This should be reposted every week everywhere it’s relevant by Orangutan in politics

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That's a dead link.

Let's sat I believe your assertion, what is wrong with reducing population growth?

We need to focus on improving life for the people who are already alive. Population will cap at 10 billion because after that we can't sustainably support anymore, and people will starve, more than they already are anyway.

I'd much rather we prevent people from being born in the first place, than let them be born, only to die sick and hungry.

ISIS stoning by nocturnalloner in WatchPeopleDie

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His head kept moving for ages. That is involuntary movement right, and not consciousness right?

You shouldn’t be forced to automatically subscribe to new subs. by OC_Rookie in IdeasForSaidIt

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I agree. Whilst it is nice to be introduced to a range of subs from across the site, some subs are just way too specific to be relevant to the average user.

For example, I really don't need to be subscribed to /s/angola.

There's an option in the preferences to unsubscribe from everything, then you can subscribe to the ones you want.

saidit should have a mascot by Wanga in IdeasForSaidIt

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I like birds, so, sure, Thoth gets my support.