There were over 5 "Karen" posts on r/popular today by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Few times ago i saw a post (possibly on aita ) where a man was calling his wife karen for not taking the wrong medicine the pharmacologist gave her. turn out she would have been dead, if she had. so stop to call karen every women that do something you don't agreed. Personally i would feel proud to be called karen because hey, i'm glad at least men recognie i stand up for myself !! you can call it an insult, i will wear it as a medal ! (and do the same thing with few things that people use to 'blame' women to be theyselves ! )

I'm glad to meet you again, sisters :) by AlissonHarlan in GenderCritical

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Yes crazedchef, you're right, i'm not mad at men, i'm mad at how women are pushed out of reddit, and how it's for BS since it's a double-standards.

Today I realized that I am willing to lose my job and reputation over this. I will not be silenced. by yoperreosola in GenderCritical

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Yes of course we should speak up. The question is HOW. How interract with people (men) in a constructive way ? I mean, i don't want to be the good girl, but i don't think power is the right solution (you know, like when it's a family dinner, everybody yell at everybody, and nobody listen) I think one key is understanding. unfortunately, most people don't want understand. they want only lives in echo chambers. So that's where my reflexion is, now.

I'm on men subreddit, because i want to understand them, understand their point of view, what seems unfair for them, and how they suffer from patriarchy, too. I'm sure that some men do that,too, to see the women's side, but there is so much 'casual mysoginy' still... it's so normal for most of the people, they did not even realise... But yes,... today i ... i'm mad. About double-standards, about how much the typical redditor hate women, I feel so defeated as a women... i mean if reddit can do that, who can't ?

yeah sorry for the vant, so speak, yes, but with the right words, in the appropriate way (that's all the difficulty) to reach your public (men for the majority)