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"I'm convinced this is evidence we're all being watched by THEM "

You're just realizing it? You must be young. I worked for government in the late 1970's in surveillance. Yes, way back then. Hated it and got the hell out. But for what it's worth, every digital device you own is on, even when it's off, and it's watching you and hears every sound in your house. And then there's the outdoor surveillance... but we don't need to go there, do we? Big Brother is watching you. For reasons.

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I've always known. What's new is this evidence.

Yes, the reasons are for full spectrum dominance and control to feed the bloodthirsty mafia corporatocracy of the ruling class.

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Cocomelon? What's your point? Cocomelon isn't exactly the apotheosis of 21st century media, but it's pretty damn close.

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I know nothing about it. My point was in the rest of the post. I like your alias name.