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Thank you. I must have been too drunk and not realizing that I've never created s/Kampfsport. It's not on the list. A shame for wasting my time on a sub I've failed to create.

I even asked how I can promote this sub on saidit. What a fucking fail. Alcohol is one hell of a drug.

I owe you.

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Here a (small and incomplete) guide to making/running a sub:

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Thank you. I just (re-)created my sub. s/Kampfsport is officially legit.

I will bookmark your link because I don't have a clue about running a sub. Having said it and stressing out about it I doubt that anyone will ever stumble across my sub.

Have a nice one.

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Well every new account gets subscribed to all subs (including yours) [see the welcome post in the about section in the footer for more info] and most active users browse the sublist [in the help section of the footer] sorted on new every once in awhile.


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Cheers and thanks for your advise! By the way, lemme start to whore out my sub: