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/s/Crime: Crime


Corporate Crime, Crimes Against Animals Humanity & Nature, Cyber, Drugs, Fraud, Hate, Petty, Police, Scams, Sex Crimes, State Crime, Theft, ThoughtCrime, True Crime, Violent Crime, Vivisection, War Crime... + Organized Crime (All Governments, Banksters, Big Pharma, Bush-Clinton-Royal Families, CFR, CIA, DoD, 5-Eyes, Insurance, IRS, Lobbyists, Mafias, Monopolies, NSA, NWO, Pedo-Rings, Prison Industry, SWAT, Totalitarianism, Usury, Wall St, Yellow Journalism, Zionism)

18,307 subscribers18,308 subscribers18,310 subscribers, a community for 9 months

/s/PoliticalAnalysis: Political Analysis - how and why

Political Analysis

Understanding how and why are just as important as knowing who said or did what, where, and when for a fuller picture.

"Mainstream" corporate political news rarely provides much context by critically breaking down reports, statements, ideas, dogmas, tribalism, leaders, actions, policies, economics, class, division, manipulation, exploitation, corruption, extermination, wars, technology, history, and the politics of our world.

16,119 subscribers16,120 subscribers16,122 subscribers, a community for 7 months

/s/Sex: Sex - Talk all about sex and sex-related issues. No porn.


Talk all about sex and all sex-related issues. NO PORN images or links.

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/s/GlossedOver: GlossedOver - participate in making Glossed And Profound, Bittersweet Seeds, and Trutherism 101


Are you tired of crappy propaganda media, consumer culture and being told what and how to think by those with stolen resources? Be active in developing better entertainment.

GlossedOver - primary discussion for participating on these projects

GlossedAndProfound - transparent crowd-sourced production management project

BittersweetSeeds - epic hard-sci-fi cautionary tale development project

Trutherism101 - philosophy-comedy animated-short series development project

13,661 subscribers13,662 subscribers13,664 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/Race_DivisionByElites: Race_DivisionByElites - racism, race-related issues, and exposing ruling class social engineering


About all racism, race-related issues, and exposing social engineering by the ruling class to disrupt, divide, and dominate.

Most of humanity are stupider than average or very close to average, so unfortunately most people can't see deeply - past superficiality, propaganda, manipulation, unfairness, injustice, exploitation, and eugenics.

13,661 subscribers13,662 subscribers13,664 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/iBoot: iOS iBoot Exploitation Sub

iOS iBoot Exploitation Sub

13,171 subscribers13,172 subscribers13,174 subscribers, a community for 6 months