Prince Andrew Duke of York photo, he was seen smiling as he shared a chauffeured ride with Queen, the Epstein case would have connected to the Maxwell blackmail, Corrupt Police, Israel, France, Hollywood & Global Traffickers... the Picture says a thousand words by BillionDollarEgg3 in whatever

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They are not even English, a while back they blend in with 'windors' the real name is an old house of gotha and saxe name, they changed the name in World War I but they are still the same old family, German, Belgian, Bulgarian all inbred royalty all inter marrying.

There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources — Everyone: Shocked, Appalled by hennaojisan in news

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The dailymail caught a photo of the Prince Andrew Duke of York with a big stupid smug grin on his face

There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources — Everyone: Shocked, Appalled by hennaojisan in news

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cameras went blank for 1 hour, a mystery glitch ?

Prince Andrew 'groped young woman's breast' at Epstein flat by magnora7 in WorldNews

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As I understand it Mossad, the Arabs, the Vatican, the French gov, the Russian mafia, the CIA and the British royals all wanted Epstein dead, the death seems suspect

Patrick Crusius Texas mass shooter named, video of Walmart Parking Lot posted on instagram twitter, 'suspect had AK47' he had a linked-in page, 3 friends on facebook, at least 18 people were killed others injured, the Police, Nurses asking for blood donations for hospitals. by BillionDollarEgg3 in news

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Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso, Plano, Dallas/Fort Worth-area. Police scanner traffic from the area suggested that Crusius was taken into custody at around noon local time. The shooting began at around 10 a.m., officials said. The FBI and ATF responded to the scene, alongside the El Paso Police Department. arrest ?

Brazil space research chief to leave job after Bolsonaro rejects data showing huge jump in Amazon deforestation: Preliminary data showed an 88 per cent jump in deforestation in the Amazon by BillionDollarEgg3 in space

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Here's an example ....i don't know the exact numbers but by a math example it perhaps means this kind of thought experiment, last year brazil had 400 trees, let's say a little over 25% out of that 100% forest were chopped / cut down, hopefully replanted ...but maybe not....and maybe not replanted, 400 trees/forest down 25% that means brazil cut over 100 and has almost 300 trees left over. If with this 300 left, they continue cutting at 25% percent of forest that means they would cut 75 and have 225 forest trees left over. but if you increased cutting by 88% that is the original number multiplied 88% equals 66 trees PLUS the original 75 you were going to chop down. In simple terms the rate of DE-forestation is getting larger and larger. Also because he works in space i assume he is not counting each and every individual cookie or candy in the jar, he is using space technology and programs, he is using satellite mapping which would mean he does not have to count individual trees and can just look at a gridded area of Brazil on a map and see how the cutting is getting bigger and bigger. The Satellites these science guys and admin chief guys have access to are very sophisticated with their data they map Topography, have sensors to map chemical changes, look in different spectra which allows them to penetrate deep into jungle like a radar cutting through clound and see what is really going on.

FBI founded by a Masonic Shriner faggot, they fucked up on 911, dropped the ball on Epstein now warn 'conspiracy theories' are a new domestic terrorism threat, Total Fucking Clowns. by BillionDollarEgg3 in news

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Yes I should have mentioned the first WTC attacks the 1993 Truck bombing of the World Trade Center Bombing, they also got into bed with the jihads and fucked that one up, the CIA also responsible here, they probably messed up with those religious Davidians that ended with 76 people dead, Hoover got deep into global politics, attacked anti-Vietnam organizers, activists of the Civil Rights a book The Looming Tower, covers the failures of 9/11 admitted true by mainstream media and the government, not just a conspiracy.

In 1985 the Philadelphia Police Department dropped a bomb from a helicopter killing 5 adults, 6 children, and burning down 61 houses. by magnora7 in PoliceMisconduct

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Barbaric? These morons acted like terrorists and unfortunately War is barbaric. Send in the Marines / USAF or Special Forces next time, they do a better job at killing jihad morons. Shame the kids got killed, RIP to any innocents killed by this bullshit. Let's have a recap, Crazyass radical group shoot at the cops, behave like foreign marxists or the Black Panthers, pretend to be hippies yet continue shoot outs with cops, they are fake Neo-Luddite give some bullshit propaganda about returning to a hunter-gatherer society but traffic people and drugs inside an urban city while living around modern technology using modern weapons. Their famous spokesman Mumia Abu-Jamal born Wesley Cook this islamic btw Incarcerated Life imprisonment without parole and he's got 8 mongrels running around, him in jail and a bunch of kids he could not support but don't worry your US tax dollars are paying for all this shit, the piece of crap also worked at National Public Radio (NPR). He got Hepatitis C in jail possibly from drug use or getting with the gays in jail or taking it up the ass from some jail house Bubba. Also one of their members went full jihad islamic and the group in general was making terrorist threats, more shoot outs, one police officer shot dead....Blame da police, finally US gov / Cops have enough of their criminal bullshit and blow their asses away, they get their asses kicked and scream out Dindu nuffins! while years later the same Dindoo propaganda vid continues to go viral on reddit each and every fucking month. The Marxist Amy btw is deep in with these assholes, Abu-Jamal began delivering commentaries live on the Pacifica Network's Democracy Now!

SaidIt BANNED ME for being LIBERAL!!! by VantaFount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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tell them to make an account at phuks or the weirdo shop lifting marxist forum called raddle was it? Those places are so dead they could probably do with the spam / traffic

Fossil of 'real-life Loch Ness Monster' found in Antarctica by magnora7 in science

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Don't shoot the messenger because saidit ain't reddit

Now voat only allows you to browse the site if you log in by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnVoat

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There was some post about a 'pizzagate' thing a newslink connecting Epstein's human trafficking to some British royalty, an Arab king, big companies around Hollywood and the Bank and this woman called Junkermann and an old noble house connected to the Vatican. I also seen a post about this 'cult' not sure what it all means. seems like a lot of anonymous social media is under cultural/information attack right now, in the last few weeks