Thank you every from IP2 and elsewhere for the surge in donations, we can now afford to upgrade our servers! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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We thank you from IP2 for providing us a new place with fair rules and no censorship, the donations are a way of showing our appreciation to this great website.

Glad to hear that the servers are getting upgraded!

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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What a load of bullshit, I like how you "cleverly" pretend not to be an ice piss shill while its obvious that you are, judging by the fact how much you try to sway the truth.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Which one of Ice piss's discord yes-men are you? I advice you to go outside and build real relationships with people instead of defending a racist pedophile online, Ice poseidon is not a good person and he has not reformed one bit. Just very recently he comitted a bunch of hit and runs on stream and also made fun of an asian man's accent who was trying to help him, in addition to countless scummy acts that would be too long for a post.

If you're not a troll then please re consider your life decisions of defending someone like that.