Back When Reddit Was Good by Questionable in WatchRedditDie

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Poor Aaron Swartz is rolling in his grave.

"And... If we had real leadership on Reddit opinions like this wouldn't get us censored/banned." by tyranicaloverlord in WatchRedditDie

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The hypocrisy from the leftists on Reddit is insane. They straight up censor anyone and anything in their way! It's happening non-stop for many years now. The irony is they talk about fascists and right-wingers in the same sentence all the time, but the leftists on social media in general are without a doubt the No. 1 censors.

They literally stifle and censor free speech even outright ‘normal’ things people would say on the street in regular conversation that's not even remotely offensive, which could lead to censorship and bans on Reddit. So I find it funny that Reddit, for years now, are always obsessed with fascists and ‘big bad right wingers’ when they themselves censor and silence just like the fascists did. They seek to control all social media platforms too. Leftists seem very uncomfortable with people just talking.

P.S. Not a fan of the far right either.

Simply wanted a site that allows free speech. by Dick_N_Balls in Introductions

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Hi there,

I too decided to check out this site because I was permanently banned from my city's Reddit sub for speaking up about the demographics that were plaguing the city with the chronic illegal fireworks (and on worknights too, past 12 AM!). Even if the evidence is empirical and you were sincerely pointing out yhr problems that the city needs to address, they'll get easily triggered and call it racism.

Is it if it's merely saying what the majority of other posters are afraid to say?

They could ban me for pointing out issues without malicious intention, but allow a potentially offensive picture of some woman wearing a shirt with the city's capitol on it and and double flipping off the camera on the side of their "Featured Pictures" section.

Censorship is the enemy of truth. In fact, Youtube just recently demonetized "California Insider" for addressing the state's issues. That show is very informative and presents hard facts from an objective standpoint, but always tries to provide a solution to address the problems.

You know you struck a nerve with the Youtube censor police when they try to shut down your platform.