MtF realizes it's hard to be a woman way too late. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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That’s....not the same. A “deadbeat” is often the same guy who will ignore any kind of court order to stay away from you and hunt you down for leaving him. A woman staying with a man she’s afraid of isn’t a simple matter of “she must just be stupid to choose to stay”.

Transgender-Identifying Activist Makes Homemade Bomb After Being Called 'Sir', Hints at Mass Murder | Women Are Human by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Ugh...the UK though. Their approach to law enforcement and protection of society is to allow terrorists to run free, so long as they pinky-swear not to hurt anybody (regardless of whether or not they’ve done so in the past - their “jihadist rehabilitation” prison program is so laughably useless as to to serve the opposite if its purpose), while having the police knock on your door if someone can show you tweeted “trust women”.

Transgender-Identifying Activist Makes Homemade Bomb After Being Called 'Sir', Hints at Mass Murder | Women Are Human by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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“Mister”? Please. Still too formal. Go with “buckaroo” or “bub” or “busterino”.

Woman getting shouted at for not raising the fist. by Cacator in GenderCritical

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It’s terrifying. These idiot kids use these tactics and then have the gall to proclaim themselves “anti-fascist”. What’s more fascist than using intimidation and fear to compel others into doing as you say, and following your orders?

What’s scary is that I can see myself in her position. A BLM supporter, but in that place and time, just being overwhelmed with that daze of “Wait, WTF is happening, why are these people surrounding me? (Is it because I’m a while woman and they think I’m the enemy whereas the white men around us and among us are being ignored and left alone?)” and just with the whole shock and surprise of the situation not knowing what to do. And then not wanting to cooperate with something, not because I disagree with BLM, but because I disagree with this intimidation tactic. This “Do it or else” tactic. The assuming that I’m a bad person if I don’t bow to pressure through fear.

I was reading recently a great paper on how “dark victimhood” - basically, the utilization of a created victimhood narrative by people possessing the “dark triad” of psychopathy - is more common than we think, because those people find a way to take advantage of whatever tools they have at their disposal to use and manipulate others to get what they want. It both very badly hurts the causes of genuine victims and diverts resources towards themselves. It’s a very scary thing that people aren’t aware that a psychopath or a narcissist isn’t just a white guy with an amazing haircut in a high-paying corporate job. It could be anyone, and that person will use any means they have to manipulate others to bend to their will. A person can be a woman, a racial minority, a religious minority, non-heterosexual, or claim a gender identity different from their birth sex, and still be a completely dangerous human being, completely separate from both their lack of American Psycho-ness and their minority status. And they can and will use a claim of victimhood to achieve their goals. I wish more people knew this. It’s so insidious.

Do you want to be OUTRAGED?!?!? Attorneys General of liberal US states changed the definition of "sex" to indulge the trans activist cult in the school bathroom Title IX case women just lost! by BEB in GenderCritical

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The government is made up of men. They don’t care if a TIF is entering their bathroom because they pose no threat to them. The relatively few women in government are either accompanied by bodyguards everywhere anyway, so it’s no concern to them, or, if they’re self-hating Republicans, too interested in banning abortion and forbidding gay couples to adopt children than to really give a shit if men in dresses are entering women’s restrooms. If they’re allowed in women’s prisons, Republican women don’t care - all prisoners gave up any and all of their human rights and dignities the moment they allegedly committed their crimes, women included.

What contradictions have you observed in liberal feminism and trans activism? by Rae in GenderCritical

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If a Jewish, Hindu or Christian woman dresses in a way conforming to “modesty” requirements of her faith, and both restricts herself and is restricted by others from the company of men, so that she does not “tempt” them or invite negative gossip concerning her virtue, and also follows rules regarding separation from society and religious rites during menstruation: “Wow, I cannot believe there are still women that allow themselves to be cowed by religion like that. It’s so misogynistic and patriarchal. I don’t even know if it’s possible to be a follower of that religion and a feminist, it’s so inherently anti-woman. I mean, a Jewish man can’t even touch a menstruating woman. What the hell?”

If a Muslim or Buddhist woman dresses in a way conforming to “modesty” requirements of her faith, and both restricts herself and is restricted by others from the company of men, so that she does not “tempt” them or invite negative gossip concerning her virtue, and also follows rules regarding separation from society and religious rites during menstruation: “The liberation and empowerment for women in this is incredible! I can’t believe how highly Muhammad/The Buddha thought of women. This is so much better than that awful misogynistic negativity you see in those other religions. I wish more people would see how amazingly pro-female and ‘girl power’ these faiths are. I mean, a Muslim woman can’t even be touched by a man she doesn’t know. That’s respect!”

Court Rules For Transgender Rights In School Bathroom Case (Represented by ACLU) by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I simply cannot understand the case here, except that the court felt pressure from the ACLU and special interest groups.

A reasonable accommodation was provided. It simply was not to the child’s taste (“The unisex private bathrooms are too far and I just don’t wanna use them”). So now everyone has to share restroom with the opposite sex because, while restrooms were provided that filled that essential need, apparently they did not fill the “need” of validation, which overrides everything - and everyone - else.

What contradictions have you observed in liberal feminism and trans activism? by Rae in GenderCritical

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“Women shouldn’t be judged for our bodies because they don’t conform to some narrow beauty standard! We’re ALL gorgeous and sexy!”

Ok but you’re still saying that a woman is only valuable if she’s “gorgeous and sexy”. Reassuring me that I’m gorgeous and sexy doesn’t take away the fact that I’m still compelled to be and feel gorgeous and sexy in order to have a single iota of self-esteem.

This plays right into the TIM POV that being a woman is all about looking, dressing, and “acting” like one. Rather than do away with the idea that a woman’s value is based off of her appearance, we just tell women that even if they’re overweight or have small breasts or dark skin, they’re still pretty, because being pretty is the very score of womanhood.

Notice the sub’s name? Guess that means nothing. There’s no space only for women anymore. by letal_22 in GenderCritical

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Yet again, we were totally wrong about what being a woman is. We, being women, don’t know. People who are into “girly things” know what women are.

TIM who complained that women feel uncomfortable around him is revealed to be a rapist by vittuvituvittu in GenderCritical

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He probably justifies it as “it wasn’t really rape and I had to hold her against her will because she needed/deserved it for making me angry”. See, since it was all completely reasonable, you’re still the one in the wrong for being afraid of him, as he sees it.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Exactly. It’s like when straight people decided to co-opt “queer” for themselves, and then justify it because they tell actual LGB people that “queer is self-defined and it really only means whatever it means to you.” Queerness isn’t a hip coffee shop that literally anyone - even utterly straight people - can visit whenever they want to be seen by the masses, and it isn’t a funny, cute label you can apply to animals to make your own life seem more interesting. It’s a real, lived, experienced thing, not just a trendy bit of fun. It’s a slap in the face to actual LGB people.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I...wasn’t. The point I was trying to make is that people will try to claim that their pets are whatever they claim they are in an attempt to appear cool and progressive, so it wouldn’t surprise me if people started claiming their pets are trans. And it fucking pisses me off that you’d accuse me of being homophobic because that’s such virtue-signaling bullshit right there.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I do know people who proudly declare their dogs as gay or lesbian. I know that homosexuality exists in the animal world, but the only times I’ve seen eager pet owners claim to own a gay pet is when their dog is humping another one, completely oblivious to the fact that that’s something dogs do to establish dominance. And yes, male dogs sniff other male dogs and female dogs sniff other female dogs as a way of getting to know them; that, also, is basic dog behavior and not really to be construed as a key sign of homosexuality in canines. If you point this basic fact out to them, they shush you with “Oh no, my dog is REALLY TRULY gay,” angry that you’ve tried to spoil their fun, because to them, being gay/“queer” is a hip trend that they’re desperate to be a part of, not an actual, lived-with sexual orientation, and if they can’t pull it off, God damn it, their pets will do it for them.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I’ve never had my vet ask me what gender my dog is. One, I’d assume they’d be able to suss that one out on their own pretty quickly. Two, I think that “gender” is entirely conflated with “identity” - hence why it’s replacing “sex” in common parlance, since “sex” is based on facts and nobody likes those - so were my dog’s vet to basically ask me, “Does your dog identify as a boy dog or a girl dog?” I would just gather up my dog in my arms, back out the door slowly, and then break off into a run as soon as I got outside.

[Currently "FtM"] You guys are right by please_help in GenderCritical

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I want to point out that you have experienced sexism. We all have.

Even if you haven’t been told to your face, “You can’t do something because you are a girl”, you’ve seen it in advertisements. You’ve seen it in TV shows and movies. You’ve heard it in music. You’ve witnessed it being directed at other women. And you’ve absorbed it, whether you want to or not, because it is everywhere, literally part and parcel of our culture.

Over half of our minds are subconscious/unconscious. When we do or feel things that we don’t understand, it is almost always because we’ve internalized something and don’t consciously realize it, and that’s where that feeling or action is coming from.

For my entire childhood, I loved to draw. But I only drew women. I never drew men. It never occurred to me as to why; I wasn’t really thinking about it. But I hated talking to men, or even looking at them. It was just an automatic feeling of discomfort; I didn’t address it fully, I just felt it. It wasn’t until years of therapy later that I realized that I did not like to even draw or associate with men because I was afraid of them, due to my fear of my father, who was a terrorizing presence in my childhood. Likewise, I hated my body changing; I felt fear and disgust over it during puberty, particularly menstruation. I felt terrified at the thought of “becoming a woman”, but I didn’t really know why. I just did. I had to work it out as an adult, that I had unconsciously - through cultural influence and observation of my own family - absorbed the idea that womanhood = motherhood, submission, being a “good wife”, which meant taking whatever my husband threw at me (sometimes literally), being used by a man. It meant that I would absolutely have to uphold and obsess over beauty standards for the rest of my life. And I didn’t want to do any of those things, and I felt so trapped in my body. I couldn’t put it all together then, though. All I knew what that I didn’t feel right.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I hate it when I go to the veterinarian and have to try to convince them that I am a budgerigar. They attempt to refuse me treatment, saying that I’m a human being and that I do not have psittacosis. This is deeply offensive, and I can’t believe I’m subjected to such violence.

In other news, I finally found a doctor that prescribed me some medication for my psittacosis, and it made me even sicker. Fuck that guy.

So it appears there are people on twitter who think biology is a white colonial notion imposed upon the rest of the world to make us believe in the "European" notion of male and female. We were all stupid and ignorant before whitey came along. A thread. by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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I think India could be argued to be an exception to this, though. Krishna told Arjuna that just as men change their clothes, so do they change their bodies, as they drift from life to life. Of course, he didn’t say how women’s souls transmigrate, so I guess that’s still up in the air.

List of people retroactively declared trans by firebird in GenderCritical

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Elizabeth I of England Boudicca

Ever notice how they focus on women in the past more than men? It’s almost like, I don’t know, women had to break out of horribly restrictive gender roles in order to make an impression on a world built on an assumption that men were the only ones that mattered in history. Weird, isn’t it?

RANT: I hate gender in language or other cultures being used as proof for TRA BS by Agodachi in GenderCritical

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And with few exceptions, the option to be “third gender” was limited to men. The only case I can think of in which women could become socially masculine were the sworn virgins of Albania, and those were put into that role by necessity (e.g., brother died and someone needs to “be a father” to his children), not choice.

So it appears there are people on twitter who think biology is a white colonial notion imposed upon the rest of the world to make us believe in the "European" notion of male and female. We were all stupid and ignorant before whitey came along. A thread. by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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This is revisionism, and it’s dangerous, not only in that it’s denying reality on a biological level, but also participates in the idealization/fetishization of non-white cultures just as it it demonizes colonialism as being responsible for the concept of male and female (seriously, wtf).

As such, not only is it painting a picture that never really was, but it’s also denying the existence of sex-based oppression in non-white societies, instead preferring an invented, ahistorical narrative in which everything was perfect until white people showed up. When the element of white/colonial/European/Christian/etc. influence is removed, it follows, then those cultures can be all happy and peaceful and wonderful again.

It’s the same reasoning that can make someone look at a traditionalist Catholic woman in a church with a head covering and sneer at how patriarchy rules her, while at the same time cheer on a Muslim woman in a hijab for “empowering” herself with it. Since “gender-based” violence is so utterly entrenched in whiteness and Westernhood, if the Muslim woman is oppressed at all, it’s due to vestigial traces of Euro-centric influence in her life. The women and girls who actually live under these non-white societal structures that treat women so harshly need only be patted on the head, while their woke “allies” explain to them, like one would to a child, that it’s not their men’s fault, it’s the fault of men on the other side of the world. And if they get too loud in their protestations, then they need to be silenced.

Feminism isn't about popularity or kindness, Rebecca Solnit | WoLF by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Women have wasted too much time, as individuals and as a group, kissing ass and being doormats. Solnit can STFU

Unlikely Ally by SterlingRoark in GenderCritical

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I read a fascinating book on the failure of secularism when I was in college. I cannot remember the title or who wrote it and it’s driving me crazy. But it theorized that secular societies are basically artificial ones, who will still believe in the same things as religious societies, they will simply re-frame them in a secular context. Even Revolutionary France did not give women the right to vote, and still punished women for being too brazen. They simply switched from “It’s God’s plan” to “It’s Nature and cannot be changed”.

And there’s also the observation of society drifting without a religious identity, and needing to fill that “hole”. Before, we could face prosecution for believing in God the wrong way, or using the wrong words during the church service. Now, we can face prosecution for believing in sex the wrong way, or using the wrong pronouns. People still feel a need to be righteous and right.

Do woke people do well in life? by Eurowoman24 in GenderCritical

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I would say, in general, no.

Woke people feel this internal driving need to be angry at everything, all the time. The way a house is built, the way a woman is walking down the street with her dog, the way the cashier at the gas station rings you up for your purchase, the way you are carded at the bar, the way you get a parking ticket for overstaying your parking meter, the way you receive your packages - everything can be interpreted as a message of oppression. If Event X is about X, it can still be considered oppressive because it does not explicitly mention or make itself about Y. A is inherently oppressive because she is not B. A is both at fault for being oppressive, and cannot change her oppressiveness, no matter how she tries.

They look for things to be angry about everywhere. Think of the recent TIM deciding to “call out” GWOM on Twitter for some absolute bullshit about “not being inclusive of transwomen”, like there are just so many great transwomen in mathematics and GWOM is explicitly making a point of ignoring them. Did that TIM have nothing to do that day besides get pissed off at random Twitter accounts that have done him literally no wrong? And getting even angrier when they don’t respond within three minutes to his demands? They live to start shit, which is why they generally have problems getting along with other people. They tend to be employed in niche industries that either make excuses and room for shitty behavior (such as academia) or that allow a great deal of independence and isolation (such as tech). That’s when they’re employed at all - many of them simply waste time blaming all their life’s problems on everyone else, claiming their constant shifting from low-paying job to unemployment to another low-paying job in a perpetual cycle, is another example of their victimhood, and not at all a case of their causing issues at every place they’ve worked or walking off the job any time they get told something they don’t want to hear. Some of my old friends seem compelled to stay impoverished, because of a subconscious belief that if they’re able to pay their bills, they automatically turn into evil capitalists or something.

Many of them do suffer from mental illness, but it seems largely to be tinged by narcissism, which is notoriously difficult to treat. I say this because one, studies have flat-out shown it - not merely among TRAs, but sadly, Millennials, and among virtue-signaling people in general. It’s concerned with “looking good” and “see what excellent progressive deeds I’m doing here”, when in fact those deeds require very little effort, and do give the narcissist the relish they so love of seeing someone who has angered them get “consequences” for it. There’s also the air of self-righteousness, and critical theory itself largely rests on the notion of “I’m right because I know I’m right, and you just need to shut up if you disagree with me”.

Hell, there are friends I had in college that while I still maintain a contact with via Facebook, I definitely don’t wanna hang out with them anymore, because 90% of being woke is appearances, so whenever we did get together, they’d just talk about wokeness and only wokeness and how angry they were all the time about everything and so much of it was nonsensical - facts about any particular situation mattered far less than a Hierarchy of Rightness, which determined the merits of each person’s case on their gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnic/national origin, religion, economic status, and mental (but oddly, not physical) atypicality or disability. They might argue for one minute that rape, for example, shouldn’t at all be considered a result of what the victim was wearing - but then, wish to discuss the different socio-economic, racial, and religious backgrounds of the victim and perpetrator, ultimately coming to the conclusion that while Perpetrator probably shouldn’t have done it, Victim isn’t entirely innocent - not of perhaps asking for rape exactly, but rather of asking for the enraged punishment of lifelong oppression and inequality from one of the sufferers of her in-born prejudice and resource hoarding.

The reasoning behind TIFs and TIMs is clear... But wtf is the validation behind NB?? by Jekawi in GenderCritical

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And yet my mother called me a “little b___h” when I was eleven years old and didn’t want to wear them to church. It was just so unthinkable to show up with bare legs. Like, what’s the fucking point? Only bad girls have the skin tone of their legs match their face - the good ones have legs two shades darker, I guess. From her point of view, judging by how strongly she felt about the situation, oddly discolored legs = virtue and decency, natural legs = filthy tramp.

The reasoning behind TIFs and TIMs is clear... But wtf is the validation behind NB?? by Jekawi in GenderCritical

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You think it hasn’t happened? It’s the same reason they claim we’re “privileged” for having periods.

Speaking of their love for pantyhose, they also seem to love slips and camisoles and all matter of uncomfortable, old-fashioned, rayon, lace-festooned underclothes that women have discarded. So I’d imagine they’d be all over the sanitary jockstraps (as my mother disparagingly referred to them).

The reasoning behind TIFs and TIMs is clear... But wtf is the validation behind NB?? by Jekawi in GenderCritical

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Those “third gender” culture are also generally super-strict when it comes to gender roles. It’s funny how they can wax poetic about the beauty and wisdom of the precious ancient sacred hijra tradition of India, and just not fucking care that it has the highest rate of violence against women in the world.

Yes, I said violence against women, not “gender-based violence” because I’m not insisting on remaining blind to goddamn fucking reality.

Quote: “There are two genders and a lot of mental illnesses” – Daniel Tozke by christnmusicreleases in GenderCritical

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I wonder what gender identity a handmaiden has.

Quote: “There are two genders and a lot of mental illnesses” – Daniel Tozke by christnmusicreleases in GenderCritical

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I’ve read in an excellent article about cancel culture that the difference between criticism and cancel culture is, the former says, “Here is where you are wrong,” and then waits for a response. If you make one, great; if not, whatever; if you realize you were wrong, very well. Criticism only turns into an effort to stop someone when it leads to actual harm against others. Cancel culture wastes no time on that. It just says, “You’re an asshole and you need to pay for your sins.”

The reasoning behind TIFs and TIMs is clear... But wtf is the validation behind NB?? by Jekawi in GenderCritical

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Omg, my mom did the same thing with pantyhose. I HATE them. I hate the way they feel. I hate the ridiculous way they look. They are the epitome of discomfort to me. I don’t even own any anymore - I refuse. Yet my mother seemed to think that if I wasn’t going to wear pantyhose under a skirt - and I had to wear a skirt/dress to certain events, because I had to “dress up and look nice”, which mean being physically uncomfortable - than I might as well go naked if I’m going to display the indecency of my bare knees and calves to the whole world. I probably would’ve gone NB too, if I could’ve used it as an excuse to get out of those damned pantyhose.

(Yet, it seems like TIMs are the only ones keeping the pantyhose industry in business anymore - whenever you read their coming-of-gender stories, pantyhose is one of the first things they often grab. Ugh. I’d say it’s like taking an oppressively uncomfortable male garment that has persisted in being worn only because it’s considered ghastly and uncivilized to appear in public with whatever it covers, uncovered; then putting it on your female body, and declaring yourself liberated because now you are made to dress in awkward, tiring, uneasy clothing just like a man has to wear to conform to expectations of decency and shame - but males don’t have garments like that.)

Am I the only one who *kind of* believes in transsexualism as a valid thing? by gencritcurious in GenderCritical

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Psychology and mental health took a giant step back when it was decided, back in the age of castrating gay men to “cure” them, that the solution to feeling as though one was born in the wrong body was to mutilate it until it resembled the opposite sex, and pump it full of pharmaceutical hormones until it drops dead. It was back when therapy was taking a back seat to more “modern and scientific” interventions like popping pills and slicing someone’s brain open. So much could have been addressed and researched and a genuine, real cure could have been found. But no.

If you have depression, is the progressive, science-based treatment the one in which you’re allowed to take your own life at will? What about DID - should we invent some kind of artificial, plasticized skin that can change appearance drastically, perhaps with the touch of a button on a remote control, so the sufferer’s current alter can be represented accurately? Should people with BIID have healthy limbs cut off? If you’re anorexic with a considerable case of BDD, should your medical care team work together to create the most skeletal body possible for you, because that’s what you want, and that’s what you see as your ideal, rather than the body you have now?

One wonders why all of these things were anathema, whereas SRS and lifelong hormonal treatment to “turn a man into a woman” and vice-versa got the green light. Honestly, I wonder how much of it had to do with sheer fascination rather than any real interest in the long-time well-being of patients.

The reasoning behind TIFs and TIMs is clear... But wtf is the validation behind NB?? by Jekawi in GenderCritical

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Nine times out of ten, it’s “I’m not like other girls” for girls/women and “I may be bisexual and occasionally cry” for boys/men.

It’s such a rigid adherence to socially-constructed gender roles that they cannot conceive of “man” or “woman” outside of a predetermined, predefined, strict stereotype. Any deviation from those “norms”, and they have to be something beyond man or woman. For kids, I think it’s also a way of reassuring oneself that one really is special and unique. A girl can see another girl in a flannel shirt, feel a strike of fear that she is not the only one who wears them, and then tell herself that while the other girl is still a girl, she herself is “non-binary”.

What's the deal with TIFs? by msteacherlady in GenderCritical

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I believe that if a TIF is a toxic person as you describe, absolutely. I also believe that girls are more likely to be victimized than boys, which might lead more young girls and women to try to become men to escape what they see as a prison of weakness, a body that can only be used at will by others. TIMs can also be motivated by victimization, but are just as likely to simply be AGPs.

What's the deal with TIFs? by msteacherlady in GenderCritical

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I’ve actually witnessed this at a local pet rescue organization (the organization is still AWESOME, btw) as well as at a local grocery store (two locations, not just one place). Also, an acquaintance witnessed it while they were in the juvenile psychiatric ward in the hospital, a young TIF going off on how she wasn’t a girl because girls were stupid. I think a part of it is internalized misogyny, like this sort of “Hmph, I’ve risen above your level - your pink-wearing, glittery, shallow, gossip-mongering, feather-brained level”, as well as a reminder that no matter what, they’re always going to see you that way. Especially as a self-defense mechanism, if you’re not embodying a womanly gender role like that, like they can “see through you” in the way some men claim to be able to “see through” supposedly intelligent, strong women. Another part is that I think many people, including TIFs, think men just behave that way. That men are just shitty and rude to everyone.

Also, tbh, a lot of TIFs are women that have endured abuse and trauma due to their sex in the past, and now have depression, anxiety, and a whole slew of mental conditions due to it, and they’ve been promised that transitioning will fix everything. That usually means that none of that trauma is being addressed effectively. So they’re still upset. They’re not dealing with it.

Trans women pose no threat to cis women, but we pose a threat to them if we make them outcasts: UTTER BULLSHIT. by GConly in GenderCritical

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Abso-fuckin’-lutely. Ever had a dream that involved having sex with someone you’re not married to, in a place other than your own bedroom? Ever worn trousers to your office job, if you’re a woman, or let your hair grow a bit long, if you’re a man? Congratulations, you’re queer.

More proof that NB is the woke flavor of "I'm not like the other girls" by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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I’m a Norwegian Buhund. And I’m adorable.

More proof that NB is the woke flavor of "I'm not like the other girls" by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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It’s also narcissistic as fuck. “I have interests, desires, a personality and like to wear certain things. These things make me unique. I’ll admit that everyone is a unique individual. But I am unique in a unique way, in that my uniqueness is unique. It is more differently unique, and their uniqueness is more samely unique. My uniqueness is a special kind of uniqueness, whereas their uniqueness is just your ordinary run-of-the-mill uniqueness.”

I mean, I don’t want to wax nostalgic about the good old days, but it seems like right when we were beginning to realize that it was absolutely fine for a girl/woman to wear a baggy t-shirt and jeans and read comic books, all of a sudden it’s more woke to say she’s not a woman, she’s actually something that has transcended womanhood altogether. Sometimes I wonder how many of these kids - and so many of them are kids - want to be “special” and “different”, because I know I did at that age, and then when they find out they’re not the first person to be repulsed by the idea of spending hours styling their hair in the morning when they could be reading about Russian history, they co-opt this label to make up for it.

More proof that NB is the woke flavor of "I'm not like the other girls" by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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I remember a lot of 90s feminism being a sort of sexy holdover of whimpering 80s feminism. Sometimes I’ll watch 90s commercials on YouTube and just think, Holy shit. I can’t believe how much things have changed. Not that they’re ideal by any means now, but...

90s feminism seemed to be all about being a corporate boss in a power suit (with ever-shorter, ever-sexier skirts, of course) but still being a woman, which always meant still being a wife and a mommy. It was also the real burst of “Being a sexual object is EMPOWERING!” onto the mass consciousness of liberal feminism. Thanks, Victoria’s Secret.

90s feminism was about installing daycare centers in offices, so working mothers could bring their kids to work, without anyone ever really asking why that was a working mother’s problem, and not a working father’s. It was about how working moms (always working moms, never working women, because ultimately all working women, no matter how “independent” and “non-maternal” they naively might think they were, were going to have babies and love and want their babies and realized they wanted them all along) needed easy-to-prepare dinners and appliances and cleaners that made cooking and cleaning simpler. It was feminist to make a working mom’s life easier by admitting that she spent several hours a day at work, and thus it would be super-nice if the womanly tasks she had to take care of upon getting home were streamlined. Men were lovable, but useless in this regard; there was nothing more endearing that watching one’s husband blunder through attempting to prepare a meal or clean a toilet or entertain his own child. What a rascal! And then Clorox is here to help you clean up the mess he made. See? Feminism! We’re thinking of your rights by recognizing that stains can be hard to lift and developing chemicals that make it easier!

Sexy feminism was all about telling you that just because you were a wife and mother (and if you weren’t - don’t worry! You will be someday, I promise!) that didn’t mean you couldn’t slip on lacy panties and a push-up bra to delight your husband. That was the whole point, and you were empowered by this. You were empowered by “getting” your husband to want you; it was your job to get him sexually aroused. Teenage girls were sold movies in which they obsessed over losing their virginity by a particular age. No one ever wrote a screenplay about a girl’s coming-of-age who just decided not to have sex because she ultimately decided she didn’t want to. If she was against having sex, it was because of a repressive conservative and/or religious upbringing, and that needed to be rectified. Once she did, she found her true happiness.

Popular 90s feminism seemed to be all about making it easier for women to live within traditional gender roles. Okay, you can work, you can even get promoted - but don’t forget, you’re still a wife. You’re still a mommy. You’re still a sex object. You still have those obligations to fulfill. We’re just going to pretend that that was feminism’s goal all along.

More proof that NB is the woke flavor of "I'm not like the other girls" by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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You are, but only if you’re NB. You have to undergo a special wokening in which you realize that you’re not like other female-bodied individuals, who all embody negative stereotypes. If you don’t do this, then you are 100% required to live as a 1950s housewife for all of your days.

Lush Edinburgh that said I 🖤 JK Rowling stickers were horrific acts of transphobia has a history of sexual harrassment in its workplace by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I get Dudu Osun from the local international grocery. At least I know that it’s being sold to me by a local business run by immigrants. (Also, it does absolute wonders for problematic skin. My skin is a hellish genetic perfect storm of too-much-sweat, too-much-oil, and hypersensitivity to the very substances it itself produces in such vast quantities, and it’s honestly the only thing I’ll use anymore. And it doesn’t leave gritty neon-colored dyes all over my face.)

Lush Edinburgh that said I 🖤 JK Rowling stickers were horrific acts of transphobia has a history of sexual harrassment in its workplace by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I never could shop there, lol. They can paint themselves as a woke store “for the people”, but when a single bar of soap costs me eight bucks, and I’m struggling to pay my rent, I just feel a little bit like this is all a ploy and I’m actually kinda being exploited, y’know?

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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People should totally be damning people for being a hard ass boss. No one has the right to make other people feel like shit over petty requests.

My take on all this is that I think it’s been pretty well established that Ellen’s a shitty person. I think it’s probably been swept under the rug because one, it’s expected of Hollywood celebrities to be shitty people, and two, it goes against her friendly, down-to-earth image. But even just seeing the way she interacts with guests makes my skin crawl. Being a lesbian and being a woman doth not make one untouchable for a feminist. You can be a lesbian and still be a shitty person and deserve to be called out on it.

However, it IS notable how sexual assault against women by men on her staff has allegedly taken place, and that’s taken a far back seat to stories of Ellen behaving rudely and in a mean-spirited way. We can’t help but notice that, when comparing the mass reactions, it seems that society is far more appalled (and enthralled) at the news of a privately surly lesbian talk show host than they are at the idea of men raping and groping women. Go figure.

Explanation of non-binary that's not sexist? by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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“What’s your gender? Are you non-binary? Transgender? Agender? Demigender? Femmeboi? Boifemme? Genderfluid? Pangender?”

“I don’t have a gender. I have this thing called an ‘individual personality’ that actually makes all that redundant. It’s a much more cost-effective option, emotionally.”

Explanation of non-binary that's not sexist? by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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I absolutely hate how some people like to “diagnose” others with a gender. Some really do like to push the NB thing on others and it’s just...ugh. I actually had someone on Reddit try to get me to admit I was “agender” and JUST STOP IT. If you had me a card that has boxes on it, I’m not going to check the “best-fitting” box. Even if there’s a million boxes. I’m going to tear the card apart and throw the pieces in your face.

depending on where you look, anywhere from 0.4% to 85% of transfolk detransition; many TRAs claim it is such a small number that it should not really be discussed ... yet transfolk make up 0.4% - 1.7% of the human population and expect all language and space be changed to suit them. LIKE WHAT?!?! by lunarenergy8 in GenderCritical

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Here’s the thing.

If detransitioners exist, they have the right to tell their stories. That’s it. End of story. Period.

Their experiences are real. Their lives are real. It will be a cold day in hell when I’ll agree that anyone’s real-life experience should be shut up, silenced, put away, never allowed to be brought up because of someone else’s agenda.

I’m a firm supporter of BLM. But if a white person got assaulted by a black person on the basis of their skin color, I’m not going to say that that white person shouldn’t talk about it, that they should keep it to themselves, that they shouldn’t try to seek justice for their own individual suffering, like it doesn’t matter.

I’m a radical feminist. But if a man is physically abused by his female partner, I’m not going to tell him to never seek help for it, never see a therapist about it, never talk to another person about it, because when you really think about it, his life really isn’t all that important.

I have a religion. But I’m not going to demand that people that have left that religion have their voices silenced over the fact that they left it, the reasons they did so, and why they’re not going back, because my comfort in my religion supersedes their discomfort within it.

I don’t understand how anyone can chant “TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS” and then demand that people who are actually living through real-life traumatic experiences be forcefully shut up because of the bullshit reasoning that “it hurts trans people’s feelings so it must be banned”. Trans rights is really the only movement that places so much emphasis on the obligation of the public to personally validate its core group, that it’s considered a serious, must-be-crushed threat to their existence to leave it.

TRA Twitter thread that 2+2=5 by PassionateIntensity in GenderCritical

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Made me think of a tweet I once saw in which an absolutely brilliant TRA, who should totally be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for this genius thinking that has solved so many problems, declared that all children should not be given a name (since those are gendered) or “assigned a sex” at birth, but a number. They can then freely choose what they want to be later, when they’re older, without their parents.

Someone responded with, “But what if they’re assigned an even number and they identify as an odd one?”

John Money is the root of all gender identity by GuacLettuceBacon in GenderCritical

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It’s important to note a couple things about John Money:

  1. TRAs occasionally cite him and the Reiner case as “proof” that we have “male brains and female brains”.

  2. Money did more than just encourage Reimer to wear dresses and play with dolls. He encouraged the female role as a submissive one, up to and including “sex play” involving Reimer and his brother, with Reimer in a passive, receptive role and his brother in the overpowering “male” role. Money did believe that gender roles were solely the result of socialization, but seemed to associate feminization with submissiveness and meekness to a point that we would likely consider humiliating. It is no wonder that Reimer found the experience unpleasant. Money constantly emphasized his role as female = nurturer, caregiver, doormat, gentle, loves pretty things, etc. and was firm that he remain strictly within that role, as well as stressing that his brother should be held up as masculine = tough, in charge, etc.

Shat Attack! Is Shatner Peaking? Are we going to see a peak wave with the celebs coming forward, or a peak Tsunami? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I love this. These people are always spouting off about how “TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN” but God forbid they ever actually have to have anything to do with one. No no no no, we have it all wrong, it’s the “lesbian” transwomen he’s standing up for. Because they’re our problem, and not his.

It’s the same argument I give whenever someone starts off about how “Poor people are poor just because of their own bad spending, it’s entirely possible to live on the money the typical unskilled worker makes, they’re just whining and jealous and wasting what they have.”

Okay, buddy, so: You do it. If we’re all just so bad with money, and our lives would actually be so much easier if we’d just learn the basics of budgeting like yourself, then please, perform a demonstration. A modern one, not the one you did in 1973 when costs were lower and a dollar went further. If living on a tiny paycheck is possible, then do it.

I am concerned that superlative descriptions/tidal waves of acceptance and praise aimed at gender-special people is predatory and toxic for vulnerable children by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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When you say counselors, do you mean career counselors? Some of those people are just off the wall. I thought it was bad enough when I was in college, but then I browsed through Ask A Manager’s “Bad Advice” section and it was just...holy shit. Telling students to go into fields they were completely unsuited for, telling them “That high-demand field is probably too hard for someone like you. You should probably just get an degree in [throws dart] Business Accounting and whatever”, and then the bizarre “How to get hired” schemes. “Make a website all about yourself with your picture, hobbies, resume, blog, etc. on it and then put it on every application you turn in!” And yes, you feel like they know what they’re talking about, so you feel compelled to do what you’re told, even if every fiber of your being is going “NO NO NO NO NO”.

Not to mention the basic fuckup cancel culture that academia is today. I think it’s actually super-stressful for young women in particular. We have to deal with all the regular stressors we’ve always had, but then the cognitive dissonance of the TRA movement, of being told you’re in a place that values debate and academic freedom above all else, until you think something that someone else decides they don’t like, and thus having to constantly police yourself, your language, your work, the feeling like you’re always vulnerable, yet being watched to make sure you comply.

Transwomen the demeaning way in which they view what it is to be female and how it can be damaging to women. by Questionings in GenderCritical

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It’s not just TIMs, it’s a page from the misogynist’s playbook.

“Women have it so easy because they can just flirt and get whatever they want.”

(Notice how they only think that their particular brand of attractive, sexy women are “women”. Other women don’t exist. They’re not really women OR people.)

I am concerned that superlative descriptions/tidal waves of acceptance and praise aimed at gender-special people is predatory and toxic for vulnerable children by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I must have misinterpreted you and I’m sorry. I admit I’m a bit prickly about it - I hear too much of people complaining about “What do all these young kids have to be upset about, anyway?” and it kicks off a reaction in me.

Admittedly a lot of it does have to do with self-silencing due to thought policing. Like, on Ovarit a fascinating article was posted about the new censorship and anti-debate of the fake-ass virtue-signaling “new left”, and I wanted to share it because it was spot on. But where? Anywhere I went, I’d be accused of being on the wrong side of things. Because people deserve to be threatened and silenced. They deserve to be put into the thrall of a social credit system of our own making. People would say that to me. If I encourage debate, I must be anti-vaccine, anti-mask, pro-pollution.

That causes a shitton of anxiety. We live in a climate of fear, and that’s what’s intended.

What are the things about being a women men can never grasp by midgetmetalhead19 in GenderCritical

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I always thought it was weird how men in books were typically described in appearance as “He was tall, blond and lanky, with a wiry build and a farm boy’s warm face, kindly, youthful, with cornflower-blue eyes. As he made his way down the corridor, his walk seemed both hurried and relaxed, his steps wide but unstressed.” Whereas a woman’s is “She had on a purple pantsuit, a power suit, a corporate, business look, that was still well-tailored enough to show the curves of her buttocks and accommodate the slight sway of her hips as she walked ahead of him. He could see the slight upturn of the blazer where it met her lower waist, then turn inward and upward as it gently hugged her toned waistline. Her pace and stride suggested confidence, but he sensed a sort of cover - as though somewhere inside, those firm footfalls in the strappy black block heels were intent on hiding a well-buried vulnerability. With each click of her step, her black hair, soft yet emanating power, shifted slightly, falling in waves to the small of her back. When they reached the door, she turned to face him, the blazer opening on a bright white, satiny, buttonless blouse, into which her cleavage was curtained like a nude between drapes in a faux-Classical painting.”

That is: Men can be described in a couple sentences. Women have to be described in as many sentences as it takes before the male author reaches climax.

I am concerned that superlative descriptions/tidal waves of acceptance and praise aimed at gender-special people is predatory and toxic for vulnerable children by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Some people really are fucking anxious.

My parents (dad in particular) didn’t even want me in college, and made that damned clear every day. He insisted I work to support “my keep” through all of it. Work told me they were more important than school. School told me they were more important than work.

I grew up in a seriously fucked-up household, so I know that has a lot to do with it. When I wasn’t worrying, I was reminded that I should start worrying, soon, because the good things never last and the bad things last forever and if you ever make a SINGLE mistake you will never, ever recover.

As I went through school and worked and looked at the options available to me, it became increasingly evident that no matter what I did, it was highly unlikely I would be able to support myself comfortably anytime soon after graduating. It wasn’t just my major. It was because wages had simply not risen in line with the cost of living and the demands put on our incomes. We now had to pay for car insurance as our public transportation options were being cut back, but we were given no rise in income to cover the extra cost. To see a doctor was $50. To get the prescription from seeing that doctor was $60. My paycheck was $600 every two weeks when I graduated. Me, and everyone I knew, had roommates, usually multiple ones, and shit apartments when we graduated, and it wasn’t fun and romantic like it is on TV. It was scary, we were getting massive utility bills we simply couldn’t pay, and even getting a place to live demanded we pay thousands of dollars in prepaid rent, background checks, and application fees. Our elders, politicians, parents, and Everyone That Knew Better both blamed us for our conundrum and said that it was inevitable in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t be dismissive of anxiety. Parents seem to either coddle their kids or just hate them. Try to feel for the latter.

What are the things about being a women men can never grasp by midgetmetalhead19 in GenderCritical

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This. Whenever I’ve lived with a man, I end up just feeling like a household appliance. Only there to meet another person’s needs/conveniences. No appreciation - who says “thank you” to the washing machine? It’s just doing what it’s supposed to do. And what happens when the washing machine breaks down from overuse? It gets screamed at while its owner curses under his breath about how he works too hard and doesn’t have time for crap like this.

Even when a woman is granted a break, it’s just that - a break. A temporary relief. A breather. Then back to it.

What are the things about being a women men can never grasp by midgetmetalhead19 in GenderCritical

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Building on getting pregnant when you don’t want to be - there’s also the feeling that as far as the government and every medical and health authority you will ever encounter in your life is concerned, your life as a unique human individual with your own needs and goals, will always be overshadowed by your own fertility. You are not a human being in their eyes, so much as a valuable incubator of other human beings.

If you need a drug or medical procedure, even if your life depends on it, even if your life depends on it right now because it’s an emergency and you’re bleeding out on the table, it will be judged against the effect it will have on your fertility. If that medicine or treatment stands a chance of hurting your future possibilities of bearing healthy children, then you stand a chance of being allowed to die while the ethics committee hems and haws over whether or not it’s morally acceptable to safe your life.

If you are pregnant, the life of the fetus or embryo - despite whatever gestational age it has reached - will have as much, if not more, value than your own.

Women are advised by national and international medical authorities to prepare their bodies for pregnancy before being asked if they intend to have children. The CDC says we should consider ourselves “pre-pregnant”, due to the large number of unplanned pregnancies in the US - apparently the fact that so many women are getting pregnant without planning or preparation is not an issue, as far as the world’s most powerful government’s public health authority is concerned.

When a man asks for a vasectomy, he faces little opposition. A woman can be well into her 40s, have a pre-existing medical condition that makes pregnancy deathly dangerous, ask multiple physicians multiple times, and even be sternly informed that she better not have any more children if she doesn’t want to risk her life, yet will still be denied a sterilization procedure. Presumably, it is a woman’s job to not get pregnant if it is harmful to her, not a doctor’s job to protect her health. Also, perhaps there is that assumption that even if it does kill her, the woman and/or her family may ultimately decide another pregnancy is worth it. Again: her ultimate purpose is to be an incubator. Should she die to give birth, it’s not a tragedy, it’s beautiful, even if she leaves other children behind.

When it comes to reproduction, a man can decide what he wants to do with his body. A doctor cannot tell him he knows better. But a woman doesn’t have that agency. She will be told that she doesn’t have the ability to make that decision, unless it is to be fertile.

What are the things about being a women men can never grasp by midgetmetalhead19 in GenderCritical

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The general physical discomfort from the shit we have to wear.

A man’s formal getup is more or less the same as his casual clothes, just made out of different material. A woman’s, on the other hand, are first built on a foundation of underclothes meant to force our bodies into an unnatural shape, then covered with a dress, nowadays, even in formal contexts, intended to advertise our bodies as sexually desirable, and finished off with a bizarre hair finish, ridiculous heels on our shoes, and a face full of makeup.

The only women I know who seem to just love wearing heels, Spanx, and tight bandage dresses everywhere are the ones that pride themselves on being sexual objects. Otherwise, fuck you if you’re going to tell me you put on a skirt and heels and you felt “liberated”. It’s a fucking prison.

Yet we’re told that if we don’t meet these certain standards, there will be consequences. Sometimes you’re just ignored and end up staying in the same job with no promotion your whole life, because while you might perform your duties very well, who wants to promote a woman who won’t “take care of herself”? Otherwise, you might well be reprimanded for not making enough effort to just be clean and hygienic, but pretty - your workplace probably has a “must appear neat and well-groomed” policy, and while that may just mean “don’t smell too bad and make sure your hair isn’t too greasy” for a man, for a woman, it’s entirely different.

The constant pressure to look, look, look good enough. If you don’t, then if you’re lucky, you’ll just be ignored, like you don’t even exist as a human being. Or people will feel free to point out that you’re not attractive and it’s your fault.

WITS Ireland is bashing "Invisible Woman" for not being "inclusive" of biological males by MezozoicGay in GenderCritical

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It’s the narcissist’s hat trick. “It’s wrong because you didn’t make it about me.”

“Um, I’m pretty sure that even by your own criteria, you were included.”

“But you didn’t make it SPECIFICALLY about me.”

WITS Ireland is bashing "Invisible Woman" for not being "inclusive" of biological males by MezozoicGay in GenderCritical

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They don’t have to read the book. If you asked them to, they’d respond that they’re under no obligation to do emotional labor for you.

I am concerned that superlative descriptions/tidal waves of acceptance and praise aimed at gender-special people is predatory and toxic for vulnerable children by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I can see your point.

Another way of looking at it is: when it comes to women, we are always fair game. With our appearance, we get criticized and scrutinized for growing older, like the passage of time is something that is our inalienable responsibility to prevent. We’re supposed to have children, if we don’t want to be seen as cold, heartless witches, but then we immediately have to lose the baby weight - otherwise we are fat, and it’s not okay to be fat. If we say too much, too loudly, we’re bitches; if we say too little, too softly, we’re asking to be abused; everything we say and do must be analyzed and ultimately proven negative.

But a TiM doesn’t have that problem to our extent. To be certain, he will be subjected to harsh words and vitriol like anyone else - but he will also have a massive cohort of handmaidens and TRAs out to declare, on the sole basis of his being a TIM, that he is beautiful, he is stunning, he is brave.

Take Meg Ryan. She got plastic surgery some years ago, and promptly disappeared from Hollywood, because it was judged by the magazines to be not good enough. Photos that were snapped of her afterward scrutinized her appearance, detailing the work she had had done, comparing to what she looked like before, and ultimately deciding that she had made a grave mistake - because, of course, who wants to see an actress who doesn’t meet some gossip rag’s standards? It seems to be a common practice towards public women - constantly point out some perceived flaw in their appearance, to the point where they feel the need to “correct” it, then criticize them into virtual retirement or eternal shame for “fixing the very thing that they were mocked for. But Jenner gets SRS and is lauded, without a second to spare, as gorgeous, lovely, perfect, wonderful, inspiring.

Women of colour are Masculine so we're the real racists says TRA Racist by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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This is yet another example of someone trying to be woke and just exposing how narrow-minded and racist they themselves really are.

Expressing how you’re soooooooooo progressive and woke by describing how WOC look alike and also resemble TiMs, what with their facial hair and strong jawlines, is simply such an astounding display of stupidity that I can’t really find anything to compare it to.

Detransitioners, society and gender non-conformity by aqrylix in GenderCritical

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I personally find it enraging that, right when it seemed like we were on the cusp of “gender roles, stereotypes, and beauty standards are bullshit” - not there yet, but almost, almost - the TRA movement kicks in and starts spouting off with “No, it’s not about acceptance of your body, it’s about changing your identity to fit an assumption of what you’re supposed to look like vis-a-vis what you actually look like.”

It feels like twenty or fifteen years ago, perhaps, we were just about to start accepting, as a society, that it was perfectly fine to be a woman and have a body that didn’t fit some ideal or cultural concept of “feminine”. That also went for your interests and behavior. Likewise, if you were a man and didn’t have features or tastes that were “masculine” enough for standards in the past, we were just about to accept that that was cool, too.

Then, TRAs came out in force, saying that all that was wrong. A woman’s “mannish” body and “masculine” interests didn’t mean that she didn’t give a shit about gender roles; it meant that she needed to accept that she was really a man. A man who lacked a muscular build and enjoyed traditionally “feminine” things didn’t mean that he, too, didn’t waste time on preconceived notions about gender; it meant that he had to accept that he was really supposed to be born in a woman’s body.

How is this progressive? How is this NOT setting us back as a society? How is telling people NOT to accept themselves somehow a positive change?

What happened to detrans? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Because they have to. TRAs speak with hyped-up emotion and untethered rage. Often, the best response is to keep your cool.

Really sick of porn/sex work apologizers by PurpleAmathea in GenderCritical

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I’ve been criticized for not supporting the legalization of prostitution. Keep in mind, I’ve never had prostitution defended to me by anyone who has ever actually done sex work or expressed any interest whatsoever in doing so.

The assumption is that we hate women who perform sex work, for the same reason conservative right-wingers do: they’re s***s, nasty, doing a thing women aren’t supposed to do (sex).

In fact, we do not hate women who perform sex work. I would venture to say that we are deeply upset by the fact that where prostitution is illegal, it is by and large the prostitutes who face prosecution, whereas their clients and even their pimps get off scot-free.

I believe that prostitution should remain illegal, but that no woman should be prosecuted for it, because - get this, libfems: look inside yourselves. Just like you don’t want to sell your body for sex, no one else does, either. No woman becomes a prostitute because she wants to. Anyone who exploits a woman in that way deserves punishment, not the woman herself.

TRAs support school shooter because he was targeting transaphobes by BrokenEarth in GenderCritical

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This is 100% no different from when incels sympathize with their ilk killing women. “Well, MAYBE he wouldn’t have done it if he wasn’t treated like shit by all you ungrateful, shallow, materialistic b****es in the first place.”

Inventing “discrimination” based on someone not giving you something you are not entitled to, and then reasoning that because you have not received it, all gloves are off.

Social Media Trends Indicate Rise in Gender Detransition During COVID-19 Lockdown by lairacunda in GenderCritical

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“ Gender non-conforming girls are also being increasingly erased from mainstream media, part of a trend of trans-ing any young GNC girl on television. Popular dramas such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Good Girls provide prime examples of this. The result is a lack of gender non-conforming role models for young girls and the increasing acceptance that transition is the only solution.”

Finally somebody fucking said it.

Social Media Trends Indicate Rise in Gender Detransition During COVID-19 Lockdown by lairacunda in GenderCritical

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It could theoretically be done, but TRAs regard any research into the field that doesn’t explicitly align with their dogma from the get-go as oppression and actively seek to shut it down. I can’t think of any other religion that has that kind of power, even extending into mainstream academia.

The man who ambushed and killed a female judge’s family was “A Man Going His Own Way” and militant MRA, with an active online misogynist presence and multiple lawsuits against things as trivial as “Ladies’ Nights” at bars by Complicated-Spirit in GenderCritical

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Yep. He was pissed because he didn’t feel he was giving him a big enough part/credit in the “movement”, IIRC.

A (Very Long) Letter to My Sisters: A Contextualized Response to The Appropriation of Black Womanhood in Trans Activism by eddyelric in GenderCritical

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Love it. I’ve always been struck by how the TRA movement tries to drive a wedge in feminism by divide-and-conquer: men (usually TiMs), who take it for granted that their words with be accepted as Gospel by women, tell black women that “You have more in common with us than them. They are against you. They always will be. We are your allies. Always choose us over them.”

By making feminism a game of white women on one side, and black and trans women on the other, they can create such problems within women’s ranks that they’re too busy arguing amongst themselves to notice the slow takeover of men into every sphere of their lives. On the one hand, black women are told “White women imposed femininity on you”; on the other, that same feminine stereotype - altered a bit by skin color and the drag queen’s personal taste, as mentioned in the article - is made out to be the “true” version of what a white woman, black woman, etc. really is.

German state bans burqas, niqabs in schools by blackrainbow in GenderCritical

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This. A nun is not a child. I don’t understand why sometimes I’ve seen children as young as toddlers in hijab. If the point is to make the female body less sexual to a man (the woman’s responsibility, of course, so she can take the blame if he assaults her), is that saying that even a child’s body is sexual, so long that it is female? It is that important to drive home to a girl child, from her earliest age, that she must cover her body to disallow men from seeing it - and if they do, it’s on her? That’s what’s fucked up.

JK Rowling book sales unaffected by transgender views row by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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I think they assumed they had the numbers, because they had the money, and thereby the clout. But then when they started screaming “BOYCOTT!!” and then turned around to look upon all their pitchfork-wielding followers, they were shocked to find a fraction of the crowd they expected.

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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I agree that privileged/upper class people never listen to those they consider lower class. It’s funny, because they’re always speaking for them. It’s the educated, Masters-Degree-Possessing libfems of both sexes who started telling women of all colors that their feminism wasn’t real feminism unless it included transwomen; who decided - with zero input or impetus from the Latino community - that the term “Latino” was passé, and needed to be replaced by “Latinx”, and also that “Latinx” needed to be explicitly acknowledged as a Latin adjective “for all genders”; that symbolic acts and gestures were more important than resolving pay gaps and reducing needless debts; that this art and architecture was good, and that art and architecture was bad (even if everyone else who actually had to live with it every day felt differently - what do those peasants know?); that it was their job to speak, and everyone else’s job to listen. Never the other way around, unless you were trying to get a photograph for a campaign mailer, in which case one could fake listening for a few seconds.

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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I can’t count the number of times I’ve had white males tell me that white male privilege applied to them, but not really, because of X, Y and/or Z.

“White male privilege doesn’t really apply to me because I’m on the spectrum. No, I’ve never gotten a formal diagnosis, but that’s just evidence of how disadvantaged I am.”

“White male privilege doesn’t really apply to me because while I look like a regular Western European white male and my name seemingly reflects that, I’m actually more Eastern European, with a strong Romani and Syro-Turkish background. My family denies it, but that’s just because of their shame due to internalized racism.”

“White male privilege doesn’t really apply to me, because while I am a white male, I am also queer. If you don’t know what ‘queer’ means to me, I’m under no obligation to define it to your bigoted ass. It can mean whatever I want. The fact that you seem to think that I’m bullshitting that white male privilege doesn’t really apply to me because I’m queer due to some ‘demand’ on your part that ‘queer’ meet some predetermined definition of your own choosing only goes to show how disadvantaged I really am.”

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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I feel like intersectional feminism sounds good on paper and was founded with good intentions, but has devolved into:

  1. The idea of: fuck white women. Seriously. More than once, I’ve seen commands for white women to sit down, shut up, and stay quiet by people speaking “on behalf” of all WOC. The idea that white women are privileged has extended to the idea that white women have it so good that they never even really needed feminism. They’re all racist, they’re all wealthy, they’re all Trump supporters, they’re all selfish, they’re all shallow, they’re all fake libfem “sex-positive” assholes who think nothing of throwing any WOC under the bus to prevent their kids from attending the same school as their own. White women went from “women who are still women, and thus subject to sexism and the female experience, but also possess white privilege” to “human garbage universally deserving of hatred and derision”. White women who attempt to speak on feminism often find themselves reminded not to do so because they’re white - the fact that they’re women is irrelevant.

  2. The focus on TiMs as “women” has pushed whatever focus there may have been on WOC out of the spotlight and instead, has made what was supposed to be a feminism that recognized WOC, a false feminism that glorified black TiMs and couldn’t be bothered to remember that WOC actually exist. When “intersectional feminism” met BLM, the result wasn’t “Black Women’s Lives Matter”, and there is little-to-no recognition of lesbian, bisexual, or asexual WOC in either the BLM, intersectional feminism, or Pride movements - instead, it’s simply “Black Trans Lives Matter”, and by Black Trans Lives, they mean Black TiM lives. Every discussion on WOC or feminism in general seems to be derailed to “But what about transwomen, why aren’t you including them?” and when it gets pointed out that, say, a talk on menstruation taboos doesn’t really have a way of explicitly including TiMs in a way that they can provide their own experiences to the group in a way that is truly relatable to females, we get smugly reminded that we’re not being “intersectional” enough. “Fuck white women” includes shutting white women down for not being WOC, and for not being trans.

  3. It goes with the assumption that anything criticizing Islam as a religion, and not Muslims as a people, is “Islamophobic”. Yes, Christianity and Judaism are old-fashioned, oppressive belief systems, but Islam, we’re told, is liberating for women, because Islamic leaders tell us it is. A Christian woman who covers her hair during Holy Week is giving in to patriarchal oppression (and is probably white too, so fuck her), but a Muslim woman who wears hijab is “empowered”. How does this relate to intersectional feminism? In intersectional feminism, we can tell our stories of how our religious upbringing has held us back - and only if it has held us back, since if someone has had a positive experience of Christianity or Judaism is going against the narrative, which is that those religions are dominant, and thus always oppressive and monolithic by their nature. But in Islam, the narrative switches back: one can only have a positive view of it. The same requirements that were perceived as repressive and backwards in other faiths, even taken to a further extreme in Islam, are now represented as being progressive and pro-women. It’s an inherently dishonest and internally illogical way of reasoning.

RESEARCH: Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in 'Virtuous Victim Signaling,' Says Study by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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It’s also noticeable - at least to me - that this type of “activism” is rife with doing nothing but seeking praise and validation from others for your own, rather mediocre, accomplishments.

The vast majority of virtue signalers online do exactly nothing but sit in front on a computer all day and call other people out for not doing enough for their own chosen cause. That’s why they’re constantly doxxing others after accusing them of transphobia, racism, Islamophobia, pedophilia, etc. on the absolute flimsiest of evidence, if it could be considered “evidence” at all. Often, that evidence is simply, “If you weren’t (oppressive person), you’d be doing more.” When pressed for precisely what they’re doing besides non-stop complaining about how others aren’t doing enough, they fly into a rage, and say that they’ve “fought XYZ all their life” and they’re “non-binary”, and that puts them on the worst possible level on the Ladder of Oppression, and that they’ve done more to help the state of the world by sharing articles on social media every day about their pet project than you ever will, you horrible piece of garbage.

The fact is, they think they really are a hero for everything they’ve “done” and “gone through”, even if everything they’ve “done” is just complain about other people and click “share to Facebook” after reading no further than an article’s headline - that alone makes them society’s savior. And they really do think they’ve “been through” so much, because they link every negative experience they have in their life to some form of discrimination-based oppression, that is directed at them personally. Narcissists cannot take responsibility for the negative consequences of their own actions, so that responsibility must be foisted onto others. If they get evicted from their apartment, it must be because they are X and landlord must hate X people, not because they treated the place like a dumpster and didn’t pay rent. If they are refused service at a restaurant, it must be because they are Y and restaurant’s owners and employees hate Y people, not because they showed up after closing and rudely demanded to be served anyway. Nothing can ever be their fault.

JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood are among the signatories to a controversial open letter warning that the spread of “censoriousness” is leading to “an intolerance of opposing views” and “a vogue for public shaming and ostracism”. by venecia in GenderCritical

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Already multiple sites are posting counter articles, arguing that cancel culture is virtuous because it gets bad people to shut up for good and shows even celebrities that there are consequences for speaking out of line.

It’s all, “Of course, we need and should value open debate and dissenting opinions. But what if those opinions are wrong? Then we should, of course, exercise our own right to silence those people. Just as they have a right to enjoy the consequences of their wrong thoughts, once expressed, we, as a morally superior society, have the right to enforce those consequences on them.”

Why do tras always act like not agreeing with their ideology is "denying trans people human rights " by TheSeventhSense in GenderCritical

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This drives me fucking insane too. It seems whenever a news story comes up about a celebrity calling TRAs out on their bullshit or “No, you can’t transition prepubescent children” law comes up, some self-righteous idiot types up an article about how “Trans People Have the Right to Exist”. one said they didn’t? There’s a distinct difference between “Women have the right to determine who may or may not be permitted in their spaces” and “Women want TIP dead”. But they don’t see it that way. Any time they don’t get exactly what they want, it’s oppression of the worst variety. They will, without hesitation and with full sincerity, compare themselves to the victims of the most horrifying historical crimes against humanity, and not have the basic awareness to see that “genocide” and “being called ‘sir’” are not on the same level.

Liberal feminism: the most shallow feminism ever by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I remember popular ‘90s-‘00s feminism growing up, and it honestly scared me.

Feminism back then was about making WIVES and MOTHERS’ lives easier, along with a healthy dose of “It’s FEMINIST to be SEXY!”. The corporate world had gotten involved, and now a woman was liberated when she got vacuum cleaners and dusters that made housekeeping all the simpler; bleach that made fabrics that much whiter; lingerie that said that just because you’ve given birth doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look “tantalizing” to your husband.

Women weren’t promised equal pay or promotions at work, but we WERE promised on-site daycare facilities at the office for “working moms” and the promise of ever-shorter skirts to wear with our business casual clothes. Feminism was about quick and easy dinners to make for our families. Feminism was about sitcoms that either detailed the lives of a good-looking mom and her lazy-ass, lovable husband that she loved despite his faults, or a single woman who just wanted marriage and a baby, whether she knew it or not.

I didn’t like that “feminism” because it was sold as so “liberating” and “free” and “for women”, but it was just gender roles dressed up in corporate power suits. How come no one was building daycares for working dads? How come men didn’t have sexy boxer stores? How come dads didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner and cleaning house? Why weren’t these ever men’s problems?

And for God’s sake, why did I have to get married and have kids? I didn’t like kids. I didn’t trust men. Was I abnormal? Did I need to see a therapist? (Two people - one a medical professional - thought so.) But that was feminism: marriage and children were for women, so that must be what this newfangled “feminism” is, repackaged by corporate sponsors eager to ensure a steady stream of revenue from Christmas toy shoppers, dieting aids and Swiffer products.

Gender Critical and Atheism by -thedarkhorse- in GenderCritical

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I am Christian. Anglo-Catholic. I remind myself what my priest once told me: “Jesus trumps Paul [the Apostle]. Jesus was God. Paul was a servant of God. Jesus was the Word. Paul was a guy with an opinion.”

Personally, trans ideology resembles the worst failures of religion to me, because it IS a religion - and the worst variety: a cult. Don’t question. Don’t read those books. Don’t talk to those people. If they don’t agree with you, cut them off. Only listen to us.

But they also represent the worst streams in that they try to insert their movement’s tentacles as far as they can into politics and even to influence science. My priest and I are both in agreement that Christians trying to get into heaven by banning gay marriage on the political level, for example, is not only a waste of time, but it’s only going to bite them in the ass in the end. How exactly are they going to “win souls” by forcing people who AREN’T their religion to follow its rules anyway? Do these “Religious Right” people think that if they ban gay people from marrying each other, all the gay couples are just gonna be like “Whelp, guess we don’t have a choice anymore, let’s just march en masse down to the River Jordan and get baptized”? No, because that’s stupid. They’re just going to resent you even more. And they - the Religious Right - are aware of that, which means that this isn’t about religion at all - it’s a power play, plain and simple.

Same thing with TRA. They want into our bathrooms, saunas, etc. and to dictate our language and even our own bodies and how we can talk about them to us because they want to lord their victories and self-validation over us. Just like some televangelist with a ten-million-dollar jet will cry about “anti-Christian persecution” when he’s forced to pay taxes for his mansion, a TiM will scream “BIGOTRY” when he is denied a genital waxing service from a females-only salon.

Likewise, science itself is seen as an oppressor that must be silenced. “Either you teach creationism or admit you’re biased!” How is that any different from “Either start telling people that sex is a mere arbitrary designation applied at birth for no reason or admit you’re a bigot!” In fact, TRAs are worse in that respect, because while universities can research evolution free of harassment, they can’t examine the psychological causes of dysphoria, detransitioners, etc. with TRAs shutting it down.

Lastly, shit religious expression concerns itself with, well, shit. The “Religious Right” in the US has somehow talked itself into believing that no one gets to be a friend of Jesus unless they actively support the rich, oppose feeding the hungry, deny climate change, are explicitly racist, and are willing to look the other way at sexual perversion on the part of men. Charity, compassion, self-restraint - posh on all that. Meanwhile, TRAs insist they’re just out to help people with dysphoria, but actively oppose any attempts to do so outside of their “transition or suicide” dogma, demand central focus in feminism and even in racial justice concerns, force their way into women’s spaces, demand the policing of language, openly support cancel culture against female victims of violence and WOC, defend pedophiles and rapists if they claim to be one of their goes on and on.

GC's Peak Trans, archived by NDG in GenderCritical

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If I had time, I’d go through and count exactl how many stories are in here. This isn’t the only place where “peak trans” stories were shared. And it’s important because it’s peaking - it’s not “I’ve always been gender-critical; here’s why.” You could write volumes that would fill an old encyclopedia set or a law-school library of all the times people finally found out that TRA ideology is crap.

r/LGBDroptheT is now kaput by Complicated-Spirit in GenderCritical

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Aha! It either disappeared momentarily or went private. When I checked on it earlier it had gone down and empty. Now it’s back up. 🤷‍♀️ Not gonna ask questions, just gonna be happy it’s still there.

r/LGBDroptheT is now kaput by Complicated-Spirit in GenderCritical

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When I went to my comments, it was there, but when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. It came up as 0 members.

Male takes female spot in election, petition yanked for being transphobic by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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He’s a man because he said “suck my girldick” and it’s okay. Funny, how men can get away with that.

How can ANYONE with their head screwed on correctly make excuses for an active politician making a PUBLIC STATEMENT openly stating that anyone who doesn’t agree with them can suck their dick??? How is that NOT a male statement???? Yet he’s sooooooooo oppressed, so many people fought for his precious, innocent, brave and beautiful ass to get this petition taken down so he can he can bravely continue to tell people to suck his girldick.

I hate the world so fucking much.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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It goes along with the idea that “woman” is a category, whereas “man” is a person. A person can think independently; a category cannot, since categories are blocks of groupthink.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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I have to wonder if it’s why TRAs are trying to shift BLM towards “Black Trans Lives”. First it was black men, now it’s Black Trans Lives (and let’s be honest with ourselves, that means black TIMs). It’s black TIMs and white people working in tandem: TIMs, because all social movements must be shifted to focus on them; white people, because focusing on TIP at the expense of actual women is kind of their thing, and also because removing the focus from black women and putting it on black TIM - that is, taking it from a person they will encounter regularly to a person they will hardly encounter, if at all, and can thus think of in practically abstract, mythical terms - allows them to maintain their internalized misogyny and racism against black women while at the same time patting themselves on the back for being so damn progressive and on the right side of history.

Basically, “progressive liberal” white people are all over BLM shifting to Black Trans Lives because they don’t perceive black TIP as posing a threat to them. Black TIP are people that exist only just barely beyond a hypothetical idea; black women, on the other hand, are seen and encountered daily. They’ll never admit it, but those self-righteous libfem white people DO find those black women a threat, seemingly so omnipresent and reminding them of the racism they feel brewing inside whenever they see one, so they shift their focus away from black women and towards something they feel “safer” about, since what they’re throwing their support behind has a near-zero percent chance of encroaching on their spaces.

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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There’s also the assumption, believed in by governments across ages despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that “If we silence voices, thoughts will go away.”

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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A Jewish friend of mine (keeping in mind that Judaism is a HIGHLY varied religion) said that in his denomination, you have to read opposing viewpoints and even question your faith at some time, because to simply believe blindly is no faith at all, even if - especially if - it’s a passionate faith, because it’s based on pride rather than conviction. I’m not Jewish myself, but I thought it was an outstandingly good point.

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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I’ve come across it number times. Third Way Trans mentioned it before as well IIRC. There’s this sort of “protective gatekeeping” groupthink, especially from older TIPs towards younger, newer ones - “If it makes you question your trans identity, DON’T read it. It’s wrong. Trust us.” Even if it’s something like, “If the antidepressant/anti-anxiety drug you’ve been prescribed and/or therapy is relieving your dysphoria and you no longer feel like you may be trans, then stop taking them/stop seeing that therapist. They’re undermining your real identity.” It all comes back to “Only listen to us. We will report back to you what other people are saying. You don’t need to find out for yourself.”

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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I love how they're always saying we "promote hatred". Yeah, we're the ones always threatening to kill them if they don't agree with us, doxxing them, trying to get them fired from their jobs, and sending out mass messages telling people to kill themselves.....Oh wait, that's what they did to us.

We were the ones that were like, "Look, a man can wear a dress if he wants, a woman can shave her head if she wants. Because gender is bullshit. Stereotypes are bullshit. Your clothes don't determine your sex; your body does. Break through the idea that you have to have a body to match a particular stereotypical behavior." I can't think of a single instance in which we stalked, threatened, or harassed people. But yeah, we're the haters, hardcore.

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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It really is interesting to look back on. I know in my case, I was just told that being "transphobic" was bad. If someone said that transwomen were not women, than it was my moral and social obligation to silence them. It really is something people just assume without thinking, because they're taught that. Looking back, there was really never any arguments as to why transgender ideology was correct; it just was - full stop. Only in GC and related gender critical and radfem groups, sites, and areas have I been able to find legitimate, well-thought out, reasonable arguments for how transgender ideology is more full of holes than Swiss cheese. Then when you compare it to whatever TRAs are saying, they're all just spouting threats, calling names, saying they're going to get you fired/canceled/exposed, that you deserve to be raped, killed, you should kys, you're a shit person, etc. They say "But science!" and you respond with, "Okay, what science?" and then either give you this really long-winded, self-referencing interpretation of a poorly-done study or simply say "Everyone knows science, I don't have to tell you". It's similar to how under brutal Communist regimes or in North Korea, you were/are allowed to be taught one version of reality: the Communist/Kim version. This was done in the hope that you simply would never become aware of any other way of thinking, or that it would never occur to you to question it. If and when you did so, the response by the authorities wasn't to sit down and have a reasonable discussion or friendly debate with you. It was to intimidate, silence, and suppress you. Other things I was taught, I was taught to reason out and understand: Why feminism? Why separation of church and state? Why anti-racism? This was all explained to me. Transgender ideology is never explained to you. It's just given to you, and you have to accept it or else.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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They're already starting. More than once I've witnessed a white person self-righteously lecture a POC on how whatever that POC is saying is "racist" against POC, for obviously no other reason than virtue-signaling. I really believe the vast majority of unabashed, lip-service "support" for TRAs from white activists is the same thing.

I am a Pakistani woman who has been victimized by men my entire life. GenderCritical was my refuge. AMA by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I’ll bet. /s

I am a Pakistani woman who has been victimized by men my entire life. GenderCritical was my refuge. AMA by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Not necessarily. But I don’t think radfeminism and Islamism are in any way compatible.

Transmaxxing manifesto by vintologi_eu in GenderCritical

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Fuck. It’s like someone added the next chapter of the Incel Handbook.

“Chapter 19: Becoming A Girl: Why and How?

Sections: - The Widespread Occurrence and Appeal of Autogynephilia - Hiding Autogynephilia Under the Aegis of Transgenderism - Improvements in Masturbation - Lying to Doctors - Bodily Changes - Hormonal Developments - Remaining Faithful to Incel Truth”

I felt nauseated just starting it.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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Email written!

“Your definition of “transwoman” is blatantly false, and based on information that is both scientifically and observationally inaccurate. The correct definition should be: “1. A biologically male person who identifies as female. 2. A biologically male person who has undergone sexual reassignment to present a typically female phenotype.” Sex is not “assigned at birth” arbitrarily. Your current definition is an insult to women, men, science, medicine, and fact.“

Reddit says radical feminism is hate speech. by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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Is it still active? I’m not sure what it means when a sub goes private.

I am a Pakistani woman who has been victimized by men my entire life. GenderCritical was my refuge. AMA by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Is the Jewish population in Pakistan large enough to warrant Jewish males in particular the issue that drives women’s oppression in Pakistan?

Question from a local Saiditor: Why is it that trans-women (men) continue to receive public support from Reddit, YouTube, and general social media? by Tom_Bombadil in GenderCritical

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TIM are men. The people opposing their identification as women, entry into women-only spaces and discussions, etc. are women. The people supporting their integration and groveling are their feet are also, generally speaking, women, but more gender-ideologically aligned, obviously. When I speak of “women” in the rest of this post, I mean the latter.

As men, TIM are socially conditioned to be aggressive and demand what they want. Scientific studies have also shown multiple times that over half of TIMs have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is evidenced by a firm sense of self-importance and entitlement from others, as well as a well-honed ability to manipulate other people - emotionally, through threats, creating or taking advantage of an imbalance of power, etc. - to get their desires fulfilled.

Women, on the other hand, are socially conditioned to be submissive and pleasing towards others, to be “peacemakers” whose ultimate purpose is to make other people happy, especially people who claim to be unhappy. The more aggressive (i.e., man-like) they are, the more a woman feels compelled to appease them.

When a TIM demands something, such as access to a woman’s space, he does so aggressively and persistently, and also manipulates women by playing on their emotions in order to represent himself as “wronged” by not getting what he wants - a typical NPD tactic. The women who are taken in by this are motivated not only to help someone who is doing his best to appear as the oppressed party, but also because they feel that it’s their job to soothe his ruffled feathers, make him feel better, and stand up for him.

For all intents and purposes, he is still behaving like a stereotypical, culturally-trained man, and she is still behaving like a stereotypical, culturally-trained woman.

So RIP the Subreddit that saved me from being trans. by blahblahgcer in GenderCritical

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I remember hearing this too. I went through a period in early high school (y’know, puberty) in which I questioned my sexuality, and this was still in the fairly early days of the internet being widely available, so when I’d search for info on how to know if I’m gay or straight or bi or whatever, trans would often pop up as well.

I think just about every kid in America, post-2000 or so, has asked themselves at some point during puberty, “Am I gay?” and increasingly, “Am I trans?” One key difference, looking back, is that oftentimes kids would think they were gay because “I saw someone of my own sex at school and thought they were good-looking” and basically panic. Or they’d have a homoerotic dream. They’d never thought of themselves as gay before, had only ever been attracted to the opposite sex, but now we’re worried that basically, they were either turning gay or were gay all along and just didn’t know. And gay people would tell them, “RELAX, that doesn’t make you gay. Especially if you’ve already been heterosexual since forever.” But the early trans forums said the same as above - “If you’ve ever wondered if you’re trans, then you’re trans.” Sooooo many curious kids - I venture to say most, or even all of them - have wondered if they’re trans. And now they’re being told BAM! - so you are. And these people who are “guiding these young lives” think they’re “helping” them.