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This kind of reminds me of the postcards that some people would send a couple of decades ago.

These popular gatherings included community leaders. politicians, police, entire families, etc.
Smiling faces in the town center; after a lynching.
The locals would often get their photographs taken with the lynching victim's body.

It was not uncommon to cut prices off of the lynched victims body, as souvenirs. These preserved remains still exist in some households today.

I'm not excusing the criminal behaviour in this video. I'm just pointing out the fact that documentibg criminal activity is a fairly common practice.
Negroid, or otherwise.

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"Black Negroid"? WTF?

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It's easy to see who has been manipulated (and divided) into hatred, because they obsess and emphasize their differences the most.

Many small minds and insecure people hate anyone different from them (many people are just full of hate, period.) whether its gender hatred, religious hatred, racist hatred... poor weak minds are easily bamboozled (to use a Carl Sagan term for it)

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That's a great Sagan quote.

I only hate people who have been telling me all my life they want to kill me, my family and my race. And also they want to kill nearly all the rest of the world after enslaving them. Tha's a threat and people have been arrested for it. But we shouldn't bring it up in polite conversation—it would be rude. And I am not referring to Black people.

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Could be mixed or Congoid perhaps

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It's becoming harder and harder and scroll thru saidit with all these shit head rejects around here