Sun Changes by Crestind in conspiracy

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Agenda 2030, class wars, none of what you posted is relevant to the topic. Only other time you see walls of irrelevant replies is when a thread is being derailed in a forum by bad actors.

Sun Changes by Crestind in conspiracy

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Some people think everything they disagree with is propaganda.

The Secret Land [1948, Improved Quality] - Operation High Jump by Questionable in Documentaries

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There used to be some chan related Antarctic Nazi research groups on Discord. I am sure you have seen some of the photos of the alleged Nazi Antarctic documents. Has there any been any progress in this? There has to be more people than me still interested in this...

The Fall of Austin by Tarrock in politics

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First time I really went to Austin was probably like '06. It was bustling and felt like a college town. People of all ages everywhere. Same in like 2014 or so.

Then I went in like 2017 or so. Completely dead city on a Friday night. Sixth Street had basically nobody. It was bustling and filled with food trucks just years before. Walked around other parts of the city, same. Only people were groups of older guys all dressed the same - leather shoes, jeans, dress shirt and sport coat walking around. Only stores that seemed to exist were those gentrified stores selling "grain bowls".

Incredibly weird.

Sun Changes by Crestind in conspiracy

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I have never been big on bible stuff, but supposedly it also says the next apocalypse will involve everyone getting incinerated or some shit.

Sun Changes by Crestind in conspiracy

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According to the mainstream, we are now entering a solar minimum, so it should be getting cooler. But temperature, unlike UVC, is one of those things that cannot be hidden.

I do wonder what is happening with the sun. Also interesting that the earth's magnetic fields are weakening, and the last time there was a reversal there was apparently a significant dieoff.

CURRENT YEAR by Tarrock in politics

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That is depressing... US economy is just that fucked I guess.

Sun Changes by Crestind in conspiracy

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I have been in Texas since '96.

What I've learned after 15 years of analyzing reddit's propaganda machine - axolotl_peyotl by Drewski in conspiracy

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Rich coming from him.

EU proposes effective ban for new fossil-fuel cars from 2035 by panzerF in technology

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After watching countless videos on vapor carbs and hicks filming their truck with potatoes, the key piece of info to know is that fuel preheating is the key to massive efficiency gains.

Because it is a fact that only vapors burn, not liquid. Even wood does not burn, but rather the woodgas that comes off of heated wood is what burns.

The internet is dead and rotted yet there is so many insane 'upvotes' on certain posts over and over. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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That's just Reddit.

A possible Atlantis-like structure? The Cuban underwater formation. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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It all makes sense. If all the ice from the last ice age melted, that water would raise sea levels. I suppose it could also affect the earth's tilt.

r/Superstonk - A Castle of Glass - Game On, Anon by Enza in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Shit just got more nonsensical the farther sown you read, and it seemed to culminate as an advertising piece for some blockchain nonsense.

How come since 2015 the web is all politics and shopping now? by [deleted] in politics

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Before 2010 was the true golden era. Just enough tech, but not too much. Once the iPhone came out, the web became cool and once the plebs flooded the web, plebs being the majority of a population, so did government and business.