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    Thank you edward. You are making it easier for me to train a spam detection bot. It already works but I can refine it further thanks to you!

    I'm not even going to remove it. Thank you for your contribution.

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    the only problem with that is that i am now intentionally writing comments that are extremely long and obviously are AI generated.

    what will you do when i am running 75 user accounts that post normal looking accounts and they take every thread way the fk out into left field?

    i am not here to play.

    btw, your forum is obviously a shitstorm of sockpuppet accounts, it is dead and boring.

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    Well obviously. I would like to improve it.

    You said you are not playing around. Would you mind defining your goals for me? Because I'm honestly not aware. You have me curious what you are trying to get out of this? Heck. I might even agree with your end goal, but obviously not your methods. I can't know unless I know what the goal is.

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    when i first came into this website and i said in the chat that i dont particularly hate "jews and black people", they took to kicking me out of chat the moment i would arrive.

    it has gone downhill since then..

    just so ya know.

    musky is a pure drunk and detty is a retard with a bent attitude.

    musky has made threats that "he is coming out to where i live to hurt me" and when i called his bluff he reminded me that since i am a felon(30 years ago) that i cant own guns but that he can own guns.. musky also made a comment that he wants to go to mexico and fuck my daughter.. (a) he couldnt get within 500 feet of my daughter.. (b) that is entirely inappropriate to say in any setting.. also, trivia, i have trolled musky both here and at twitter(pretending to be a female) and omg he is agressive with the ladies.. quite inappropriately, ffs.

    so now i amuse myself working on a bot.. the most difficult part was in getting my userscript to click that cloudflare checkbox without cloudflare recognizing that it was clicked by a bot... fyi, cloudflare went to great lengths to not allow bots to click that checkbox.. try searching google for "javascript click cloudflare checkbox" and you will see that many programmers struggle with that issue, but i nailed it.

    the rest of the bot stuff is a piece of cake, i just havent finished it yet... when it is finished, you could see hundreds of bot comments for every human comment.

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    Interesting. See I was hesitant to put in the sidebar chat because I think it does end up being a lightning rod for the more aggressive and toxic users. I always find that people who engage in any kind of user drama bring a site down and I generally try to avoid it. I ended up putting in the side chat because it was suggested to me and I figured, why not, I'll give it a go.

    Saying they want to kick you out for not particularly hating blacks doesn't seem very Saidit. But you were on the chat so it might demonstrate my point.

    That cloudflare userscript sounds... actually useful.

    Any chance you could let it go? It sounds like just a few people were rude to you on one tiny feature of the site where unfortunately people are likely to be rude asshats. If Musky is drunk all the time like you say then he probably is going to say retarded stuff like that. I don't think people should drink and use the internet, but I've come to the realization that a lot of people do. Far too many. But just because one person hasn't caught on to that not being a cool thing to do I think it would be very nice if you didn't punish the whole website for one person's existence. People like that are just going to exist and there is not a whole lot we can do about that. Maybe if you had screenshots you could share them with the admin.

    Best of luck to ya.

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    Any chance you could let it go?

    i have let it go, i have moved on to working on a bot.