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Welcome! :)

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I'm glad to see this. I hope SaidIt treats /s/women kindly.

Interesting timing. On the next two Fridays I intend to create /s/Sex and /s/FLOSS, maybe not in that order.

The only things remotely close to "Sex" thus far had been /s/MGTOW, /s/Relationships, /s/Childfree, /s/casualChildAbuse, /s/Pedogate and... That's it. I've posted stuff in semi-related subs as best they fit.

The side bar for sex will state: " Sex is about all sex issues: procreation, education, recreation, genders, sexuality, expression, dating, intimacy tips, kinks, sins, sex workers, laws, fairness, Women's Rights, Men's Rights, LGBTQXYZ Rights, Children's Rights, Family Rights, etc. And about porn but no porn. "

Feedback on that blurb is welcome, and it will evolve as other specific subs are created. /u/Starlight_Fire you are welcome to be co-mod if you like.

I've started a banner for it and will apply my CSS. Beyond that I don't intend to moderate unless something is brought to my attention. Primarily I just want a place to post sex-related content that I stumble upon. When appropriate I'll be glad to post here.

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The only things remotely close to "Sex" thus far had been /s/MGTOW, /s/Relationships, /s/Pedogate and... That's it.

I'm quite certain that pedogate should not belong in that list.

That's like including cannibalism as a subject for on the Food Network.
Technically... but nope.

However, you deserve credit for your unblinking candor. Gawd damn. ;-)

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I totally agree with you.

I'm thrilled you have a sense of humour about it. That's how I was hoping it would be received.

By listing it, I was trying to make a point that while we have a lot of redundant subs there are some giant gaps too. Maybe I should have said as much. Oh, I just did. All good now.

If anyone want's to see what other subs I think are missing you can check out my (chaotic) lists:

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I hope it doesn't devolve in to twoXchromossomes

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Me too. I'm actually banned from TwoX over on Reddit.

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What's the story? you can post it at s/banned.

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This is going to be filled with incels so fast..

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The Pyramid of Debate has something to say about that.