Would a hydrogen burner be more efficient than an electric stove? by happysmash27 in Hydrogen

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Would hydrogen stoves be more efficient though? What if the hydrogen is generated from electricity? Would it be more efficient or less efficient than a pure electric stove? What if the electricity was converted to hydrogen for storage anyway?

Great questions, some answers can be found by reading the studies done for the H21 Leeds Citygate Project in the UK from Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks H21 Leeds Citygate Project: The H21 Leeds Citygas project is a study with the aim of determining the feasibility, from both a technical and economic viewpoint, of converting the existing natural gas network in Leeds, one of the largest UK cities, to 100% hydrogen.

382 page study (PDF)

It is interesting to note that before the North Sea Natural Gas fields came online in the 1960's, Britain used "Town Gas" which was ~50% hydrogen.

Japan to power fishing boats with Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cells by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Their whaling policy is terrible and should have been stopped years and years ago. Many Japanese people do not endorse this despicable industry. Meanwhile, US Drones hover over cities in the Middle East, sometimes dropping bombs on wedding parties and/or funerals.