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according to your profile you have Not created a sub.

If you have it set to private you just click your username and on the right side should be an overview of yhe subs you moderate (if you create one you moderate it too).

If all else fails: this list of subs is sorted from new to old and the subs have an age indication (...hous/days/months etc).

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Thank you. I must have been too drunk and not realizing that I've never created s/Kampfsport. It's not on the list. A shame for wasting my time on a sub I've failed to create.

I even asked how I can promote this sub on saidit. What a fucking fail. Alcohol is one hell of a drug.

I owe you.

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Here a (small and incomplete) guide to making/running a sub:

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Thank you. I just (re-)created my sub. s/Kampfsport is officially legit.

I will bookmark your link because I don't have a clue about running a sub. Having said it and stressing out about it I doubt that anyone will ever stumble across my sub.

Have a nice one.

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Well every new account gets subscribed to all subs (including yours) [see the welcome post in the about section in the footer for more info] and most active users browse the sublist [in the help section of the footer] sorted on new every once in awhile.


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Cheers and thanks for your advise! By the way, lemme start to whore out my sub:

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Still no answers or suggestions?

I'm stilling looking for a) a sub to introduce new subs b} a sub that helps people who just created their own subs c) I still don't remember the name of my newly created sub. It's something close to Kampfsport- anything MMA, judo, karate, wrestling etc. and gossip related to the sport.

Btw I found out how to switch from night mode and now everything is too bright and hurting my eyes.