A man crushed to death in a NYC elevator accident by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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I can’t speak to all places but where I live I found out that the inspection certificates in the elevators aren’t really that at all. There is no govt agency that comes out to inspect elevators as one would assume. I thought it was similar to health inspectors.

But one time I was working a job where I had to go to May buildings and some of the elevators were very shady. I came across one where the certificate was more than a year expired.

So I contacted the agency responsible for those certificates and found out to my shock and horror that those things aren’t issued after the elevator passes an inspection and that they never go around like a health inspector checking the condition of elevators. They merely send out new certificates when the buildings swear or affirm that they pay a elevator company for service.

And I found out thru my current job that the service companies can only recommend anything beyond routine maintenance. It’s up to the building to agree to and pay for improvements. My building has been delaying replacements of the elevators here because they spent all their money on improving the look of the lobby. Now they’re flat broke and the elevator company says these elevators that were installed in 1965 will be lucky to last 6 more months.

I use the stairs whenever possible now.