Welcome to /s/Wiki/wiki

/s/Wiki is a topical subsaidit to discuss all things related to wikis.

/s/Wiki/wiki is a wiki for people to learn about, play with, and create SaidIt's wiki pages.

Feel free to create your own wiki pages here if you don't wish to use another sub's wiki pages, or don't moderate a subsaidit. Please do not edit these /s/Wiki/wiki/ pages unless they are your own pages or you get permission to edit them.

You may wish to begin by creating /s/Wiki/wiki/users/[MyUserName].

Wiki List


SaidIt's Master Wiki List

These miscellaneous Wiki/wiki sub-pages (not to be confused with other subsaidit wiki pages) may technically be open and editable but please do not edit them unless invited to freely improve them. For personal pages, please use your user name. For pages on specific topics please use a clearly understood short name.

To start a new page edit the /s/Wiki/wiki/ or /s/Wiki/wiki/users/ pages, duplicate the "BlankExample" and uniquely modify the duplicated title and save page, then click on your new title to go to the new wiki creation page.

Get familiar with the formatting issues, tips, tricks, and Markdown code formatting guide in the Commenting wiki page.


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