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That's not only disingenuous, it's factually incorrect.

Ah yes, and you explain this so well. Am I to believe you didn't make this post to whine about a comment argument with magnora7? [You even started posting remarks to magnora7 in your new posts relating to that argument].

You can at least try to explain where I'm wrong or where I misinterpret this whole post. Because calling me unintelligent for analyzing and critiquing you isn't going to make me smarter nor make me see where I could be wrong.

Maybe the flaws that make your interactions not worthwhile aren't inherent to reddit, voat, saidit, nor any other site you might try.

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Or maybe, just maybe, there is something affecting you that you don't recognize. That's my generous interpretation of your behavior. The less generous interpretation is that you're evil and a liar.

So fuck off commie.