"Cultural Marxism" should be called "Cultural Takeover" by magnora7 in magnora7

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I hadn't considered it before, but I feel it highly likely that 'cultural marxism' is indeed a psyop designed to play off of mans ignorance of ideology. Let's face it, how many voters have read Marx? How many understand the concepts he put forth? How many have studied the application of said concepts throughout history? They are with eyes to look, but without mind to see.


I like cultural dissolution over cultural takeover. The 'takeover' part will sound alarmist to those conditioned to be alarmed. An alternate way of phrasing it could be 'cultural dissimilation', the opposite of cultural assimilation. Truth & liberty are the two pillars of western society, and it is this foundation that has been targeted for dissimilation by those that wish to see man once again enslaved by their masters. Whether we like it or not, the age of mastery lies ahead. It is humanity that is to choose between mastery over self versus mastery over man. From above, it is a collective choice, but from below it is an individual choice. Mass awakening is a feedback loop when the way is lit by that which shines.


I applaud this post, though 'cultural marxism' isn't the only terminology meriting restoration of logos. For instance, the word describing one that spreads cultural dissolution: 'neomarxist', it is technically correct but intentionally disingenuous. Two more off the top of my head are neoliberal and neoconservative. Pretty much neo anything. At present this is a very common magical mantra. It means "new", but you see 'neo' is an anagram for 'one'; in the same way that the 'new' world order is analogous to a 'one' world government. The neo eon of one. This has been broadcast into the collective unconscious via "The Matrix" Christ-like hero/protagonist 'Neo' A.K.A. 'The One', living in room 101. The wise men jokes are disguised in symbolism, anagram, homophone, backmask, numerology, gematria, geography, astrology, you name it. The Wachowski brothers left us a bread crumb encrypted within a hermetic story while at the same time teaching humanity the nature of conditioning and about the inherit ability of the individual to unplug. They gave us the modern equivalent of Plato's Cave and they are now known as the Wachowski sisters. Cause and effect?

YouTube says it's cracking down on conspiracy videos, though it's scant on the details. Twerking teens are still ok. by Orangutan in videos

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They use their profits to buy power. If they've forgone market share I'd imagine they made a deal with the state department to censor YouTube for influence in DC.