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Russia arrested 800 protesters, china and hong kong is getting bad, the US media is trying to force everyone to have a meltdown about these most recent shootings. I'm sure there's other things going on too. And this is all on the heels of the epstein stuff

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I'd say that (at least) the shootings (as with most things "they" do) have a dual purpose:

1) Distract from Epstein

2) Feed into the "Conspiracy theorists are terrorists" tripe that magically comes out at the perfect time...

Plenty of other side bonuses, but those are the "active" ones, rather than "passive" like:

3) Gun Control

4) Psychological conditioning etc etc etc

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I agree. I'd add:

5) Inflaming the democrats vs republicans rhetoric even more, right before an election

6) Aiding in divide and conquer other ways, like race, religion, xenophobia, etc

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And when you know they're fake it makes it all the more obvious. But those reasons, are nationally, locally El Paso police and Fire want a 1 billion dollar bond for 2019. Hence why these stupid officers went on TV to claim just this and say that the shooter also tried to light the place on fire. Predictable.