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We had talked about it.

We have an admin dictator who handed me a hasty unfair sentence without any community input.

I didn't say anything was secret. I'm saying it was unjustified and subjective and excessive use of force / censorship / admin power.

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It's not censorship, you can repost it in a better suited sub.

unfair sentence without any community input.

It's not related: it not an article from the Real world that is so weird you would it to be in/on the onion: unrelated is an objective and fair assessment. (the lame part might be viewed by some as subjective, though minions memes are universally hated.)

If this requires community input this site can shut down because everyday spammers get deleted and even banned without community input from more than 1-2 members of the community.

I'm saying it was unjustified

Exactly, you are saying that and so far only you. And I haven't read any defense that holds ground against the 'unrelated' claim and did read support from you yourself on the part that it was lame.

Verdict: More than justified and the deleted post should be glad to even have gotten a written explanation in the first place.

// End of Mnemonic's community input

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That was the ONLY place for my good faith good natured post.

I didn't know about the Minion hate - with is ironic because one was posted in NotTheOnion and the other in OnionHate.

Also there were no rules posted explaining what the fucking sub is there for.

I said that some could view it as lame. I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't think it was funny. I view a fuck tonne of shit on this site that I think is lame but that doesn't mean I'd censor much of it.

There is no /s/SaidItConflicts and that is truly lame.