Getting Joe Cumia banned on Twitter should be our prime directive. by 50sSpaceProgram in OpieAndAnthony

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It really should.

"I'm open for business" Are ya?

He's so fucking hateable.

This is gay let’s just keep migrating to different subs on Reddit it’s not that bad compared to this bullshit. by RapingPissBalloon in OpieAndAnthony

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They are known for being faggots however.

Is it true that Patrick S. Tomlinson suffocates minority children to death before raping them "As payback for wasting all the white man's air"? by Dr-BonerFondler in OpieAndAnthony

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I'm not sure but let's just say definitely yes. Monster.

Reminder: There was a time when Porsalin was NOT a faggot by taumpytearzxyz in OpieAndAnthony

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I'm dyiing ovaaa here. Fix me joooosh.

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! by [deleted] in OpieAndAnthony

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Does anyone else feel really gay hitting that laughing emoji/fun react? by KillaKuhnsDeadSon in OpieAndAnthony

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It would be a shame if Dairy Cow Joe were audited by the IRS. by McGowan in OpieAndAnthony

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That would be most unfortunate. I hope it doesn't happen.


How long before we destroy this peaceful enclave? by casc in OpieAndAnthony

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We can't have nice things. We're like a pack of rabid Nigels and if this place gets shut down it'll be our own fault.

Seriously though I hope it does last. Much better than that other site that's full of know.

We have taken over SaidIt's entire homepage by nunyobisnez in OpieAndAnthony

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Basically Anthony Cumia got beat up by a girl and it all sort of snowballed from there.

How active is it here? by JoeKetoDiet in OpieAndAnthony

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Nice summary, stupid.

What a fucking day... by TyCobbFuckParty in OpieAndAnthony

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I love how pretty much the worst thing happened i.e. the xyz and scorch subs getting banned at the same time..yet still there a hundreds of autists scattered across here, and a few other Reddits -all ready to regroup and go right back to bashing Joe and Patrick.

Can you not downvote people here? by OkaySeriouslyBro in OpieAndAnthony

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Test by RapistWithHIV in OpieAndAnthony

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Without exaggeration he's one of the ugliest people on Earth.

Gotta say this at least feels like the old sub by [deleted] in OpieAndAnthony

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People are scattered across r/cumtown, r/opieradio and r/scorch2 searching for a new home right now.

They just need to be directed here. Poor lost souls.

How active is it here? by JoeKetoDiet in OpieAndAnthony

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I fully expect there to be thousands of new people here by this time tomorrow. Autism always finds a way.

I like this place by mayomayomayomayomayo in OpieAndAnthony

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I like how everything is either insightful or fun here. What an adorable lil bastard son of reddit this place is. Less of those people here too, which is always a plus.

Just trying to make this place feel a bit more like home by CowEyedJoe in OpieAndAnthony

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So you're saying feed nana? I agree completely.

Patrick Tomlinson is a bad author and an insufferable fat faggot by TedsEmporiumEmporium in OpieAndAnthony

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Both of those things are true.

"Great news, Anth! Those reddit punks are gone forever! That stuff I said implying you look at KP and D.R. calling us out...POOF! It's like it never happened." by bovinebrain in OpieAndAnthony

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This place really is off to a great start so far. #FeedNana