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Not really. Deciding censorship can be done by a systems administrator or it can be discussed in the community before the admin is handed the ax.

You shot first and asked questions later.

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This would grind any meaningful discussion to a hold: discussion of minion-memes...

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It's not about the minions.

It's about the censorship.

This whole conversation wouldn't exist if my minor indulgent lame humour had gone ignored like most posts on SaidIt.

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minor indulgent lame humour

So that getting wiped equals the tragedies of censorship? C'mon!

had gone ignored like most posts on SaidIt.

This is a non-deference, unless you're okay with Epstein walking away by saying "LOL a lot of this shit gets ignored, why not mine?"

Probably because someone reported you, that's when the mod gets informed and usually takes a look.

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It was not tragic censorship but it was censorship nonetheless.

When I first came here they were afraid to mess with the database to fix up the chaos of the subs - for fear that they might be suspected of secretly tampering. Or so they said.

Well this isn't secret and it's blatant censorship tampering with a slippery slope. My content was NOT down pyramid and was relevant to that sub - but we'll never get a community discussion on it because it's been disappeared and the moment has passed.

I am seriously considering drafting up a post about it to bring attention to it for the discussion I never got to have.

ignored like most posts on SaidIt.

This is a non-deference, unless you're okay with Epstein walking away by saying "LOL a lot of this shit gets ignored, why not mine?"


It was bullshit subjective censorship where it wasn't called for or even fucking necessary. There was not controversy. No one was calling for it to be removed. There was no name calling, racism, violence, etc.

If we're going to start reporting and censoring bland humour then SaidIt is FINISHED. Might as well bring back the edgetrolls and give it to them.

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Link to the related-sub rules?

I as mod have deleted stuff not related to /s/Internet before too.


why you bring that up then in your defense? what?

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This is NOT a defense.

I was justified, magnora7 was NOT.

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Stop talking about justice or even about it at all in public if it's not a trail. You could have easily taken it up in PM to talk it out.

I was justified, magnora7 was NOT.

My verdict isn't that easily won because it does seem very unrelated:

it's not 'secretly' tampered, it's all still there...

[–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

We had talked about it.

We have an admin dictator who handed me a hasty unfair sentence without any community input.

I didn't say anything was secret. I'm saying it was unjustified and subjective and excessive use of force / censorship / admin power.

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It's not censorship, you can repost it in a better suited sub.

unfair sentence without any community input.

It's not related: it not an article from the Real world that is so weird you would it to be in/on the onion: unrelated is an objective and fair assessment. (the lame part might be viewed by some as subjective, though minions memes are universally hated.)

If this requires community input this site can shut down because everyday spammers get deleted and even banned without community input from more than 1-2 members of the community.

I'm saying it was unjustified

Exactly, you are saying that and so far only you. And I haven't read any defense that holds ground against the 'unrelated' claim and did read support from you yourself on the part that it was lame.

Verdict: More than justified and the deleted post should be glad to even have gotten a written explanation in the first place.

// End of Mnemonic's community input