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Yeah I ignore most everything... Not sure who this guy posting as 'saidit' is.

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Im pretty sure it's JasonCarswell, as it's 8 paragraphs long for no reason and uses the word "classy" to describe saidit. There's a thread about it on the front page:

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I'm pretty sure it's not /u/JasonCarswell. I admit that I write way too long - especially first drafts.

If I sleepwalktype then maybe. Or if the Mandella Effect is real. But I'm not into woo.

They not only used "classy" but my oft stated idea that SaidIt is like a "classy restaurant" - and I've also often said that "we may visit the gutter but we don't dwell there".

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I've never claimed to be "SaidIt", nor work for said org. Always as a fan. I've started "SaidIt" things like on Minds and AlternativeTo - but never claimed to be "SaidIt" nor part of its management.