5 y.o. girl allegedly assaulted in girls bathroom at school by 5 y.o. boy by malleus_maleficarum in GenderCritical

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In my kindergarden the bathrooms were just a row of mini toilets with no stalls and we all went together with a teacher supervision. maybe two sexes went in separately, maybe not, I have no memory of the peeing arrangement because at that age it doesn't really matter (I remember the hand washing part, tough). Beside that, adults should be really careful before pushing sexual (or gender) narratives on children too young to understand sex or assault. But even if the actual incident here was less problematic than it seems, the school should have foreseen that by forcing weird gender dynamics into the equation, it's just a matter of some bad leading questions from concerned parents to their clueless child (what is the trans kid doing in your bathroom, did he watch you, did he touch you?) to turn things very ugly, very quickly, for everyone involved.

Have you seen this sub on Reddit? by respectmyidentity in GenderCritical

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This is terrifying and I'm sorry for everyone who has been dealing with this shit from the front line.
As a clueless male redditor, I never had to deal with the MRA and abuse fetish side of Reddit, or understood its breadth and influence. I've got the first glimpse of it yesterday, when most of the users celebrating GC ban on non-american subreddits turned out to be MRA (cute, they even pretended to care about transphobia before they moved to quoting male suicide statistics and other "men are oppressed" facts)
I quit Reddit when I finally realized that GC purge wasn't simply Reddit acting wokestupid, they selectively targeted feminist content while preserving women abusers and their hateful, coordinated campaigns.

On the bright side, you were the only demographic on reddit that managed to get threats of terf-punching by Bernie Bros, while being accused of reverse-oppression by the Alt right, and that has to be a badge of sanity. Keep up the fight, I hope you will recover from this.