After taking over the lesbian subs on reddit the TRAs are going after the gay guy subs now. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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That second link was an unbelievable read. LGBdroptheT posted a link to a website a week ago or so that was made by TRA which detailed their plan of hostile takeover of “unsafe” spaces and what they did to gendercritical and other subreddits follows that plan exactly.

Joe Rogan's latest podcast interview--with Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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Listening to it now. Can’t wait to see r/joerogan banned/brigaded once they discuss the episode there and anywhere else on the site. /s

Gonna peak a lot of people!

A researcher has found that of the 16 moderators of Reddit's sub for lesbians, 11 of them were biologically male transwomen. The forum has now been closed down because too many women on there only wanted to date other biological women, and this was considered 'transphobic' by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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🤦🏻‍♀️Well, there's a positive to all this nonsense, it being that their behaviour keeps peaking people.

I sent a few links to a lesbian friend of mine who was OOTL like I was until I peaked myself and she had no idea lesbians and others who refuse to date trans people are considered transphobic. She's now reading the LGBdroptheT and experiencing a bit of a crisis.

r/terfisaslur, r/GenderCriticalGuys, and r/LGBDroptheT all just got banned by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I am just in the process of nuking my account. Downloaded Chrome just to do it. Can't wait to see PCOS and the banned subs come here, because Reddit is truly done.

note I also added to my profile why I nuked my profile.

r/detrans has been banned by endthewoo in GenderCritical

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Gendercriticalguys & lgbdropthet also seem to be banned. So is Terfisaslur. Yeah that won’t peak people at all.

John Cleese hits peak trans and we are alive to see it by Camberian in GenderCritical

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This is great news! Now hoping for Ricky Gervais to take a break from promoting his new show and say something...But I fear he’s not as courageous as he tries to come across. Stephen Fry is another that I don’t think has said anything in defence of JK Rowling?

We should brigade r/strugglefucking for being exclusive by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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This has crossed my mind as well, mainly because some of the posts I’ve seen in women centered subs genuinely seem like trolling.

And it’s so odd how FtM transitioners aren’t taking over r/prostatecancer r/askmen and other male subs. Shouldn’t they? I mean, those on the sub continue to use divisive and “incorrect” language, so they should be corrected, right? crickets

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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I’ll add that I also didn’t partake in any of the discussions while the sub was still up, meaning I just lurked. Guess why I joined saidit and am now posting here? Because I realised my silence was giving them power that they shouldn’t have.

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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I was part of the original subreddit 2-3 (?) months before it was banned. JK Rowlings comments about women being called menstruators made me look into what was going on, specifically because of the hate she was getting.

In some ways I consider myself to be your average, normal everyday person with a life and a job who does not frequent twitter or tumblr obsessively and who as a result isn’t up-to-date on all the Orwellian lingo. And there’s SO much lingo! They/them? What? Girl dick? Huh? It’s confusing to someone who is not part of that box. But like most people, I ignored what was going on because I thought trans activists were fighting for basic human rights, like the LGB people had done before them. What I didn’t know was included in those rights was that MtF could have access to ALL women spaces, including shelters and that you could APPARENTLY now identify yourself as a woman without even transitioning, which means that dudes can simply say that they identify as women and gain access anywhere and no one can say anything out of fear of being ostracised or worse, losing their job. Then of course there’s the denial of biological sex and complete policing of language. The odd thing is that I’m not wholly unfamiliar with this kind of policing of language, thoughts and silencing methods, because I’ve seen cults use it repeatedly. Yet I missed it with TRA. Perhaps I didn’t want to believe it, but with what happened with JK Rowling and then the banning of Gendercritical on Reddit and leaving a bunch of other misogynistic subreddits up...I guess I “peaked.”

It’s been an interesting few months. I went from your average normal person with no particular awareness of what was going on to suddenly realising that a small group had managed to gain the upper hand in a way that can genuinely harm women, not to mention those within the LGB group themselves. No longer being allowed to date someone with your preferred genitalia because of transphobia? Yikes.

How do you deal with being disappointed in role models who turn out to be TRAs? by UserNameJoeIsTaken in GenderCritical

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Stopped following Hozier on Spotify and removed all his music from my playlists. Thankfully I wasn’t that big of a fan, so it didn’t sting that much. I should have known he had no mind of his own though, considering he does nothing but run around in circles in his interviews in case he hurts anyone’s feelings. Super evasive.

Heard a rumour as well that FJM also had made some kind of comment but haven’t found anything.

There was a list on the original subreddit about companies/musicians/public figures who had like parrots repeated the “trans women are women” mantra...We should have one here as well.