no disguising the fact that it has failed to accomplish the mission assigned. by Chipit in WorldNews

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Anyone who loves tyranny, war, and debt gets a paycheck, sale, or welfare and anyone who supports freedom, peace, and balanced budgets gets called a nutjob, gets censored, gets an IRS audit, is arrested, is tortured, or is killed.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Identity for Safer Travel by marinaelvis in technology

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Americans are so enslaved and retarded now that the very Americans who support freedom slam any politician who says that Americans should protest tyranny.

Top 10 NodeJs app Development Companies- ValueCoders by angelinajasper12 in TechCompanies

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Americans say that living in a police state today is better than having freedom that might lead to tyranny.

Dark Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 - Beats to Lie Awake and Succumb to Crippling Anxiety to by Drewski in music

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Americans are retarded as shit.

Americans say that anarchy means Communism.

Americans insist that Communists support businesses.

Americans swear that the Soviet Union was not Communist.