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If I became a billionaire, I'd use some of the money to help people and advance science, technology, and medicine. But I also would use the money for revenge against the people who have been bad to me when I wasn't rich.

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Your honesty is refreshing!

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This is a fairly interesting take on the "power corrupts" idea.

I've long thought that "the devil is within each of us" - rather than as a separate entity and I've often heard quotes like "if the leaves of your tree reach up to heaven, the roots must stretch down to hell" - etc etc.

If, power, as the article states, reveals who you really are, rather than changes you - well, it just gives pause for thought. The "best" human beings, may make the worst tyrants, in such a case. Perhaps, the old quote of "staring too long into the abyss" and "it staring back into you" is more of an internal thing, a Jungian interpretation of the "shadow self".

I guess, I see it like how "love" and "hate" are "interchangeable" in the brain, that the area responsible for these feelings are neighbors and thus the two emotions can exchange "memes" often. You may love something one day and then hate it the next, for example - lemon bars. You love them, then one day you eat one and puke - and from then on, you hate them.

Perhaps, "good" and "bad" are similarly "interchangeable" in our brains (given the proper external stimulus, like the above example I gave).

Just shootin' the shit, don't hold me to this like it's my thesis or something haha.