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It's not about being tracked. It's about reducing their traffic by not using their services. One or two of us cant make an impactful change but it sure is a START of it. Yesterday me, today you, tomorrow the rest of the world. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Well I never even used twatter in the first place so that is a start. Guess I should boycott/stop using youtube as well eh? what a shame where else would I get my sweet asmr vids?

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It may be difficult to find much content in other websites but if we want to switch, we have to stay determined about it. If we never try, and if we stick to YT just because it is more convenient, we end up supporting YT rather than finding an alternative. This is my philosophy. I reduced using YT and i use it only when i cannot find desired content elsewhere.

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ah ok did you find any alternatives to yt? to help me out.

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At the moment, the best I got is " " which is apparently a decentralized alternative for youtube. I'm still learning more about it and trying to find whatever down sides it has.

Edit: seems like an interesting option too. Im yet to find out more about it.