Louis Rossmann: Fighting Against Lies About Right To Repair (12:40) ~ Breaking Points by JasonCarswell in DIY

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The problems of today could be solved by doing what the government did in the past- NOTHING.

Americans scream FEMA camps are the only solution for natural disasters, but San Francisco recovered from the 1906 earthquake without government help.

Americans insist concentration camps are the only answer to viruses, but the government did nothing about a cholera outbreak in 1832.

Americans say the only possible solutions to deal with illegal immigrants are to build a wall, have warrantless searches, DNA databases, license plate scanners, and build concentration camps, but the US used to have open borders.

Americans say the only solution to recessions is to give billion dollar bailouts to bankers who commit fraud and give welfare to the lazy, but the US recovered from the Panic of 1893 without government action.

The government starts a problem and offers a solution. Why not avoid starting a problem in the first place?

If the government starts a trade war that kills the economy and then offers bailouts, why not just avoid starting a trade war in the first place?

If the government increases the minimum wage and regulations that kill businesses and raise prices and then offers welfare, why not just reduce the minimum wage and regulations?

The government is not a holy god. The government is force.

Why not allow the free market to handle problems?

The private market and charities cannot provide disaster relief?

The free market cannot provide medical care, delivery companies, railroads, airports, schools, fire departments, private mediation, and security companies?

Do your shoes come from government shoe factories?

Can't churches teach morals?

Do you really trust the government to tell you what the truth is?

Does the government spend your money better than you do?

People don't have any personal responsibility?

Can't you move away from people you don't like?

Can't you save money to prepare for downturns?

Can't Americans boycott products with cheap prices instead of begging for a trade war that kills the economy?

Can't Americans quit low paying jobs, learn a skill, move to another city, or start a business instead of thinking a minimum wage will magically make them rich with no unintended consequences?

Is tyranny something that only affects others, but not you?

Are Americans retarded children?

Didn't tyranny kill millions of people in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia?


Off Grid 2 KW Axial Flux Wind Turbine And MPPT Dump Load Controler Build (1:02:35) ~ Kris Harbour Natural Building by JasonCarswell in DIY

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Americans have become completely insane.

You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when Americans will look you in the eye and say that the farm bailout should be higher than the auto bailout because food is more important than cars, but why not just end the trade wars and regulations that have destroyed the economy?