Caster Semenya losses appeal against the restriction of testosterone levels in female runners by greenish in GenderCritical

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Wow, this thread is honestly disgusting and a reminder why I sided with TRAs before. This is where I will question the lot of you who call yourselves gender critical and it makes me feel like crap as a woman with Swyer Syndrome a would you guess it, XY DSD that can rarely result in functioning ovarian tissue and a functional female reproductive tract. XY 5-ARD is a tricky case that I hate engaging with people on Twitter about and I hate to break it to you but not all 5-ARD ends up as "guavedoce." Now unfortunately speaking, the case against Caster is a confusing one but until I see decisive evidence that doesn't come from sites that feed off controversy and tries to pit people against one another, I have no interest in referring to her as a man. Also yes, I am aware Caster is a parent of a child but there's very little coverage about that and considering Caster herself has passed an intrusive female sports genital exam unlike others being accused of this same thing. I'd probably stay silent if it weren't for the fact PAIS got dragged into this and I've met some PAIS women who were subject to horrendous operations because of their supposed: "male chromosomes" that they are now traumatized and SUFFER from that tried to make them into boys. I'm talking cases that are virilized like CAH too but not to hypospadias point.

XY 5-ARD is under-researched and the only aspect of it that is developed are those born with it who adopt "boy gender identities" and their bodies seem to change with it, then you have the transgender ones who wish to suppress those changes. There's aspects of Caster's story that doesn't add up and it's being twisted the wrong way in this thread.

First, if Caster only ever took suppressant based HRT in the past as a late teenager, why did her genitalia never become more male like? Keep in mind that the "girls become boys" or guavedoce phenomenon takes place in younger puberty, meaning Caster had already basically been fully developed at that point in time. Also I'm aware of the leak, it states she had intersex genitalia and considering what news we're talking about and that clitoromegaly alone is enough to get you "reconstructed" I roll my eyes personally at that claim as someone subject to IGM. The bar for what gets you reconstructed for XY vs XX is telling of itself, given some "female "observed" CAH" literally have micropenis.

I understand this DSD feels unfair given what development it led to in her body, I've heard claims that her advantage is that of a biological male[MTT] while suppressed but I've also heard that the advantage is only 2% greater while not suppressed, although I'm against any athlete having to drug her body in the sake of fairness, especially when there are other such conditions leading to some of the greatest athletes like.. Oh I don't know, Michael Phelps? Also another thing, when Caster was suppressed she lost races did she not? Haven't there been trans athletes that have still dominated despite being suppressed due to their natural advantage in biology and development? Think about that one for a second. Plus she's lost to other female athletes who took steroids to increase their testosterone to male-levels, although obviously they got disqualified for cheating.

Also, you want to talk about male levels of testosterone in a DSD, let's tackle your precious XX chromosomes -shall we?- I have no issue implying certain women with DSDs are more "male-like" then I am, if they have no issue throwing me and others under the bus for their chromosomes. I'll go there, especially since I find a sex argument on chromosomes flawed and actually more in favor of the TRAs then the GC stance clearly held over here.

46 XX CAH, known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The untreated cases of it can easily result in more male-typical bodies then the like of un-suppressed 46 XY 5-ARD or PAIS cases that are observed female, not male. CAH's most common variant results in the CYP21A2 gene being affected. Due to increased androgens, specifically due to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) exposure in utero, growth of the clitoris and atrophy of the vagina occur. The urethra may become displaced toward or into the clitoris in more severe forms, and in the most severe the vagina becomes fused with the urethra.. but look at that last part: " into the clitoris in more severe forms" - That's not a clitoris at that point, that's a penis. You know what the effect on 46 XY CAH is? More masculinization, larger and more pronounced genitalia.

Oh and don't even get me started on De La Chapelle Syndrome which is literally a condition where genitalia is clearly male, testicles are present although often reported small and they're infertile. Their bodies fall along the same development in sexual characteristics as male born people. It's called XX "male" for a reason. This isn't even factoring there could be many cases unreported on it, like the XY Swyer cases that were completely functional as standard females that found out they had Swyer due to a karyotype taken after pregnancy or something else. The only time one takes a karyotype is by choice in investigating an oddity, or fertility concerns.. and I don't know about you, but I've met quite a few men who wouldn't be upset about being infertile.

Caster Semenya is not a man who is infiltrating female sports, she is a woman who discovered she had a condition that gave her a biological advantage and questioned the ethics and fairness of having to suppress her natural body to compete. She is a woman who goes against the norm and has a pretty negative image of femininity. She's a woman who is likely heartbroken and has to come to terms with her position in sports and the fact that yes, her testosterone production does create an unfair advantage much like a woman taking steroids, as in those who beat her in the past but were disqualified.

Yes, she has internal testicles that do function but there is no record of her having a penis or the ability to produce sperm. In fact, virtually all DSDs that result in internal testicles cannot produce sperm, due to the internal body heat absolutely destroying that capability.

If you're going to die on the chromosome hill, I as a Swyer woman with a uterus, singular ovary, cervix and vagina will gladly dismantle your supposed "XX females" if you want to talk about male-biology....

Edit: Do you have even the slightest clue of how detrimental and earth shattering a girl or woman finding out she has PAIS or CAIS can be to her? How suddenly whenever she speaks, despite knowing she was a girl and didn't benefit off male privilege or socialization her peers are going to think of her as a defective male? This is the very mentality that justifies IGM and I am disgusted to see this here.

Edit 2: Given the responses to this, I originally was going to respond but deleted my old post but I'm just going to step away from this. This isn't just about sports and if that's all you think it is then you fail to understand the gravity of your actions given how other posters in this thread have been ragging on PAIS-and in connection CAIS, while also others stating that Y = Male. If you fail to see where this is an issue, then there was no point engaging you to begin with and I don't know why I bothered.

Female detransitioners survey from 2016 by jet199 in detrans

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I really would like to see this survey done again, just to show how much that number has changed.

Partially concerned about the rise in "non-binary trans identifying detrans." by DetransIS in detrans

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You could be right about this but what I'm noticing is this seems to mostly be female born people doing this while also being encouraged to push other female detransitioners into doing so.

They still happily identify as trans and non binary but claim to be "medically detrans" even though being non binary and trans for that matter doesn't require being on HRT. For a bit I was sympathetic and more thinking of it as an inbetween step but these people are still very much identifying as trans and trying to push other detransitioners into that same camp.

r/Detrans Rar Eddit archives by [deleted] in detrans

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This community is still open to allies just mind the rules is all we ask. Unlike Reddit we don't feel trans extremists breathing down our neck, we're a separate entity from r/detrans due to having different staff but the same purpose just without censoring.

Is anyone still posting on Reddit by terfy_delight in GenderCritical

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I just mostly look and keep an eye on that atrocious r/actual_detrans and try to expose them for what they really are. I've been banned from r/detrans and am no longer welcome on basically most subs because of being a labeled "transphobe." Aside from that, not really I'm looking into other platforms and probably going to start thinking on how to funnel people to s/detrans until the site's ready.

Did y'all ever notice r/detrans was taken down for half a day, yet all the exclusively women's subs were permanently banned? by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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If you haven't given the thread posted by Helena a read yet, I highly recommend it. Two of the transgender power mods have close and tight affiliation with the upper power at Reddit. Reddit's probably also probably caught word of what trans means profit wise and like any other business, is trying to capitalize on it.

Did y'all ever notice r/detrans was taken down for half a day, yet all the exclusively women's subs were permanently banned? by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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The only thing I can think of is what an existing poster said, that GC Twitter didn't have someone with enough power speaking up in regards to their ban and the voices that were screaming were drowned out by false claims made by trans extremists. The moment we got banned there was a massive storm on Twitter including massive mentions to Reddit's twitter accounts. I don't know exactly what happened regarding GC but what I heard is most women just said they were done and were going to relocate, to say here and the GC-made platform. Honestly given the rate things are going and the fact that banning me wasn't enough for trans extremists, r/detrans is on borrowed time as is especially with their increasingly growing influence and redefinition of what detransition means.

In our case I know we stressed they were making a mistake because we were a support group for those who were questioning their transition and an important lifeline for those who regretted transition.

Reddit's made it quite clear they don't really care about women given the massive amount of porn subs left unchecked and how many women subs got axed just for stating biological sex exists and women have different issues then biological males on estrogen.

Did y'all ever notice r/detrans was taken down for half a day, yet all the exclusively women's subs were permanently banned? by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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I'll admit, I'm hesitant to post here given I know the nature of the stalkers.. all too personally now.

The situation on r/detrans is much more complicated then you're making it out to be. We were meant to be banned too and did indeed get the very same removal reason as Gender Critical and many other spaces. Screenshot of when we got banned

However, the moment we got banned.. there was massive blow up on Twitter and I want to say other social media as well. Massive retweeting, backing from psychologists and doctors. Word spread fast and despite Reddit claiming it was a mistake, none of us who were on the team buy that. Especially given how we were essentially threatened by the admin shortly after one of our mods confronted the admins who left us message. This also isn't factoring the fact a certain leader of these people tried to steal our sub and repurpose it right under our noses, likely similar to what happened to r/detransition.