More Evidence that the "Capitol Coup" was Just Another Psyop by chottohen in PsyOps

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Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.

Former Military Officer Details Psychological Operations Techniques - Chase Hughes (9:47) ~ Keith Knight - Don't Tread on Anyone by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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Americans scream that North Korea is a Libertarian country because you can break the law there, but a Libertarian nation is a country where you are free to do what you want without being afraid of being arrested.

Americans say that breaking laws means freedom, but freedom actually means the absence of government.

In 1870 in the USA, you could have drank, smoked, gambled, and used prostitutes. Now you would go to jail if you drank, smoke, gambled, and went to prostitutes.

Going to prison for theft and murder is reasonable, but being jailed for a victimless crime is not.

MSM Claims Vaccine Skeptics Merging w/ Extremists & COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Trojan Horse [with Whitney Webb] (1:58:58) ~ The Last American Vagabond by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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The elites have covered all the bases, closed all the doors, and crossed all the lines.

The ruling class controls Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government.

The globalists give campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians to increase the debt, start wars, and grow the police state.

Anyone who obeys the 1% gets a paycheck, sale, and welfare, and can travel, go to school, drive, or see a doctor. Anyone who rejects the NWO is called a nutjob, gets banned, gets an IRS audit, is arrested, tortured, or killed.

The ruling powers have weakened, divided, distracted, and destroyed the USA by promoting immortality, illegal immigration, bread and circuses, and welfare.

The elites lie and use constant propaganda and brainwashing.

The globalists forge ballots and hack electronic voting machines to install their candidates while ignoring the freedom candidates.

The ruling class poorly educate students and use safe spaces to weaken the strong while using affirmative action to promote the weak.

The USA is obviously finished and seeing the future is easy now.

Soon the stock market will collapse. ATM machines will not work. The electricity, water, and Internet will be turned off.

There will be inflation and wage deflation.

There will be starvation.

The elites will nationalize property.

There will be struggle sessions, re-education camps, death squads, show trials, killing fields, and concentration camps.

Tyranny always ends the same way.

Trucker Strike: Media Warns "Stock Up Now" - Shortages Coming (9:15) ~ Ice Age Farmer by JasonCarswell in PsyOps

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There was a time when only murderers and thieves went to prison, but now everything is illegal and everyone is a criminal.

Jailing killers and robbers with Christians, business people, and gun-owners doesn't make the unethical more moral.

When everyone is criminal, society is weakened. Prison is just a university for crime that teaches you how to scam, bribe, look for loopholes, and game the system.