The right wing to left wing ratio on this site seems to be pretty skewed and it'd be nice if it wasnt by TheSeventhSense in whatever

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so you already want some kind of censorship?

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Cancel Culture. Incredibly, the Harper's letter spawned a bunch of people saying that there is no such thing as cancel culture. As Steven Pinker has argued, cancel culture has parallels with the Chinese cultural revolution and the European witch hunts. by Chipit in politics

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yea i dont really give a shit about those other countries, i care about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. and what we are seeing here is unprecedented. we are seeing a marxist facist takeover of the entire country under a Republican president.

Bari Weiss Resigns From New York Times, Citing ‘Illiberal Environment’ by Iam1ofMany in news

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illiberal, aka facist.