55% of British Pakistanis Marry Cousins by Psychosomatic in whatever

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The other 45% marry their goats

How do I tell my friends I’m not gay anymore? by Airbus321 in AskSaidIt

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Thousands march in Turkey to demand ban on LGBTQ groups by chickenz in whatever

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Marriage is not between a man and another man, it is between a man and his goat or a young child! Allahu Akbar!

This is my waifu Pinochialita, she's a dimepiece but sometimes I gotta show her who's boss by Airbus321 in whatever

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Swingers DM me if you like what you see

2nd Annual Book Club!!! Suggestion Post by FuckYourMom in BookClub

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Bromosexual by Daryl Banner


Stefan, my former best friend and bro, is straight, gorgeous, and cocky as hell. And he's about to ruin my life.

With his backwards cap, lopsided grin, and ripped bod gifted from the gods, he struts around town like he owns it. But I won't let him own me, no matter how hot he's gotten over the past eight years since he went off to become a pro baseball player in the major leagues - and since we had our brutal falling out and everything fell apart.

When a hard night lands him at my front doorstep - desperately in need of a place to stay - I get one look into those fierce blue eyes of his ... and realize our story is far from over.

My former "bro" and I are about to define a whole new term for the steamy, beautiful mess that's destined to happen between the two of us.

  • This is a stand-alone, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers M/M romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating.