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Good lord you are full of Hyperbole, Sawboss. The only one that wants a Civil War is you.

Ever locked and loaded myself - But I strongly suggest you go smoke a bowl and calm the fuck down.

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The only one that wants a Civil War is you.

No. I want people to take serious the possibility. I am convinced it will eventually happen, but I don't know if it will be in my lifetime.

Ever locked and loaded myself


But I strongly suggest you go smoke a bowl and calm the fuck down.

I don't smoke or drink. I have medical reasons not to engage in recreational intoxication. I hope you'll be careful and safe with your firearms.

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I dont smoke or drink either - But fuck man, if I have ever met anybody who should...

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I'd rather live another decade and a a half.

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This is some hilarious nonsense!
Someone's mind has been Divided & Conquered into left vs right just like the powers that be want


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He's promoting their narrative, but apparently doing it out of concern

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That's pretty arrogant of you, Flowers.

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How could this ever escalate into a real civil war? One side has all of the territory and all of the guns. Feds vs. Libertarians wouldn't really be a civil war either?

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Yep. Conservatives have the majority of guns, vets, and rural property.

The liberals don't have a chance if it escalates to armed conflict.

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How could this ever escalate into a real civil war?

I don't know exactly. What would happen if a few thousand non-commies went to Portland to rally in support of Andy Ngo?

One side has all of the territory and all of the guns.

I don't know what you're saying about territory. Some Democrats do own guns. The commies have been pushing the idea of arming up

Feds vs. Libertarians wouldn't really be a civil war either?

That's not what I would expect. Libertarians won't start a war, but will defend liberty.

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This is what I mean about territory. It's a US counties by dominant political party map, it blew my mind the first time I saw it:

And a less extreme looking version:

To generalize to the extreme, "the left" are only in big cities on the coast. They'd be screwed even though yes some of them have guns.

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Maybe there are fewer useless idiots in America than I thought. /s

I still say the civil war is not something to be encouraged. Now, I'm off to service my helicopter.

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Oh yeah, whoever is encouraging this shit is a rabble rousing jerk.

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The SPLC, MSM, and of course Democrats are all encouraging it.

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I don't think it can escalate in this way.

Antifa are the only pseudo-leftists preaching violence, and they have yet to brandish guns publically (as far as I've heard).

Violence has rarely worked for the left.

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Violence has rarely worked for the left.

Except, you know, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc etc

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Soft spot for Hitler, eh?

JK! ;-)

The window of opportunity for each of these despots was the result of the West meddling in their internal affairs.

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I was going to say hitler but I just wanted to avoid the whole "But he's actually right wing" discussion when there are so many purely left-wing examples.

The window of opportunity for each of these despots was the result of the West meddling in their internal affairs.

mmmm maybe in part yeah, but it still happened.

And if the left rose here, why wouldn't they have the support of the west in the same way those examples did?

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Because it's not external. It's internal.

Plus the left doesn't have the guns.

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Because it's not external. It's internal.

But you think the military-industrial complex won't make money by funding both sides, just like they did in the first US civil war?

The left has guns. Everyone in America has guns. Because America manufactures most of the world's guns.

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The Democratic party may have some guns.

As a vet, who was raised in the country I can say without hesitation that the left is far beyond outmatched.

Hunting is in the domain of the right. Hunting rifles are entry level sniper rifles. Most rural kids learn to hunt at around the age of 10.

It wouldn't even be close.

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My own personal attempts at combating this created conflict, and all created conflicts is to point out other options to the 'official narrative solution'. It can in some ways sway enough people.

For example, global warming, each side has documentation; try telling anyone what they personally 'subscribe to' is wrong... LOL.

Yet, instead of common people needing to be regulated, as most liberals(and conservatives in other oligarchy endorsed narratives) endorse on this front, I bring up the global mega ships. They are a monopoly, and pollute far worse than common people; by leaps and bounds.

The funny thing is though, to attack those ships is to attack the profit of the oligarchy, but it does make sense in regards to stopping pollution, and fostering micro, and cottage industries in local communities once again; bringing the control home.

Guns, are another example, for all the campaigns against them, we can sight the British campaign against, 'pointy knives'. All, while the uber rich, have heavily armed personal body guards.

I guess point out the hypocrisy of those causing the agitation.

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The new world economic order is entierly right wing. The democrates are useful idiots. It will be headed by the BRIC countries in alliance with Israel, Russia and Iran. The faux left-wing NWO is a decoy to the right wing one that will emerge.

De-dollarization is happening and sooner or later the US economy will collapse. Take the TV away and then maybe some people will get up and fight, but we will probably exist as a third world welfare state if the powergeopolitics are monopolized by the BRIC nations in Asia and Europe.

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In what sense do you mean "right wing"?

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Statist, fascist-communist right wing. Not the libertarian, nor anarchy right.

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If they're fanning the flames for war, we should be doing the opposite. Calling them out on their bullshit. Sure you've got these militant extremists on both sides but they are the minority. I'm prepared to defend myself and my family but a civil war is the last thing I want.

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The only ones fanning the flames for war are Zionists, mostly Neocons who are trying to obliterate thr constitution on both the right and left

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I'm prepared to defend myself and my family but a civil war is the last thing I want.

Exactly right. Problem is they really want it. I don't know how it goes down, but definitely won't be surprised when it comes.

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They escalate because they know an overreaction would instantly 'flip the tables', since they're so weak and would get destroyed.

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You forget to take your medication?

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That's not an argument. Have you looked through his cabinet for these meds, do you stalk him?

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unexpected Dr. House!

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Stick to the pyramid of debate, thanks. This isn't voat nor is it reddit.

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Voat, if you dial up the autism factor to about 11

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How about stop being an ad hominem spewer and follow the easy rules called the pyramid of debate.