Hi, people of SaidIt! You seem much less ban-happy and censorious than Re***t, so I hope we can be friends. by [deleted] in Introductions

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Yep yep, saidit really feels like a big sub on old reddit imo.

I'm a pedophile seeking a free speech haven by greekgod77 in Introductions

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Troll or disabled.

All of you are transphobic and bigots by Yamyam in Introductions

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Only accepting one viewpoint and rejecting others without thought always feels safe and easy, especially when you have a community of likeminded people to fall back on and support eachother (either only perceivedly or in reality.)

Moving here from reddit since this place seems pretty nice by Orangeswirl in Introductions

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0ne and a half weeks from now we'll see an influx of new subs, guaranteed

The no-downvotes and the moderation log are nice. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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I think no downvotes is good, but I think there should be just one like or upvote button. The funny insightful thing is honestly a bit confusing and not really good for all posts, some posts you want to upvote without saying it's funny or insightful.

Before you delete your reddit account by JTudent in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Oh shit, I should've.