It honestly depresses me that more and more women are opting out of being women. by questioningtw in GenderCritical

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I once knew someone who was a trans man except when being female was convenient for college roommate requirements.

Remember the gender unicorn? This is it but actually accurate. And answering the question before someone asks - yes, the creator of this piece was harrased by TRA's and so called "enbies" for creating this. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Someone in a fursuit cheerfully teaching basic biology to kids sounds wholesome enough tbh especially with "drag queen storytimes" being a thing lol

Welcome to Actual Advice! by Calliope in ActualAdvice

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I've never checked but I'm probably banned from /r/offmychest for posting in /r/tumblrinaction sometimes.

Welcome to Actual Advice! by Calliope in ActualAdvice

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Advice on advice. Very meta.

Kongregate Ceased Accepting New Games by [deleted] in whatever

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F and RIP. I haven't been on Kongregate in a long time but I used to spend a lot of time there.

After taking over the lesbian subs on reddit the TRAs are going after the gay guy subs now. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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So in other words, narcissists.

"Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age." by missdaisycan in GenderCritical

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I'm very much with you here. "Tired" is more apt than "radicalized."

My conversation with a TRA. Why is it whenever challenged on the notion of gender, they just give a definition or say something along the lines of "gender is what you identify as sex is what your chromones say you are" by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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I actually don't mind sex and gender being considered separate concepts, but conflating the two and denying biological sex concerns me.

Ok I want to ask this in a forum of only women since all our spaces are taken. It's about running a fever a week before your period? Sorry if not allowed mods by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Do you know what your average body temperature is? 98.6 is only an average and not a particularly accurate one. The original study about it was flawed. Some people naturally "run hot" or "run cold." Also, a woman's body temperature naturally spikes during ovulation leading up to her period.

It's mainly talked about for trying to conceive, but daily tracking of basal body temperature (your temperature before you get out of bed) is very useful for women to understand their menstrual cycles.

I always had the feeling I tend to run a little cold and tracking my temperature confirms it. My average temperature is closer to 97 degrees than 98 degrees. Knowing this, I know to be more concerned than most if my temperature goes above 98 degrees, because that's a higher fever than would be expected if you're assuming 98.6 as an average.

There could be something else going on, but if your temperature tends to average a little high, a temperature of about a hundred is still concerning but a higher average temperature would mean it's a less severe fever than you think. It's definitely still concerning if it's a sustained high temperature and if there are other symptoms. I think normal variation throughout the cycle should be talked about a lot more though so I took the opportunity.

I'm here because I have opinions the left doesn't like. by [deleted] in Introductions

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I'm not a southern nationalist by any means being a Yankee lol, but I'm interested in history and have been thinking lately that destroying monuments is going too far. I agree museums could be a good compromise... though I moved to a southern state recently and the way things were displayed in a local museum left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd prefer history to be presented in a neutral manner. I don't think anything should be glossed over or forgotten though. I don't think I'm somehow better or worse than anybody else related to who I'm descended from because humans all over have messed up things in their histories. I'm glad to have a new platform like Saidit because nuance in arguments is dying on the Internet.

I think both capitalism and Communism end up failing due to human greed. I'm frustrated with the problems of capitalism in America but I'm not sure what the alternative should be. With how much COVID-19 is showing the problems with our government that were already there, I'm hoping positive changes are coming.

Anyone else weirded out when people consistently use the word “man,” but not the word “woman?” by catawampus in GenderCritical

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I use the word "women" if I'm writing, but even though I'm not crazy about the words "lady" or "ladies" I tend to say it. Probably because I call men, especially if it's someone I know, "guys" and "lady" seems similarly informal to me. I kind of wish there was a better word, something that sounds informal like "guys" but doesn't have some negative connotations (like "ladylike behavior") like "ladies." There's "girls" and "gals" and I know some adult women like calling each other those, it doesn't feel right to me though. I'm aware some of this could be internalized misogyny I can work on. I'm an autistic woman and grew up with some very negative experiences with female friends.

I say both "male" and "female" for things like "female perspective," and "female gender norms." Or "female scientist", "female doctor,", things like that. I wouldn't say something like "a group of females" or "This female I saw at the store." Do people talk like that? I haven't heard that but if people really talk like that that's disgusting. I'd only think that was acceptable if I was talking about female animals.

I think the trans cult takes advantage of autistic people by RoundFrog in GenderCritical

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I definitely tend to get along with men better as an autistic woman. It was worse trying to get along with other girls as a kid. I don't think it's entirely an innate biological sex difference, I think it's mostly a socialization thing, but there is so much toxic social BS normalized in mainstream "feminine" socializing. Especially among young girls. We talk a lot about toxic masculinity, but there needs to be more talk about toxic femininity. As an autistic person, my natural way of speaking is to be very direct. This is accepted among men, but criticized and shamed in girls. This is probably the primary reason I have anxiety.

I have some female friends who are autistic too and love talking to them, and I'm unabashedly a nerd and find female friends into similarly nerdy hobbies, but it's a struggle for me to get along with most other women. I never considered the possibility of transitioning, I just eventually became comfortable with and proud of my own form of femininity. If I'd been indoctrinated with trans idealogy young it's possible I might have wondered, though I've always wanted children so giving up the ability to get pregnant isn't something I would consider lightly. That's onto another topic but it annoys me how outspoken people advocating a childfree lifestyle are, especially people implying it's somehow not feminist to want children. It's a choice every woman should feel empowered to make for herself and it's not a possibility that should be thrown away without careful thought. "So you're saying women should just have babies?!?" Uh no, sucks how little some people understand nuance these days.

r/terfisaslur, r/GenderCriticalGuys, and r/LGBDroptheT all just got banned by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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And it's so ironic and odd how these people constantly pat themselves on the back saying they're "on the right side of history." Yeah, we'll see what the later history books say about that... not that the history books in schools are a good source of facts as it is. Maybe they'll be painted as on "the right side of history" by whoever censors those later books.

Peaked By Hot Dogs by Nona_Biba in GenderCritical

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I really don't understand the recent pushback against biological sex differences being a thing. I'm here on Saidit after seeing it mentioned on /r/lgbdropthet which will likely get banned soon so has a backup here.

Hot dog eating is a funny example, but biologically, men and women process nutrients differently. It's dangerous to our health to deny that men and women have different nutritional and other health needs. I don't have a problem with people presenting themselves however they want, but their healthcare providers need to know their biological sex to best help them.

Pornhub bought ads on /r/nofap, in violation of Reddit policy. Cruelly taunting addicts who were trying to quit. After a brief blackout, her account is active again. Of course Gawker Media punches down and ridicules the addicts, an act of bullying. by Chipit in whatever

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Wow wtf. I've seen references to /r/nofap often enough I looked there a few times even though I'm a woman who's never had a porn addiction, I was just curious. I don't understand the culture of it but obviously it's not meant for me and it probably helps people. I may not personally understand it but it seems very cruel to purposely put porn ads on it.