interesting article "The Census Has Revealed A More Multiracial U.S. One Reason? Cheaper DNA Tests" by Girondin in debatealtright

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I've long recommended identifying as non-white on censuses, especially if you actually have known non-white ancestry and can feasibly get away with it.

They want the official White numbers as high as possible, which is why they fudge how MENAs and Hispanics are raced. We want the opposite of what they do in practically every case—we want the official White number as low as possible. Don't play their game by allowing everyone to believe that the population is more White than it actually is. It is a total advantage for our enemies and a total disadvantage for us. The battlefield needs to be taken to 'death ground', i.e. to the corner from which we cannot escape without fighting and winning. It's better to reach that sooner rather than later when their forces are even stronger. White minoritization/majority-minority status is when death ground is reached, and they're going to delay announcing this for as long as they possibly can.

MartinezPerspective joins Politically Provoked by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Aren't you a Keith Woods/Joel Davis fan? I know who I stand with comparing Martinez to KW... it sure isn't KW.

JD and the people around him like Tyler Hamilton I appreciate intellectually, but I don't view them as doing anything practical whatsoever other than releasing occasional writings like the journal they're working on together. Even then, if these writings can't convert academics (they're useless for layman audiences, who couldn't possibly understand or care what the hell the likes of Deleuze had to say), these things are fruitless as well. A lot of what content creators are doing indicates that they've reached a dead end—unable to resolve the issues of our time because the System itself is vastly more powerful than all of us combined, they're looking into philosophy in the hope of finding answers. The DR attracts a lot of philosophy students, probably because people who think independently are going to be attracted to both things. The number of graduates in other fields put together probably don't exceed the number of philosophy graduates alone.

There certainly are some odd things about Martinez's past though. He went through a job in media that required him to be anti-Zionist/pro-Iran and then found his way to WN after he realized the hypocrisy of these 'anti-war' people who were essentially Chomskyite Leftist types who only opposed Western wars while being ambivalent to if not outright defensive of wars launched by non-whites. Some people think his Omegle trolling is weird, but it's popular and bringing people over. You know you're getting the message out when random Omegle users are like: "Hey! You're that Martinez guy on Telegram! I'm your fan!"

76% of Americans say the declining white population is either "not bad" or "good" for society by peaceful in debatealtright

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These people are going to be in for a rude awakening over the coming years. If they seriously think that they can maintain a first-world country with a Brazilian population comprised increasingly of retarded brown pansexual trannies on puberty blockers, they're grossly mistaken. Man... is this is going to be an 'I told you so' moment... except extended across a very long time period, and I'm going to be so smug for years when all of these worthless fuckers are constantly crying out: "What went wrong!?" Shit be upon every last one of them. Their tears are going to be delicious. So many of them will change their mind right after it's too late.

Step aside Weimar Republic, step aside Sodom and Gomorrah. You've got nothing on what's coming. The latter half of this century is probably going to be the most destructive time in the history of this species. If anything is out there in the cosmos watching us, I'd advise them that they'd better get their popcorn ready, because they haven't seen anything yet.

I'll probably be hate-watching this 'Q-Force' shit soon, enjoying the sheer spectacle of just how the absolute fuck 'entertainment' stooped this low. Episode one is out September 1.

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Yeah, given that Martinez has been banned from YouTube, is banned from the EU on BitChute, and banned totally from the social media sites...

He's the only content creator I keep track of at the moment. Cultured Thug is just one of those ideologues who engage in purity spiraling over fascist ideology. These guys preoccupy themselves with interpreting the works of fascist philosophers or something, and then attacking others who haven't read it, while Martinez raises money for Whites in South Africa.

I don't even like the fascist label because I view it as essentially 'nationalism+social democracy', and I have far too many objections to what I view as neither really a rejection of Leftism nor modernity. So I do not really care as much for people like CT, Zoltanous and others in their general circle, who want to build some kind of Brazilian Integralist-style multiracial party to attempt saving America by using fascism as a purifying, uniting ideology with which they'd wipe out the pozz if they came to power. Seems pointless to me. They aren't going to be elected because deracinating fascism in the eyes of the masses is practically impossible—they already associate it too much with worse taboos like 'racism', etc. for it to simply be disassociated. And America is shit and should have long died off like the other proposition nations like the USSR/Yugoslavia already. Why keep it alive when it already has a totally Brazilianized demographic underneath the age of 18 or so, and is condemned to become an Anglophone Brazil complete with all the horrors that entails?

Focus on secession movements, community building, raising resources, etc. The Anglo-Brazilian state will try to prevent Whites from exercising their freedom to disassociate with non-whites and cease tolerating the pozz, but it's a better gambit than entryism or new parties. They can't 'Waco' everyone if there are enough people who call quits. At that point, they'll have no choice but to resort to full-blown mass murder if they want to prevent the formation of ethnostates.

Mental health professionals will be dispatched to 911 calls in Chicago instead of cops following defund the police protests - as gang members now outnumber officers ten to one amid mass exodus from the force by [deleted] in debatealtright

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What happens when the first 'mental health professional' (remember back when they were talking about replacing police with councillors?) gets shanked by some of that Chicongan 'diversity'? They're going to have to get the bag of excuses ready, because they'll soon be needing to pull out more than a few. I think I've got a few ready: 'systemic racism' and 'wrong place at the wrong time'.

Cops resigning is always good. Every American cop should resign. Go into private security and stop serving this morally bankrupt state. Far-Left extremists and 'minorities' will then become emboldened to again seize huge swathes of places like Portland and begin trying to expand their hilarious 'autonomous zones'. Why chance your life trying to contain these lumpen filth when they absolutely hate you and think you're literally a fascist? We'll get more of those hilarious videos of the CHAZzers trying to farm again. Or that video where they pulled down a statue only to seriously injure or kill one of their own people underneath it. Or where these self-styled 'anti-capitalist revolutionaries' were lifting the barricades around the CHAZ to let in an... Amazon delivery vehicle. Or where the left-libertarian oil driller Garrett Foster fired indiscriminately into the back of a car only to be gunned down by its driver, only for the same people yelling out 'Fuck the Police!' to immediately scream out 'Call the police!'. More child molesters and domestic abusers bite the dust, like those who Saint Kyle bagged that fine day. Pure, unadulterated Clown World. As an aside, anyone know what happened to that 'Raz' guy, from the CHAZ?

Let's speculate by DisastrousDepth14 in debatealtright

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China loves the J's. There are literally books in China with names that hilariously translate to things like 'How to make money like a Jew'. What they've done is taken the 'stereotypes' about J's (money-grubbing, etc.) but bizarrely interpreted them in a positive light. This is probably also why the only well-known non-Chinese CCP members were J's, like Rittenburg and Epstein. That being said, it's hard to see Xi as working towards some sort of long-term plan with them. However, he's almost certainly still a believer in Marxism, or at the very least feigning a more dogmatic approach in order to sideline more 'pragmatic' opponents. The cult of Mao, for example, has made a comeback, despite his comparative repudiation by Deng and the other pre-Xi leaders. Admittedly, more positive things like nationalism, Buddhism and Confucianism have also made comebacks, but when such groups emerge that become powerful enough to threaten the CCP like the Falun Gong or Eastern Lightning (there was also a neo-Maoist party that received similar treatment), they are dealt with in horrific ways.

China is just a few decades behind the West in terms of the pozz. On some issues like feminism they're about the same or perhaps slightly worse, though they're less pozzed on alphabetism and genderfluidity. However, years ago I heard that some in the CCP were beginning to problematize feminism, but I heard nothing more about whether they actually made moves to reverse it. Racial discrimination laws are also building up in China because the CCP wants to force diversity on the masses around as much as the Left-liberal 'elites' in the West are. Most of the Chinese I met, yes, those fresh off the boat in the West, fit the 'smartphone zombie' stereotype to a tee. Very self-absorbed, though also very cliquish and reluctant to work with racial outsiders when required to work with other people. So, atomization is indeed impacting them, but perhaps not in ways that lead to racial egalitarianism, out-group preference, ethnomasochism and similar nonsense, too.

Chinese rightists (who are generally called 'leftists' because of China's warped political spectrum where liberalism is 'right' and nationalism, Confucianism and other more conservative ideologies are 'left') hate the CCP with a passion. They've pretty much trashed all of China's history in the name of 'progress'. They've commodified much of what's left of it, for example, only rebuilding parts of the Great Wall where tourists were likely to visit and leaving the rest to rot. In spite of all this, Xi farcically labelled the CCP the greatest defenders of China's traditions or something similarly outrageous.

My own view is that China will rapidly occupy/install puppet governments in most of Asia after some point arrives in which it is widely recognized that China has become the conclusive world power while America is simply seen by the world as another Brazil and is thus harmless again. The world will make a bit of noise but most states will be indifferent. Many states are already practically their allies/puppets, although their influence sometimes declines when pro-liberal/Western factions retake a few areas like Sri Lanka and the Maldives. There are already majority Chinese cities in Cambodia, for example. If they occupy countries like Russia/Australia/NZ, I suspect they will wipe out their non-Asian inhabitants and replace them outright rather than lord over such 'diverse' populations, but they will have to dominate Asia before they can expand towards Europe and the Americas. The rest of Asia will probably be used to solve the problem of single Chinese men, especially when much of Asia instead has excess women. Whether they can pull this off before the rampant feminism, massive gender imbalance, low birth rates, general 'softness' of the youth, etc. begins taking a serious toll and affects China's national stability, remains anyone's guess. I think Xi wants to ensure that Hong Kong and possibly Taiwan are conquered before his time is up so that he will go down in history as a 'reunifier' of China, and they are indeed where China will make its first moves.

Banned from 23 subreddits for participating in one sub! by UberGeekUtah in Introductions

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Are we supposed to be surprised to find out that Reddit has been overrun by an extremist ideology that contains beliefs such as that not wearing a mask is attempted murder; that children should be able to have sex changes; that 'drag queens' should be able to talk to and touch kids in schools; that pride parades in children's cartoons makes sense; that the police should be defunded if not outright disbanded and replaced with 'councillors' (and this list can go on and on)?

George Floyd mural in Ohio destroyed by lightning strike by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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"Muh White people bad"

Says the moron on the internet, using a phone, tablet, or computer, in the English language.

What's hilarious is how little self-awareness those who harbour anti-white animus (e.g. your flagrant opposition to White identity) really are. Sometimes I wish that White people never dragged this moronic species into modernity, just so that people like you would have none of the perks of living in the present time, absolutely none of which you even remotely deserve.

That being said, if your putrid, self-destructive kind win out in the end, and you've bred (unlikely!), your descendants will not have any of these perks, and knowing that is always pleasing.

It is also an obvious farce that a Reddidiot of 14 years or so, and a Democrat supporter, has the cheek to tag themselves a 'normal person'. Your kind wouldn't be considered remotely normal in any other time. We rightly locked up people who believed in sex changes for children and that 'pride' parades should be in children's cartoons. That such gross abnormality has been normalized, and that opposition to it has been declared abnormal, does not make you a 'normal person' in any objective sense of the term.

Indeed, you're on the side of the political spectrum more likely to positively correlate with mental illness, feelings of malicious envy towards higher status people, self-centeredness/lack of compassion and physical ugliness. Who knows what science will dig up next—but have fun being reminded of your obvious inferiority to the people you criticize.

Your sheer victimhood complex is also hilarious. Imagine going as far as to write a massive post crying out that you were given a temporary ban of less than one day, as you have done. Lmao! So childish! Imagine having the gall of believing that we should give you any space when we're deplatformed by the likes of you practically everywhere?

Indeed, your victimhood complex is so extreme that you aren't even satisfied with your ilk dominating Reddit. Nope! You've got to come to the sites that lack an extreme-Left bias to spew your unintelligent drivel simply because you believe that every last part of the internet must be subordinate to your extremist ideology. Isn't that just so sad and pathetic?

I joined Saidit months ago in order to learn about right-wing and alt right points of view, to read the stuff you read, to learn about the commonly used websites here

And... that's some Antifa-level of stupidity right there. 'Anti-fascist researcher' or 'anti-racist researcher' level of stupid. Let me guess, Trump is a Nazi, the Republicans are far-Right, and America constantly teeters on the edge of becoming a Fourth Reich, which is basically what all of you moronic, unthinking lemmings actually believe, and are desperate to prevent. That you believe that everything is 'Far-Right' says nothing about the wider world, and everything about you; namely, that you're Far-Left. You're here precisely because you think you're doing your part to prevent that from happening. So predictable!

Most farcical of all is your absurd claim to be a historian, by which you mean a pseudo-intellectual interested in misappropriating history to serve radical agendas. Let me guess... the mass expulsions of Jews throughout human history are somehow the fault of everyone else, and that multiracialism somehow 'works' despite all evidence to the contrary? Your understanding of history is around about a 'Rome collapsed bcoz dey raciss!' level?