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It is tough to endure attacks like this. The best victory is having the ability to ignore them and also wish for them to improve as a person. People lashing out like this desire a mean negative reaction, as it gives them a sense of momentary control over others. When their own lives are full of suffering, this can bring a moment of joy. I think this is why people do it.

You really just have to ignore the haters and be confident in yourself. There is some 30% of humanity that is almost unbelievable in their immoral and thoughtless behavior, but there is another 30% that are genuinely nice people who feel the same as you do.

And we have to realize that we are doing things wrong from other people's perspectives. Everyone is the hero in their own story and what we think is right someone else might see as reprehensible.

Just be confident in yourself. You don't need others to tell you how good or how bad you are, they are just passing thoughts. The more you build, the more haters there are. It's just a law of nature. More visibility means more haters.

Learning to mentally discard irrelevant information is a skill that can be hard to develop, but is necessary to deal with the haters. Emotional reactivity has no relationship to truth or value. What will most quickly bore someone going for an emotional reaction, is to ignore them.

I hope that's helpful. It's a skill I'm still honing.

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I... will send a PM to you.