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Yeah, that's a bit creepy.

Is this a new thing that is catching on? Imagine if you had children, and you found out they were into this.

I'd be very suspicious about what kinds of crazy things are being said after the first 5 mins. This is 46 mind long.

Conversely, it's tragic that some people feel so alone, that they would turn to YouTube whisperers for emotional support. :-(

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It is so creepy I can't watch it more than twenty seconds or so. Maybe some guys are turned on by it as a fetish thing. Or maybe it's an age thing, like only guys under twenty get a rise out of it. Mouth sounds, whispering, and tapping—some channels have an hour of tapping sounds. I guess you noticed that she has millions of views. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't like it.

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She's getting paid to whisper sweet nothings...


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After looking at some of her tapping and playing with latex gloves yesterday, my BitChute this morning is full of more with different girls. All this has been going on under our noses. 😮

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No one noticed, cause all of the whispering.

It would be funny to watch someone who was just learning a language later to extended whispering like this. They'd be struggling to hear, while being strangely and randomly complimented.

It would be even better if they weren't notified about the content, so they're like "WTF is she saying?!"