Answers 4 Sean: Dan Hartman Speak About the Post-Jab Death of his Son - Viva Frei Live (51:28) ~ Viva Frei by JasonCarswell in VaccineInjuries

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When the US was a free country, Americans could decide what was best for their lives.

You could say that you plan to find a job today, enroll in college tomorrow, travel to Miami next week, buy a car next month, and start a business next year.

Now Americans must wait for decrees from the state like slaves.

Today you must get a mandatory vaccine, turn in your guns tomorrow, private property will be nationalized next week, you must get a microchip implant next month, and you'll sent to the concentration camps next year.

No one is reponsible for anything because everyone is just following orders.

The elites want everything, but they don't need you.

Wake up. Look what is going down.