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Tourism & Private Transportation by Bazaar in news

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Toyo Pipe Factory by Bazaar in technology

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Rwanda Mountain Tea by Bazaar in maps

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Voltrans Logistics Services Company by Bazaar in WorldNews

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Take control of your career. by Bazaar in WorldNews

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Very good choice

Bazaar Room on LinkedIn: #skillsselling #entrepreneurship #success by Bazaar in WorldNews

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  • Are you ready to take your skills selling game to the next level? Look no further than Bazaar Room! Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to connect with customers, advertise your skills, and grow your business. #SkillsSelling #Entrepreneurship

My Experience with by Bazaar in TechCompanies

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MY EXPERIENCE WITH BAZAARROOM.COM Hey everyone I’ve been an auto parts supplier for over a decade. I’ve always liked the idea of connecting with people, offering them the best possible parts for their cars, while also assisting them in dire situations. However, I can also say that, as a parts supplier, sometimes sales can be inconsistent. Sometimes people want a lot of parts, other times less so. That’s why I always try to use the latest tech and platforms to try and further promote my business. It’s also how I heard about Bazaar Room and the numerous opportunities that it provides to people and specifically business owners. How I got started on Bazaar Room? The main idea for me was to try and showcase what my business is and how I can help people. I know that Bazaar Room offers people a way to make money via streaming and helping others, among other things. But since this was mostly for my business, I didn’t really have any need for live streaming, even if Bazaar Room provides that. Instead, my focus with Bazaar Room was to help advertise my business and the products I offer. That’s what I want to do, I want to generate sales without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. What I love about Bazaar Room is the fact that it has a lot of people coming in and trying to find businesses to work with. I found it to be my ideal environment, and I decided to create a video about my business. I noticed that the best way for my business to grow is to try and showcase what I can provide via multiple platforms. Right off the bat, I loved that Bazaar Room is one of those places where you can share a video about your business and you are not rushed. I noticed that even by having a video over a minute long, a lot of people watched it. And considering the very low fees of the platform, that exposure alone makes it well worth the investment. What results did I obtain from Bazaar Room? After promoting my products and business on Bazaar Room, I received several inquiries, that led to new leads and customers. This was great, since the investment in advertising was minimal. The fees on Bazaar Room are low, and that means pretty much any business owner can get started and showcase what they have to do. I think this is one of the better ways for a business professional to access great results and value. I know how difficult it can be for someone in the business world to connect with clients, and that connection alone can eat up to half your revenue just through ads. Bazaar Room delivers a platform that helps save both time and money. But generating sales directly was only a part of the benefit. Instead, the platform also brought in calls that allowed me to forge connections with other businesses. So not only did it generate new leads, but it also made it easier to connect with other people and expand the offerings of my business. That’s the reason why Bazaar Room is such an incredible place where you can sell your services and skills. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, because it gives you the means to grow as a small business. Many local businesses find it very hard to expand, especially in today’s day and age. You end up spending a lot of your money on ads, hoping that people see you and you can bring in some sales. In some cases it might happen, but in some cases it leads to bankruptcy and a lack of growth. My experience with Bazaar Room has been very positive, and it allowed me to focus specifically on growth and value. Once I was able to show the type of products I offer and how they stand out via my introductory video, business picked up. Another benefit for me was to figure out new services and products that people need. That interaction with customers was ideal and I believe it can really drive my business to new heights. Thanks to the Bazaar Room exposure, now I am able to further expand on the online side of my business. I also plan on further pursuing new ways to interact with customers and provide new services. Should you promote your local business on Bazaar Room? As I said, I don’t have any need for live streaming, yet Bazaar Room still managed to provide me with an excellent way of promoting my business. I know for a fact that my company will be able to grow and reach new heights in the long run, and it’s all thanks to the exposure that Bazaar Room brought for me. Even a simple thing like posting a video that promotes your business on this platform can give you much-needed exposure. That’s why I whole-heartedly recommend Bazaar Room for any serious local business owner!

Don’t pass up opportunities. by Bazaar in WorldNews

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Don't pass up opportunities.

Hello everyone, if you are not interested in selling your abilities on our platform through streaming, that's okay. However, you may advertise your skills on in the Business & Products area. Employers will find you on our website if you provide a proper self-introduction video that highlights your abilities and how you work to further your career. You could even be able to secure a job or contract locally or abroad. While we can't guarantee you a job, we will promote your profile and assist you in properly setting up your account. Simply visit the website, go to sign up, select "Promoter," post up to ten films(3 minutes max each) showcasing your abilities and self-introduction, including a note about your credentials and contact details, and you're good to go.

These are the questions candidates should answer on video, plus of course a little bit of personal information to attract possible clients.

  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you ?
  3. Where are you located?
  4. Can you work only in your Country?
  5. Can you work abroad?
  6. What type of work is your primary?
  7. How long have you been doing this job 8 Did you work on large projects ? if yes name a few
  8. What other types of work can you do
  9. How can you be reached Email, phone number etc
  10. Are you available for short or long term contracts

All Members should also download the BazaarRoom App from the App stores (apple or Android), so they will be online when people need to connect with them.

For skill sellers, using the streaming service, the instructions will include: * If you wish you can upload up to 10 videos(3minutes a maximum each) introducing yourself, office, work etc * your credentials and experience * how much you charge for 1/2 hour and 1 hour * your accepted method of payment * download our app from App Store - Google play or Apple store Login into to the App and you are ready to start selling and streaming.

Here are several profiles that demonstrate how to make a video presentation.

Bazaar Room Reports by Bazaar in Introductions

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Aristo Kat Tours - Jamaica by Bazaar in Entertainment

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Fantastic Tour- Welcome to Jamaica

Education and Assistance by Bazaar in WorldNews

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Need Assistance

FREE MEMBERSHIP by Bazaar in Skills

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Focus on what makes you different

People with any type of skills WANTED by Bazaar in Internet

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People with any type of skills WANTED

Let's DO IT by Bazaar in WorldNews

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More than 1300 plus skills categories to earn from. by Bazaar in Introductions

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Very good platform.

Turn Your Skills into Revenue Online! by Bazaar in WorldNews

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Turn Your Skills into Revenue Online!

Create and sell online courses, establish vibrant communities, and monetize your skills—all on a single, scalable platform!

Bazaar Room was established so that ambitious people like you, who have no experience in business and who do not like to take on the accountability of running a company, can effortlessly make an extra income by selling your skills online!

We are the best platform for creating, selling, and advertising your skills, products, and services. Begin monetizing your experiences, skills, and your audience!

Need Help with Anything?

There has got to be a task you have to do regularly, weekly, or monthly. There was perhaps one you were trying to avoid or get through fast only moments ago. The fact that most of us have particular household or business errands we’d rather not have to do was the inspiration behind Bazaar Room.

We designed Bazaar Room for groups: those who want to sell their skills and make income, those who want to learn new skills online and need assistance with a project.

Room Is Where You Learn to Create

Learn and acquire new skills with hands-on courses from the best professionals and creators! We genuinely believe that each skill is teachable, each person can be taught, and that with the proper guidance, a great professional can become an even greater teacher.

Bazaar Room is an online skill platform that is composed of project managers, designers, content editors, and marketing and monetization experts who take pride in making online learning better and more fun than ever before.

We created this platform so people can provide a fun and simple way to obtain new skills and accomplish personal growth. Our website deliver a simple, reasonable learning experience, bridging the gap between knowledgeable, real individuals and eager people worldwide who like to learn a new skill.

Don’t stop learning

Like our members, we are always learning. We strive to seek ways to grow our knowledge each day, and everything we create supports our members to take the same journey. We understand that knowledge is transformative and that more learning leads to a better way of doing things.

Worth the work Establishing a business takes a lot of persistence, and that enduring focus on valuable growth is one we share with our members. We also do not shy away from hard work, as that work brings a growth of its own.

Like our members, we have a vision of a better future, and that is what drives us.

Go for optimism Leading with optimism simply means assuming the best of your members, partners, and collaborators. For Bazaar Room, optimism does not mean rose-colored glasses. Instead, it means facing the future with utmost confidence and hope and treating every challenge as a lesson to be learned.

Together is better It takes some expertise and creativity from people in each part of our community to reach our goals and help our customers realize theirs. Bazaar Room is at its best when we work together, learn from one another, and support each other.

Create Learning Experiences That Your Customers Will Love

Bazaar Room enables sellers to engage with learners with interactive videos. You own the entire experience across your learning products and sales pages to convert the curious into customers. With total control over your pricing, revenue, and learning product data, your branded skills and expertise is put front and centre.

Why Choose Bazaar Room?

Bazaar Room creates a better learning environment for both learners and professionals. As the voice of all things related to career education, we are the foremost experts on the top business education courses accessible.

We provide a wide selection of topics and are available globally, making sure that access to the ideal training solutions is within arm’s reach at all times. Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses by advancing online learning and by maximizing human potential. We also aim to make a change and see everybody excel.

Bazaar Room also enables marketers and professionals to sell their business services with videos and sell their items. After all, videos enabled people to be more connected with sellers and buyers.

Simple as it gets In a matter of minutes, you will have access to everything you need to make and sell your skills online and coaching—our hassle-free platform makes it simple—tech skills or no tech skills.

Teach the way you like to learn This is the most awesome part. Highlight your unique skills by using our customisation tools to personalise your content.