Hoping to help make this site a better place. by ezra in Introductions

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Welcome, fellow n00b!

I'm a fellow cat person as well. :)

The Mueller Report Is In. They Were Wrong. We Were Right. - Caitlin Johnstone by fred_red_beans in politics

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Barr's 4 page summation of the report definitely paints a picture of it being political theater, but the actual report is still yet to be released. Any conjecture as to what it contains at this point is not actually based on the report itself. Everyone should bear that in mind before doing any endzone dances or funeral processions.

Can someone explain Beto O’Rourke’s appeal to me? by cmdrrockawesome in politics

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I'm very much on the left and I don't quite get it either. I think people respond to him mainly because he eschews Big Money, and is of a younger generation. Personally I think he's a pretty classically center-left Dem and fairly run-of-the-mill in that respect. Juxtaposed with Cruz, though, and considering he actually gave Cruz a race, Beto comes off in the media as quite the shiny new penny. Personally, though, I think he's a bit of a Biden 2.0 in the making.