this place is fucking dead! what other incel forums are there? I miss the braincels days! by mrchoco4 in Incels

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much more active than here

I knew this place was gonna be a bust when they removed its original mods f this sub cos a post was "hateful against women"

admins of this site have 0 vision, nigga why do u think people would wanna come to your dead shithole, to avoid reddit like soyboy rules.

Why do incels not use this website? by hyassin27 in Incels

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1- 0 traffic

2- this website is no different than cuckit. the owner himself removed this subs original mods just because of 1 single elliot rodger shitpost. they have even more cucked rules on this website.

honestly it's actually good that incels never really immigrated here. it'd be same shit all over again.

So much for "free speech" by [deleted] in Incels

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LOL and this is when this website is not even remotely popular. imagine how restrictive admins will be if this site becomes popular, incels here will be easily expandable once again, thrown away like a used condom.

lol at getting warned for posting an ER video, even YT isnt that cucked.

Some cuck on the s/saidit board wants to kick us from the site. based commenters tell him to fuck off. I LOVE THIS SITE by [deleted] in Incels

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yeah for now, they need every single user

we'll see how much they are dedicate to the free spech if they ever manage to become popular.

brothers, we have to spread this place by [deleted] in Incels

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yep, the admins of this site are ""uncucked"" for now simply because their site is dead as fuck, they need every single new user desperately. they dont have luxury of banning subs.

I don’t see this place growing. by BosnianPatriarch in Incels

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This is why it's not a good thing when we get the boot from mainstream platforms like reddit. it's really difficult to populate 3rd party forums.

hello frens, Face sent me here 🤠 by IronVirgin in Incels

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this type of market monopoly is hard to break through brotha. just because there are more people on some 2043th braincel spin-off, MORE incels will go there instead here. having the initial "tipping point" amount of people is the hardest point.

"I wanna post where there are other people to listen to what I have to say"

same with vidya, everybody and their mother complains about FIFA and praises gameplay of PES but they WONT buy PES because "I dont wanna wait longer times to find a game, more ppl play FIFA". No matter how shitty FIFA is.