CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About Russia-Ukraine Activity by Drewski in Antiwar

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The elites will diabolically use viruses to kill off the 99%.

The oligarchs will use viruses to close borders, shut churches, close gun stores, kill the economy, make Americans dependent on welfare, and increase corporate bailouts and subsidies.

The globalists could invent a virus that kills people while having a vaccine that gives the ruling powers immunity.

The ruling class will use vaccines that will either kill the 99% directly or cause paralysis, blindness, or infertility and contain microchips.

The elites will use virus mutation scare tactics to force or bribe people to get immunization booster shots with upgrades forever.

The globalists have stumbled on a perfect plan to reduce the population without resistance or needing to use concentration camps, gas chambers, or killing fields.

seo business by whotsite in books

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If you think that the world will end this year, what do you say when you see a new building and new bridge being built in your town?

Blockchain Development Company by virat_shah in technology

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Life is cheap in a police state.

The government just kills you and steals your property.

Living in a police state turns your heart ice cold because there are no morals and no churches.

You become an animal in a police state because you have no rights.

Americans said DWI checkpoints would lead to concentration camps are now here we are.

Americans walk around wearing Mao suits and giving Nazi salutes today thinking that suicides, alcoholism, drugs, homelessness, illegal immigrants, immorality, Obamacare, wars, debt, church closures, martial law, lockdowns, business shutdowns, nationalized companies, cancelled elections, cancelled trials, closed borders, arrests of reporters, lawyers, priests, mandatory fingerprint collection, DUI laws, checkpoints, seatbelt laws, car liability insurance laws, neighborhood watch groups, "get tough on crime" politicians, laws allowing mandatory minimums, IMBRA, 3 strikes laws, curfews, police militarization, teen boot camps, school metal detectors, private prisons, chain gangs, nanny state laws, the Patriot Act, NSA wiretapping, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, Jade Helm, sneak and peek warrants, policing for profit, no refusal blood checkpoints, license plate readers, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, tattoo databases, gun bans, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, CISPA, SOPA, private prison quotas, supermax prisons, FOSTA, sex offender registration laws, and sex offender restriction laws are just fine.

Watering your lawn and not watering your lawn are illegal, and Americans scream that you must obey the law.

Americans want straws to be illegal, vaccines to be mandatory, the police to be abolished, bail to be ended, prisons opened, and everyone who goes outside to be arrested while calling anyone who loves freedom a nutjob.

In a free country, you could make plans, improve yourself, go to college, start a business, or go to Miami.

In a police state, there is nothing and no hope.

No one wants to have a family in a police state because what kind of life is this? In a police state, everyone is punished for the crimes of one family member.

American travelers used to wonder why people in the 3rd world never call the police, but now you know why. In a police state, the police want to get rid of problems and those who call the police are the problem.

People used to think that Tim McVeigh, Unabomber, Christopher Dorner, the IRS pilot, and Killdozer were crazy, but maybe those who resisted tyranny were just ahead of their time. - extract the text from the website by [deleted] in Internet

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A Nazi country would look like Disneyland with everything illegal.

A Communist country would look like North Korea.

A Libertarian country would look like Topeka in 1950.

An Anarchist country would look like MadMax.

April 15, 2021 | Headlines by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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Living in a police state makes your heart ice cold.

Living in a police state turns you into a beast.

What the demise of Quilliam teaches us about Britain and Islam, by Douglas Murray. The Islamists were pleased because for the 14 years since its founding Quilliam has been the most prominent Muslim-run organisation arguing for a progressive, non-Islamist Islam. by Chipit in WorldNews

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We'll all be living in caves after everything is outlawed, but then you can be sure that living in caves will soon be banned in order to protect endangered bats.

Paw Patrol Replaces Chase The Cop With Karl The Antifa Rioter by zyxzevn in funny

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Everything the elites want is the wrong answer.

The US compromise is more tyranny.

Americans don't want more liberty. Americans want solar power AND oil to be banned.

Americans want everyone to have an ID to vote AND buy a gun.

Americans don't just ban Antifa. Americans ban Antifa AND the KKK.

The ruling powers close the border, but allow illegal immigrants to enter.

Americans ban businesses, outlaw straws, legalize theft and murder, and abolish the police.

The elites support NSA wiretapping and CIA torture, but want homosexuality and drugs to be legal.

Americans want regulations, but lower standards so that everyone can graduate from college.

Wars should be ended, but wars continue.

Debt should be reduced, but the debt grows.

The Bill of Rights should be restored, but the tyranny increases.

Chelsea Clinton Demands for Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson Over Viral COVID-19 Video by scrubking in censorship

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Maybe the best you can hope for this year is that vaccines and virus testing aren't mandatory, guns are not banned, cash is not banned, and the stock market does not crash.

Knowing what to do is difficult.

The US collapse is guaranteed, but if you run for the hills today then you might look like a fool.

If you an attack a government
building, you'll be arrested or killed and be portrayed as a nutjob.

You can't organize because of NSA wiretapping.

Maybe the best you can do now is buy guns, ammo, food, and a sailboat or move to a small white town in South Dakota.

You will know that the collapse is real and that you waited too long when the towns get walled off, the Internet is shut down, and the Gestapo break down your door to drag you off to the concentration camps.