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/s/GenderCritical: GenderCritical: woman (wʊmən) noun: adult human female

woman (wʊmən) noun adult human female

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/s/PerformanceArts: PerformanceArts - acrobatics, clowns, dance, improv, music, poi, song, theater, etc.

Performance Arts

Acrobatics, acting, art, Burning Man, busking, censorship, clowning, comedy, conferences, cosplay, dance, duets, festivals, flash mobs, freelance, fulfillment, gear, gigs, hobbies, improv, interactivity, lectures, light shows, live, live music, livestream, media, media analysis, mime, movie analysis, music, poi, poetry, propaganda, protest, pyrotechnics, self-expression, self-reliance, singing, skits, speeches, spoken word, standup comedy, street art, theater, etc.

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